1. Mackeral

    Macro execution via the RIBBON has stopped.

    Now I get a message that saysCannot run the macro "XXX". The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled." I know the macro works because I can run it out of VBA <macros> and it ran it all worked of the Ribbon a few hours ago. So that leaves "Macros Disabled" as...
  2. H

    Macro no longer works after adding worksheets to workbook

    For some reason, I get an error message after I add a new worksheet to my workbook. It says "cannot run the macro. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled" My macro security settings are correct. Any ideas? This is the macro: Sub createNewWorkbook()...
  3. L

    VB running with macros disabled

    I have code that executes on open. After the code runs, it saves and closes the workbook...which it is supposed to do. HOWEVER, when I disable macros, and try to open my workbook to edit my code, the code still runs, even though my excel settings have macros disabled. What.The.Heck?
  4. P

    Macros disabled - Greyed out in Trust Settings - Can't turn it back on

    I was writing a program and got hung in a loop, so I ended Excel through Task Manager and now I'm getting the message "Because of your security setting, macros have been disabled." I tried going into the Trust Center to re-enable macros, but all the options are greyed out and I can't select...
  5. S

    Getting macros to function in MS Teams???

    Hello All, If there is a technique for enabling macros in Microsoft Teams, please tell me. I developed this shift pass-on macro filled workbook, and now my employer wants to upload it to MS Teams, and of course all of the macros are disabled. I searched the Forum here and am surprised that...
  6. K

    Use Clipboard in MS Access with Allow Full Menus Disabled

    Hi, Is there any way to turn on the Clipboard in Microsoft Access when Allow Full Menus is unchecked? There are instances where users copies bits of information from Excel and needs to paste it into fields on a continuous form in Access. However, they are unable to because the allow full menu...
  7. R

    vba macro

    Sir I have created a vba macro in Windows 7 64 bit and that is working fine in my laptop . But when I opened the xlsm file in a 32 bit system the developer design mode is greyed out and all macros are disabled. There is no option to enable them. Kindly suggest how resolve it...
  8. M

    Disabling right-click on sheet tab on ONLY one workbook

    I would like to disable the ability for the user to right-click on any of the sheet tabs in a particular workbook. I ran across a web page that talked about how to do it, using this code in the ThisWorkbook module: <code class="vb keyword"> Private</code> <code class="vb keyword">Sub</code>...
  9. btadams

    Excel 10 Macros Disabled

    So we finally got Excel 10 rolled out and find that all files with macros are automatically disabled. Except for a .xlsb file that contains copies of macros I had stored in my Personal.xls macro workbook. When I open the .xlsb file I get the option to Enable Macros. However, if I take a .xlsm...
  10. T

    Disabling macros in Excel 2016

    In previous versions of Excel, if I hold down the shift key whilst opening an excel workbook, macros are disabled. Alternatively, if the macro security setting is set to "Disable all macros without notification", macros will also be disabled. However, in the Excel 2106 64 bit version, I have...
  11. D

    Active X buttons become disabled in new window

    Hi, I have a couple of Active X buttons which do not work when clicked, if I use the New Window function (I have a split screen of the same workbook but with different sheets). These same buttons still work fine in the original window. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  12. MUKESHY12390

    MS Access 2010 - Design View and PASTE option is disabled ?

    Hi all, everything was perfect, today I run several macro (built by me and downloaded) now When I check the table design view option or paste option it is disabled it is happening for any access file I open. I have tried these option (AllowFullMenusAllowSpecialKeys enable design changes for...
  13. Shweta

    enable checkbox based on another checkbox

    Hello All, I have a userform with 3 checkboxes. When userform initializes only one checkbox (checkbox1) is enabled and rest two are disabled. I want when user check(select) the checkbox1 then only other two checkboxes get enabled and when user check again (deselect) the checkbox1 then other two...
  14. K

    screen becomes disabled in excel for mac 2011

    this problem is somewhat hard to describe so I made a video of what happens: problem with excel - YouTube as you watch the video notice that when I input something into a cell, excel will become disabled or grey and i have to click the cell again in order to keep inputting. i have had this...
  15. G

    AutoFilter disabled in protected sheet after document is closed/reopened

    I have a protected workbook, in which users should be able to filter various data points. I have the AutoFilter turned on prior to protecting the sheet AND I select "Use AutoFilter" when I protect the sheet. Immediately after the sheet is protected, everything works. However, if the workbook is...
  16. C

    Macro to unhide sheets when macros has been enabled.

    Hi, I have some problems with my workbook. I have a workbook that I am going to send to employees and it contains macros. Now, if those employees does not know excel, they might disable macros since it states that it is a security threat. However, then all my work with the workbook is wasted...
  17. D

    Lock text boxes inside of Mulitpage

    Hello everyone. I did an internet search and a search on this site before posting this. I couldn't find an answer to my question. I may not have been putting in the correct criteria, though. I have a userform that is pulling information from a spreadsheet. It's for viewing a products...
  18. B

    Enable button if specific cells have values

    Hi, May i please ask for help on this excel problem i have? I have 3 buttons, which already have macro's. I need these buttons to only be clickable when all cells have values in them. Note: 9 are dropdown lists and 5 are manually entered. Dropdown: C4, C6, (C14 D14 E14 F14 G14), M8 and M12...
  19. S

    Insert & Copy field in right click button disabled in excel.

    Hello everyone, Need help on this.. Insert & Copy field in right click button disabled in excel.
  20. E

    Macros disabled when opening workbook using VBA

    Hi, I'm having an issue with Excel 2013 disabling Macros without notification when opening a workbook using VBA in another workbook. I've tried all of the obvious security setting combinations but I can't even get a notification to ask if I want to disable macros, they are just automatically...

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