1. T

    HELP with INDEX formula. Need IMMEDIATELY

    I created a table to record ordering items, and have 2 columns (a Date, and a Qty) for each week of the year, per quarter, to record the Date Ordered and Quantity Ordered. I have 2 columns (at the end of each quarter) which I want the Last Date Ordered to appear in one column, and Last QTY...
  2. D

    VLOOKUP Help: if value is found, or if value is not found

    Hi Experts, Could you please help me complete this formula? I am looking up a value in one sheet, and if it is found then display it, if it is not found, then lookup in the second sheet, if it is found display it, and then so on and so forth. The example I have so far is...
  3. H

    Data labels color in stacked bar data chart

    I do have 3 series in a stacked bar chart. The fourth series is a data label displaying the date. I need to display different color for the label based on a column that as Yes or No values; ie., display data labels in red color if it satisfies Y and display in green if it satisfies No. How to...
  4. S

    Display set range of numbers between an upper and lower limit

    I've got a sheet that works out the lower and upper limits of parts based on certain criteria, I want to display the parts available between and including these numbers. The 13 available numbers are based on the strength of the part, so 35, 40, 63, 65, 80, 85, 100, 105 etc. If the cells show 63...
  5. C

    Displaying a userform using Application.onTime

    Is it possible to display a custom userform message at two different times on the same day using 1) one userfrom 2) not being available to close the earlier form ? The earlier userform time to display blocks the later userform display from displaying. What I want is to be able to show BOTH...
  6. F

    Number formating

    I have a numeric cell, that I would like to be able to enter "-123" and the cell displays "-1.23" or if the user enters "-1.23" the cell will display "-1.23" is this even possible? Thanks
  7. J

    Custom number formatting in Excel

    Hi there, Im trying to display some tricky % number formatting and have hit a dead end. Just wondering if it's possible to display % under the following criteria Over 100%: +xxx% 0-100%: +xx.x% -100%-0%: [red]-xx.x% Under -100%:[red]-xxx% The key is basically to retain the +/-, the...
  8. C

    RE: Multiple display of timed userforms ...

    RE: Multiple display of timed userforms ... Action1: it's 8:00 AM. Open a new Userform1(blank textbox1): Enter data: Userform.DTPicker1.value = Time 10:00 AM (display time) Userform1.Textbox1.value = Buy oranges close userform Action2: 5 minutes later: open a new Userform1(blank...
  9. P

    Checkbox issue

    Hi All, This may be easy for some but I have looked around and can't see an answer to my issue. I have created a form with a number of checkboxes and when I pull the data from access into excel in a table format all the details from the check boxes show ether False or True. Is there anyway...
  10. B

    Getting value on a different tab (same spreadsheet)

    Hello, I’m trying to display the latest value entered on adifferent tab (pretty much a Vlookup example). In the column on “Tab_2” an employee enters the new amountof mileage driven in the rented car once it’s returned (see example below. Date and Mileage are two different columns)...
  11. O

    Vlookup yet again

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with 5000 rows and 15. The 1st Column either has a Y or N in it and the 12 column either has a 'South' or "West" in it. What I would like to do o a different sheet is display only the rows that have a Y in column 1 and South in column 12. I would also like to only...
  12. S

    TextBox value as Formula Overwrites

    Hello The below code somehow overwrites the formula typed in rangeE1 What i am trying to do is that if i check value as formula then the txtValue should display the Formula if unchecked then it should display the value in textbox this is like Formula Bar and Cell Value. Second thing if i type...
  13. D

    ROI value for an investment portfolio.

    Could I ask for some help from you experts with a formula please. I am having an issue with trying to get the correct result for an investment portfolio that I am building. My isue is obtaining the correct RIO value in cell O27 for the month of July. Here are the cells that are being...
  14. N

    Comma Seperation issues: Numeric values are completely displayed differently

    Hello OMG What i face now is when values displayed in formula bar as 200600 it displays as 200,600 in cell instead of 2,00,600 ie incorrect comma placement Following values 4,14,180 to display as 4,14,180 it displays as 4104,180 3,18,600 to display as 3,18,600 it dispalys as 3108,600 17676.40...
  15. M

    Custom Format of Numbers

    I am trying to figure out how to create a custom format for numbers. Is it possible to do this? Positive Number Display (in color black) 145.00 Negative Number Display (in color red) (-145.00)
  16. A

    Cell Formatting

    I don't know why I cannot remember how to do this...but... I have a time cell and I just want to type "1753" in the cell and for it to display as "17:53". How do I have it automatically add the ":" to that cell?
  17. C

    excel hyperlinks

    I have a column of unique text values that are URLs (web addresses). I need to convert all of them to hyperlinks that point to the unique URL but want all of the rows to display the same text. My actual dataset is hundreds of rows. Data www.1234.com www.5678.com www.9101.com Desired output...
  18. A

    Add Numerical Tab Names in Combo box

    My workbook sheet tabs would be named by Year (i.e. 2018, 2019, etc). Currently I have one sheet (i.e. 2019). I would like to display in a combo box the previous 2yrs (i.e. 2018 & 2017) and also the following year (i.e. 2020). Maximum years displayed should be limited to 4. (i.e. 2017 -...
  19. G

    IF formula

    Can someone explain how to write a IF formula in excel? If cell 10% of B9 is greater than 35, display the value, otherwise display 35.
  20. M

    VBA CheckBox If True, Display Date / Time

    Hi newbie question please. I'm trying to create vba for checkbox when checkbox = true, display date/time else display blank/null Thanks in advance:)

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