1. C

    Time Value Distribution Automated?

    Hi all, I am new to this so bare with me. Below is the current solution to my predicament, done manually. I would like to automate the distribution column. For this, the numerator is the TVU column, and the denominator is determined via the COUNTIF() function. The issue is that I cannot get...
  2. M

    How to distribute the value with a percentage

    How to distribute the value of 30 with the following Percentage: A 19.6% B 13.5% C 15.7% D 3.2% I want to get the same value of 30 for A,B,C& D
  3. J

    Distribute Cell values as compared to Negative excel values

    Distribute Black text values of excel as compared to Red Text values, In the below example I want to distribute 45+15 = 60 among 1,3,4,5 but the sum of 1,3,4,5 is 66 so it can distribute the values up to 60 It will choose to distribute the values from Max values to Min values, so I want the C...
  4. M

    Looking for a way to distribute left over cash flows over other loans

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to distribute left over cash flows to other loan repayments. At the moment I have a percentage input of the free cash flows to be distributed over 5 different loans. Those free cash flows are annual and the percentages are fixed. At some point in time, 1 of those...
  5. K

    Sequence numbers based on a Limit and Distribute :/

    Hey guys.. This is a bit complex situation i have here. I have a list of numbers that can vary. And there's a LIMIT which can also change. And there's a COUNT. So I want to distribute the Numbers in the first list so that, the Number should Repeat until the COUNT is reached. But it should...
  6. S

    Generating Random Teams While Rotating Players In

    Hi All, I ran into a wall and hope someone can help. I currently have a clunky spreadsheet that will randomly distribute 16 people into 4 teams of 4 for our volleyball games. What I actually need to do is for the spreadsheet to distribute 20 people into 4 teams of 4, and hold the 4 remaining...
  7. A

    cell value disruption

    <tbody> PO qty avaible qty a 2 4 a 3 b 4 7 b 3 b 5 c 3 3 c 2 d 1 12 d 5 d 6 d 7 </tbody> =========================== Result i want <tbody> PO qty avaible qty Result a 2 4 2 a 3 2 b 4 7 4 b 3 3 b 5 c 3 3 3 c 2 d 1 12 1 d 5 5 d 6 6 d 7...
  8. J

    How to: Proportionally Distribute Remainder

    Hi, I have a budgeting app that is missing a feature, so I need to perform this calculation manually. I would like to have excel do it for me if possible. Is there a way to distribute a remainder proportionally across the separate categories? In the sample below I need to divide 1.26 among the...
  9. F

    Distribution/Allocation of value

    I am looking to distribute an amount over several employees as a bonus. I have a different percentage I would like to give each employee. How would I go about this? For example, I want to distribute $1,000 over 5 employees. TIA!
  10. D

    Cell Distribution

    Hello, Just want to ask if there is an easy way to distribute the data from Column A to Column B, the result will be on Column D&E.
  11. muhammad susanto

    Distribute Data With 2 Columns

    hi all... how to distribute this data below : Excel 2007 32 bit DEF 2data1data2expected result 3707070 418045180 54545 64545 74545 815238152 93838 Sheet: Sheet1 any helps much appreciated... m.susanto
  12. M

    Aligning and Vertically Distributing Buttons

    I am currently working on an excel project for school and I am unable to figure out how to align the form control buttons to the left and then vertically distribute it. I have tried adding the options to the quick ribbon but they are grayed out...
  13. D

    how to use autosave in excel 2016

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to use autosave with excel 2016. I have an excel file on my pc, and would like to autosave any changes back to the local file system where it lives (not the cloud, or onedrive) every 3 minutes. I need to distribute this file to several people, can I set it up so it...
  14. Qete_ARG

    Distribute amount with staggering and based on priorities

    Hi guys, I am trying to find yout how to solve this but I am not being able to do it. I also searched but I think I am not using the right words on the search box (sorry for my english). I need to distribute an amount between many contracts, filling first the ons with better priorities than the...
  15. S

    Incremental decreases

    Hello guys Please help me with this question. 10000 10% 12500 15000 17500 20000 22500 25000 7% Above I want to distribute percentages incremental, to decrease between 10%-7%. There is one formula for this. Thanks
  16. A

    Distributing Daily Productions on Calender

    Hello everyone, Can this problem be solved by only functions or is it needed to write macro? I want to distribute daily planned production quantities from starting day to deadline. https://pasteboard.co/GOSLoSn.jpg Thank you very much
  17. S

    How to distribute items from different groups throughout a set number of columns??

    Howdy I've been struggling with building a worksheet to help with some work functions, can seem to connect the math with the excel functions. Any help is greatly appreciated. We have several sets of tools identified by color. There are a varying numbers of each colored set of tools. We also...
  18. C

    Tricky-Need to populate multiple cells with text from file name of photos. Xl2010/Win7

    Brief & descriptive as possible. I have formatted the naming of inspection photos in a manner in which contains details to be populated within a spreadsheet pertaining to their location. I'm trying to use a set of code that takes segments of the file name, transfers them into their respective...
  19. G

    merge fields across several columns

    I have data that looks like this: Column A Column B Column C PT347-02010 Matrix 1901 (empty cell) Matrix 1902 (empty cell) Matrix...
  20. O

    Evenly distribute a short column of values into a longer column

    Is there a way to even distribute the contents of one column into another? I've got a column of 19,268 values, and need to (roughly) evenly distribute another 732 values into the column. <tbody> A 1 A B 2 B C 3 1 D C E --> D F 2 E F 3...

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