1. A

    Turn numbers written as words into digits (two - 2, three - 3...)

    Hello, I would like to find a formula to turn the right column into the left column. Is there a way to turn the word twenty four into 24? This would significantly speed up my work so I would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Extract/Count a records that containing a digits, numbers in a cell

    Hi, Required a formula help to extract a records (at least which contains one number in a cell) contains a numeric values in data set Column A:C,as well same values (at least which contains one number in a cell) to be count their actual quantity from the total data set. Thanks...
  3. K

    help with customer AutoNumber

    I need help with how to setup a custom AutoNumber in Access. I want to be able to enter a starting number with up to eight digits and then have it increment by one. So, for example I want my starting number to be 30064889 and increment from there. Is this possible?
  4. E

    Formula for Separating Digits after nth Digit

    Hi all, I have a list of codes which can be of varying lengths ("99999" or "99999-25" or "99999R") and I would like to take the put the first 5 digits in one column and whatever comes after the first 5 digits in the net column? <tbody> Original Code First 5 Trailing Character 99999 99999...
  5. W

    Converting a Hexadecimal with a length of 14 to Hexadecimal

    Dear All, I am trying to convert a hexadecimal string eg <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>EAAA863573781B which should return <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br...
  6. P

    copy/paste 16 digit number

    When pasting numbers Excel converts any digits after 15 digits to "0" so 1234567812345678 becomes 1234567812345670 I need to cut and paste from an email. Is there a way to paste so the 16th digit shows correctly (without going manual) Perhaps with a auto prefix of comma? Thanks
  7. N

    VBA Vlookup reference to number more than 10 digits

    Hello, I have a worksheet that contains Product details (BarCode, Name, Category...) I have the following code to lookup the name reference to the entered BarCode It works well if the number is less than 10 digits Ex: if I entered this number in the "txtBarCode", it will lookup the name and...
  8. R

    Custom Number Format

    How do I create a custom number format that always returns 5 digits? Examples: #2 = 00002 #2 2 = 00022 #2 22 = 00222
  9. N

    unique Code

    I need help to design a formula in excel to develop a unique random code, for example I have "Received" word in A1 cell then I want to get a unique Code in B1 cell, code should capture “R” from A1 cell then contain today’s current date like 011019 (01 day, 10 month, 19 year) then capture any...
  10. I

    Regex to replace dashs between digits

    i am in the need for a regex for my vba project. i need to replace the - dash that is in-between numbers only, example 1-3-1. The problem is i have negative numbers with dashes which i need to keep, but the patterm is consistent, 1-3-1, should be 1,3,1 so replace dash between digits with a...
  11. S

    Formula - Digit Frequency

    Hi everyone, Need help with a formula. Cell A1 = 1 Cell B1 = 3 Cell C1 = 7 Cell D1 = 1 Cell E1 = 4 Cell F1 = 5 Cell A2 = 1 Cell B2 = 2 Cell C2 = 3 Cell D2 = 7 Cell E2 = 4 Cell F2 = 1 I would like to count how many digits from cell range A2 through F2 appear in cell range A1 through F1...
  12. L

    upto 1, 2, 3 digits

    Hi I went to Format Cell -> Fraction and I saw the first 3 options. 1) Upto 1 digit 2) Upto 2 digits 3) upto 3 digits I entered in a cell this value 1.1 and formatted 3 cells as above, so i got this <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> upto 1 digit upto 2 digits upto 3 digita...
  13. B

    how would i change these cells?

    I have a spreadsheet of store numbers that I need to change around. The first 3 characters are always ABC, and then it follows with 2-4 digits. I need to make these all 4 digits, with the missing characters being made 0. So for example ABC1234 would stay as is, ABC123 would become ABC0123, and...
  14. B

    List of all possible 7 digit numbers between 1 and 20

    Hi, I have numbers from 1-20 in own cell and want to get a list of all number in 7 digits. Is it possible to do that in excel?
  15. kelly mort

    generate 4 - digits pin of same characters or digits

    I want a way to generate any of these numbers at a time: 1234 0000 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555 6666 7777 8888 9999 I have this line below here which can check for the availability of those pins . I have been staring at it for a while now hoping to find a way around it but no success yet. I need...
  16. kelly mort

    Check if a cell contains same digits

    Hi, I am looking for a way to verify if a cell say A1 contains same digits like 1111, 2222, etc. The Len will always be 4. Thanks in advance
  17. L

    Adding a comma between single digits in a cell

    I am looking for a way to add a comma after every single digit in a cell. I found some formulas on the web but since the number of digits is not equal in the cells, I can't get the result I need. For example, in column A: 12345 12 135789 135 etc. What formula can give me the result I...
  18. A

    VBA create an array and use it in a Vlookup

    Hi, I am looking to define a list in VBA and then use that list as the range in a vlookup formula. Something like the below: MyRange = Array("AA","AB") Result = Application.VLookup(Left(A2, 2), MyRange, 1, False) The ideal results would be if whatever the first two digits of the text in...
  19. L

    formula/vba help

    hi friends, I have the following txt strings that are not delimited and I would like to have the data separated 0120190624INIT 99999 0312345678920190621AB 000000000000000000 000000000000000000122365ABC 0310111213120190621AB 000000000000000000...
  20. M

    VBA convert all single code numbers into 2 digits.

    Hello, Column "D" how I have codes with single and double digits, i want a VBA which can covert all single digit into 2 digits as per result column E Example file... Book1DE1234567891011Orignal CodeRequired Result126 | 4 | 4 + 10 | 0 | 0 - 0 | 0 | 106 | 04 | 04 + 10 | 00 | 00 - 00 | 00...

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