1. ClimoC

    Brain explosion - Access SQL Select with: MIN date value, grouped by another field, BUT return ALL rows

    Hey hey hey This has had me flustered for nearly the whole day and I'm at my wits' end. A table has multiple 'titleids' (just a number column), with some different dates and some the same (so you could see the same titleid for twice on the 1st Jan, once on the 2nd Jan, once on the 5th Jan) I...
  2. Benders

    Formula to generate a Unique list of Missing values by comparing two lists

    Is it possible to have a formula that generate a Unique list (List 1 and List 2) of Missing values in List 2 by comparing two lists? Something like this List 1 List 2 Missing in List 2 1 1 3 3 4...
  3. F

    how use distinct in formula

    Hi, I have functions: =SUMPRODUCT(1-(Id=""),--(SEC=A2)) it's posible somehow to use here distinct in def.range called "Id" ? because I want sum distinct ID I know that I can use pivot, but if is posisble please help me.
  4. ClimoC

    SQL SELECT [UNIQUE/DISTINCT] with nonclustered index in a read-only table

    Hello Not sure exactly how to go about this, but have googled it to death in multiple ways, even googled the bits separately and can't figure out how to join them together. For my VBA, it needs a recordset, currently loaded manually (export file from Oracle, loop through cells adding to...
  5. Gingertrees

    Distinct IDs by last contact date?

    Trying to query a call list to pull people who haven't been contacted since a certain date. So if my date is 10/10/2012, I want all people who's last contact was 10/10, 10/1, et al. I do not want to see people who were called by 10/10 but have been contacted since. Likewise, if multiple calls...
  6. H

    Distinct Count

    Hi seniors! I have a big excel file with alot of data in it. area where i need help will be in counting the distinct number of project numbers. as in, if there are more than 2 cases where the project numbers are same, then i should count them as 1 and not separately. please help! :eeek:
  7. B

    VBA, SQL, and distinct count

    Hi everyone, after a long search, on the forum and on the rest of the web, i couldn't find my answer, so i'm asking you now. I have a table (excel spreadsheet), which size is variable. Two columns are valuable to me right now, "TBF" (which is a number), and "Channel" (which has 7 different...
  8. C

    Formula to return filtered table data

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a series of dependant drop down selections (using data validation). I can get a single drop down working by creating a single-column table of the values, then referencing the table[#data] in a namedRange, which is then referenced in the data validation (list)...
  9. G

    Counting unique values based on unique values in a range

    Hello XL2007 I think the best way to explain what I'm trying to achieve is with an explanation... I'd like to, with the following data; Apple - Good Apple - Good Banana - Bad Banana - Bad Banana - Bad Banana - Bad Orange - Good Carrot - Good Carrot - Good Carrot - Good Carrot - Good Carrot -...
  10. T

    Unique distinct list from 3 columns with blanks

    I have three columns of text and numbers and blanks that I need to extract a unique distinct list from with no errors and sorted if possible. Everything I have tried ends up with a zero in the list. Help :(
  11. M

    Obtain distinct values from array

    Is there an easy/quick way to select only distinct values from an array in VBA (I'm using Excel 2007)? I'm hoping there's an existing method for doing this, but maybe you have to do it old school and step through the entire array, compare each, etc?? Thanks, Mitch
  12. W

    Data Validation Based On Distinct Range

    Hi all, First posting on here and I would really appreciate your help. I have a list of data with repeated values stored in a dynamic range. The range needs to be dynamic because the range may increase later and there may be new values introduced. I want to use a data validation drop down...
  13. A

    Search and count occurrences

    Hi all, I need to do some macro to search in a collumn for distinct occurences of values . And then count to each one the number of occurences. Here is an example of what i need . occ |distinct occ | nr occ A A 5 A B 4 A C 2 B...
  14. P

    Speeding up distinct count formula

    I have the following formula that counts distinct alphanumeric records (Sheet2 column A) based on a store (store is column B). The formula works correctly but because there are so many records it takes forever to process. Is there a more efficient/faster way to do this...

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