1. B

    Formulas displaying as text. Show Formulas NOT turned on. Fast fix for entire column?

    I've got a bunch of formulas displaying as text, instead of showing the value of the formula- "Show Formulas" is NOT turned on! I know the fix for a single cell is to click into the cell and hit the "Enter" key. is there a fix for an entire column, or range of cells? thx!
  2. TAPS_MikeDion

    Displaying time as 1:00PM (etc) for a Label Value?

    Hi guys, Using the code below works perfectly for displaying the time how I need it to be displayed in my Listbox, but how can this be converted to be displayed in the same way as a label value? AddItem "Sunday" .List(0, 1) = Format(ws.Cells(SelectedRow, 41).Value, "h:mm AM/PM") 'Sunday...
  3. N

    How to prevent the Path displaying of the reference of particular sheets in formual of a cell

    Hi Any ideas How to prevent the Path displaying of the reference of particular sheets in formual of a cell The following was the original when coding With ws .Range("CP" & curRow).Formula=SUMIFS('Sheet7'!S:S,'Sheet7'!A:A,Sheet5!A:A,'Sheet7'!K:K,Sheet5!$CP$1) End with when the Worksheet of...
  4. B

    Displaying a chart using a User Form

    Good afternoon all, Is it possible to display a chart/pie chart in a User form?
  5. G

    Loop not Looping!

    Hi All. Can anyone see anything obvious why the loop part of this code if not looping. Its doing everything it should except its just displaying 1 rather than 1 to 13 (TMs). Sub tagteamallocate() If Sheets("Calculations").Range("AX18") > 0 Then MsgBox "There are unrecognised room types...
  6. R

    Show value as height while referencing weight for calc

    I have two columns one with heights (i.e. 6'6", 6'7" etc) and one with weights say column I and J. In another cell C2 I would like to be able to enter a height, while still displaying height, yet for a calculation use the corresponding weight.
  7. jim may

    Anything Look strange with this - using in Office 365 = It is Displaying $0.00 but shouldn't

    <tbody> =SUMPRODUCT((YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$A$5:$A$500='Monthly Recons-Google'!C$4)*((YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$M$5:$M$500="Settlement")+(YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$M$5:$M$500="Card Credit"))*(YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$I$5:$I$500)) </tbody>
  8. F

    displaying a userform after a sheet is selected

    Hi I'm trying to write some code that will firstly, open a specific worksheet, then display a userform.. Anything i have tried so far displays the user form before opening the worksheet. the code i am using is below. Is there something simple i'm missing that would delay the displaying of the...
  9. D

    Code not through an error when deleting a row and the row is empty

    I have a button that deletes a row at a time but when it gets down to nothing left, as in, nothing in the last row, what do I need to add to this code to make it stop displaying an error of "no cells found" when it is trying to delete the last row and it has nothing in it. How do I stop that...
  10. B

    Downloaded spreadsheet not opening correctly?

    I've made a workbook in Excel (obviously) on my Mac, saved as a xls document and emailed it as an attachment. When it is opened on a windows pc (Excel 2007) it isn't displaying or functioning correctly even with macros enabled. For example I have in cell drop-down menus which aren't...
  11. Sean15

    Pivot table showing date as month

    Hi: How can I force Excel pivot table to show dates as m/d/yyyhyyy instead of month? For example, if have several 9/30/2017 in column A, pivot table is displaying them as Sep Could you help please? Regards Sean
  12. T

    One to many: every "many" displaying for every "one"

    Hi All, I'm looking for assistance with a modelling question that I've hit a few times in Powerpivot: displaying only *related* row labels from the many side of the relationship, as a subordinate row label to the "one" side records. I have an example model screengrabbed that I think makes the...
  13. S

    VBA Code to hide"Footer" (displaying zoom bit at bottom)

    Is there anyway of having code to hide this please?
  14. M

    How to display Excel PowerView on Excel.com

    I have an Excel file with a tab of PowerView map. I upload this file to OneDrive and view the file on Excel online (office.com) The pivot Table etc are displaying, but the PowerView Map is not displaying. Please help. How to enable displaying on Office.com Thanks
  15. R


    I have a formula that works great: =VLOOKUP($D4,CHOOSE({2,1},$B$3:$B$25,$O$3:$O$25),2,0) What I am wondering now is if the value in O3:O25 is = 0, how can I keep the cell from displaying the information from B3:B25? I tried an IF but couldn't get it to work as it put a '0' in the cell.
  16. R


    I have this formula =M123/H123 in a cell. When the value in one of those cells is 0 I get #VALUE ! displaying. I need that display to go away. How can I make that disappear? Thank you
  17. J

    If statement problem

    I need to test multiple conditions for a selected cell. The first if statement is doing the proper calculation. The next two are adding up instead of just displaying the value in the cell. Any suggestions? If statements are below...
  18. M

    VBA to create a personalised greating

    Good evening, Is it possible for VBA to create a personalised greeting, based on the user settings of a PC? For example, if 'user A' opens a workbook stored on a shared drive, the worksheet responds by displaying "Hello user A" in cell A1. If 'user B' opens the same workbook at a later point in...
  19. J

    Only Displaying last 5 Digits Excel Cell....

    If a Cell has 0.0000034 I want it to display 0.0034 or .0034 Thanks

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