1. P

    Justify data in right columns

    Hi all, i would like to create a VBA so that to adjust the below data in right columns and entering headings too as my below extract. In sch.1. are the data which the columns are mixed and in sch.2. is the expected result. I would be greatly appreciated any help. Thanks in advance Sch.1...
  2. Trevor3007

    full price

    good morning my boss has given me the task of fining the price before the discount was applied... so A1 has the discount price, b1 has the discount applied & c1 the full cost . does any one have the formula for cell c1? thank you for your help KR Trevor3007
  3. M

    Successive Discounts

    Sorry to ask such a simple formula, but for some reason i have a brain freeze on this one I have a gross price and wish to apply up to three successive discounts showing the Total discount overall <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  4. Roar

    Tired Sale quantities with discounts by level

    I am trying to create one cell that shows the discount approval level required which varies by quantity. Thank you for your patience. So here is the matrix of what discount can be given at what quantity. The only require is to output a cell showing discount, which will then be conditionally...
  5. V

    If , Round and Max with criterias.

    Hello Guys ! Is there any formula to do automate this calculation ? <tbody> A B C D 1 10% Discount 3 ( Insert Formula ) 30 2 20% Discount 10 30 3 15% Discount 50 333 4 VIP 7% 10 143 5 Weekend 25% 25 100 6 Weekend 25% 25 100 7 Weekend 25% 25 100 8 15% Discount 10 67...
  6. J

    Annual discount factor break down

    Hi all, I have the following table to Discount the annual rate to get the present value. I am wondering if there is any formula that i could implement to get the monthly Discount factor so that i can figure out the difference. <tbody> Annual rate 8,00% Discount factor PV...
  7. D

    Create error messages based on entries in 2 cells

    I have a sheet which calculates charges due on an account. I have a box at B10 which can be completed to offer a discount. I have a dropdown which references to box D5 where a user can select a 'Loyalty Discount' (shows "1" for no discount, then either "2"or "3" for the level of discount...
  8. B

    Multiple VLOOKUPS

    Hi, I'm kind of lost - I am able to do an IF and VLOOKUP to get the required data but now i am trying to add another IF and VLOOKUP formula to multiply by the discount rate if the purchase if made before the discount end date. I'm really struggling to grasp on the best action to achieve these...
  9. B

    Date Formula Query

    Hi, Struggling to get my head around how to create this formula. I need a formula that will only apply a 10% discount if the item was purchased before a specific date. Any ideas? Thanks,
  10. 2

    Discount Table Help

    Hi all I need the discount percentage displayed in discount percentage column, based on total cost and total delivery
  11. A

    Slightly harder/complicated Excel formula

    Hi there; I have a small problem, I need to condense this table of formulas into one calculation and this is beyond my meagre skills, I build the table to calculate some discount bands, basically applying a rate to the cell highlighted (red) taking the figure apart portioning it into bands and...
  12. K

    How Do I Calculate This Percentage?

    Could someone please help me with a basic algebra formula that I can calculate it in Excel? I need to calculate [variable x] - 35% = known integer (for example, $44.85) So, I know the cost of my product. Let's call it $19.95 I know the discount I want to offer: 35% I need to be able to...
  13. P

    VB routine to produce message box if value greater then another

    Hi All I'm new to the site. Hopefully I have posted this properly! In the file I'm working in, there are a series of cell into which the user can enter a value of their choice. These cells are all independent of each other so the value are also separate and independent of each other. I...
  14. J

    calculating a discount

    Hi guys, I'm sure this is stupidly simple, but my brain doesn't want to point me in the right direction.... I am selling products, I have my purchase cost, my sale price and I want excel to calculate the price of the product after a given % discount. At the moment, if i type in 15% into the...
  15. W

    Referring to a cell with a Discount Code

    Happy New Year to everyone! I have a question that is centered around a policy-change, whereby, a worksheet that had a discount that used to apply to all items in a column (general discount, and therefore, quite easy to write) that now excludes items that are "services based". I have all...
  16. M

    Multiple Discounts for a Value

    Hi Folks, I am wondering if there a pre-existing excel formula to subtract multiple percentages for a certain value. For example, imagine you are offering a product which has several discounts depending on the quantity purchased. So, if you buy 100 of them, you will have an additional...
  17. C

    Sorting/Filtering Tables Across Sheets

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets, but am only concerned with the first two; Product Inputs and Outputs. Product Inputs includes information such as item identification numbers, dimensions, weights, etc. Outputs then takes those numbers and calculates profit, overhead, and quantity we...
  18. N

    Lookup formula

    Hello so I need to create a lookup cell in excel. There are multiple tabs of information but I need to be able to type in a name on the front tab and for it to look up all tabs and return a discount value for that customer I searched? Make sense , I know the cells i need to include just need the...
  19. M

    Categories data into "baskets" VBA.

    Hi, I have a question regarding a categorization process in excel. Let me explain what I mean with that: The information is displayed below based on rows (important to know that the "IDs" are randomly distributed all the time). <tbody> Number ID1 Description ID2 Amount ID2 Description ID2...
  20. E

    Sumproduct for all numbers in one column and all criteria in second column

    I have a problem where I am trying to determine percentage averages for multiple customers in a given period. For example in the graphic below, "Cust 1" has 10 units at a 10 percent discount, Customer 2 had 20 units at a 5% discount and so on. For the quarter, the average discount is...

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