1. M

    Excel saving file as CSV with extra 2 commas at the end of the rows

    I am working on a file with about 30K rows and has to be saved as a CSV file. When saved and opened up in NOTEPAD, the file has rows (starting with H) that have double commas (,,) at the end of the line while the others (start with D) are fine. The H rows are 2 columns less than the D rows...
  2. L

    VBA Change Entire Columns with specific header to Value instead of Formulas

    Hello, I need help with a bit of VBA code. I have columns AIFinal01-AIFinal20 throughout my sheet. Each column contains a formula going to the bottom. I need to change that formula to a value for all 20 columns. The columns are not in direct order and their are columns between them. Any help is...
  3. J

    Make a Line Graph w/ Data

    I have a worksheet that has 70,000+ rows of data across 30+ columns. I'm trying to make a line graph to show trends from month to month. Column F contains "Direct" or "Indirect" Column S contains "Transaction Date" Column U contains "total Hours" Column V contains "reg hrs" Column W contains...
  4. K

    List of all Direct and Indirect Reports by Supervisor ID

    Hi! I am really hoping someone can help me. I have a list of about 3,000 employees, with one supervisor ID tied to each employee ID. I need a list next to each supervisor ID that gives me all of their direct reports and their indirect reports. I wanted these ID's to populate in separate columns...
  5. N

    Need to remove the time from a text string

    Hey, I'm looking to remove the time stamp from a cell, ex. 07/14/2019 8:23:27 AM BLACK, 07/10/2019 9:23:57 PM DIRECT, to 07/14/2019 BLACK, 07/10/2019 DIRECT. thank you for any assistance.
  6. H

    vba to open subsite from main site

    hello everyone, I am new to I need help in a macro, I have a site , after logging to site I want to move to subsite in it.. I tried with providing direct subsite url but after entering credentials, page gets refereshes and takes to home page only.. pls help
  7. R

    Need Sumif Formula

    Dear Sir, I need a formula in Excel, may be Sumif or Sumifs I am not sure. 3 columns in consideration for this formula. I need a formula if column D1: D1000 is "Direct" and column K1:K1000 is "Pending" to sum column I1:I1000 Your help will be appreciated. Thanks Raaj.
  8. I

    Direct Drop in TextBox

    Hello to everyone. Please help me I have this userform I this userform I have a listbox with Names and a TextBox In present each time when i select a name from ListBox i must select with mouse the TextBox to enter value there I want to know which is vba code...
  9. D

    Get Pivot Data Not Working

    I am using the following formula to bring in data from a table but I am getting a reference error. =Getpivotdata("Value",Pivot absolute reference,"Date",cell reference A date,"TL",cell reference a TL" Here is my pivot table. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. M

    Sum multiple columns - using sumifs / index / match?

    Hi, I have a table of data with different headers at the top and criteria on the left. I want to sum all values which meet 2 criteria's: Any 'Sales Value' Column with any 'Direct' Row. The Rows aren't fixed and I have a lot more data variable number of Rows each week when updated. This is...
  11. B

    Drop Down list with hyperlinks to tabs in worksheet

    Hi, I have a drop down list that I want to hyperlink to direct to specific tabs in a worksheet. I can't seem to find an easy solution to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Example of what I'm looking for below: I have 2 drop down list items (Item 1 and Item 2). I want item 1 to...
  12. C

    Transpose from Rows to Columns

    I have a Database of Mutual Fund Navs... It has 4 columns Scheme Code : It is a 6 digit string Scheme Name : String Net Asset : Numeral with 2 decimal place Value Date : Date I import the data from a Webpage to Excel and Formatted as above. The size of the data will increase depending on...
  13. M

    Sumproduct & wildcards?

    Hi, I've put together a test table and formula - see below - which works but I need to make it more flexible with wildcards.. please can someone tell me how? Table pasted in Cell A1: <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Order Type BOM Item Sales Value DISPLAY VOLTA...
  14. J

    Returning a blank instead of zero in VLookup

    I have the following formula and keep getting a zero when I want a blank returned. Please help! =IF(AND($D$102>0,$D$36="Direct Debit"),"Direct Debit Acct" &" "&$D$102,$D$36)
  15. P

    Vlookup with IF's and multiple conditions

    I'm not sure why this is stumping me but I've been struggling to find the right solution to solve for the following. I have a table of data that is used to determine cancellation percentages based on a number of factors. The first factor is the "Position Assignment" (found in column U) and...
  16. D

    I would like to either populate a cell value from direct key input or have the cell value derived from a formula.

    I would like to either populate a cell value from direct key input or have the cell value derived from a formula. D6 is the first OFF on image. I have tried using this formula i got from another forum and modified it for what you see above, but when i use letters like OFF it doesn't work can...
  17. B

    Guidance to Convert Degrees to Hours-minutes-seconds in EXCEL

    Hi Team, I need your guidance to convert "0 degree 46 minutes 40 seconds" to "Hours:minutes:seconds" format in Excel.Could you please direct me to get correct solution . Note : 1 Degree = 4 Minutes Regards, Bharathkumar
  18. S

    Multiple If/then Statement Formula

    I need to have a field mark as "Yes" if e6 is =yes, and if not, if f6 is = yes and y6 is = direct, or if z6 = yes, or if aa6 is = yes So, saying if e6 is yes, then yes, otherwise if f6 is yes and the fields y6, either equals direct, or z6 equals yes or aa6 equals yes. Is it possible to write...
  19. K

    How to vlookup with 2 criteria's (a direct matching criteria and an approximately matching criteria)?

    Dear all, My question is based on the sample table below, <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Part Date Price A 01/01/2010 100 A 01/05/2010 200 A 01/01/2011 300 A 01/03/2012 400 A 01/04/2013 100 B 01/04/2010 600 B 01/06/2011 700 B 01/08/2012 800 B 01/09/2012 900 B...
  20. J

    Macro User Input Directs to Tab

    Hello, It been awhile since I have ask for help and come to the place where the macro genuises reside. My question, (I thought would be an easy one to search for but I guess my key words do not work) I want a user input box to pop up when a workbook is open and depending on the user input...

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