1. J

    Allocation with VBA until limit value is reached

    Hello everyone, I'm scratching my head with a problem that seems to have a simple resolution but which I can't find; so I'm in need for your help. In a warehouse, I have several Buffer Areas to store boxes that will be shipped to several Destinations (see green table). Each Buffer Area has its...
  2. E

    Convert Calls Intervals

    Hi have a question related to covert number of calls from a cumulative total per day to a calls per hour like this.... Calls that need to be converted to hourly are on cells B3 to G23. As example we take B3 = 25 and try to split on cells B12 to B14 with this formula...
  3. M

    How can we use VBA/Macros Excel for solving this interesting simulation question related to probability distribution?

    Imagine that we have 100 pens in our box (each numbered from 1 to 100). We mix them and then randomly draw ten pens and put them aside. Afterwards, we put ten new pens numbered from 101-110 into the box, and then again randomly draw other ten pens and put them aside. We continue doing these...
  4. B

    VBA or Formula to populate range of cells with set frequency of pre-defined values.

    Hello, Please see below table: ABCDEFG1ValuesValueOccurrenceNew count of values:652BBBAAA10%3AAAAAB5%Values:4AABABA15%5ABAABB15%6AAABAA15%7ABBBAB15%8BABBBA15%9BBABBB10%10BBB11ABA12BAB13BAA14BBA15ABB16BAA17BBA18ABA19ABB20BAB21BAAD2:D9D2=COUNTIF($A$2:$A$21,C2)/20 Column C contains a list of...
  5. F

    Move Rows based on cell value

    Help! I am trying to create a VBA Code that is pulls from a list that equals one of the following: "Transport" "Level 1/2" "Level 3" "One to One" or "Youth Work". The information starts on the 2nd row and 8th Column. I need all of the information in the row to sort into their own worksheets...
  6. T

    How do I redistribute sales fairly if I want to increase the growth percentage?

    I am working on a sales forecast for 2020. The forecast has 92 locations and I have sales by week by site for Period 1 2019 and a forecast of sales by week for Period 1 2020. Period 1 2019 Sales Total: $11,586,579 Period 1 2020 Sales Forecast: $11,57,090 Dollar Change in sales 2019 to 2020...
  7. T

    Evenly assign workload to available employees following priority

    Hello! I have a spreadsheet with a list of items each day pertaining to cases employees work. Each case has an assigned owner but cases pile up and need to be evenly distributed. I’ve attached a dumbed down version of my spreadsheet without sensitive information. I need to assign the list...
  8. S

    Macro to pull members from distribution list.

    Hi All, New to the Excel world. Need your help in providing me the excel macro to pull the member details from outlook distribution list. Can any one help me. Thank You !! Regards, Santy
  9. M

    Which histogram formula is correct?

    Poking around on the web I find various formulas for creating histograms. I'm getting different results for each formula and I want to know which one is accurate. I have a table of purchase orders and I want to get the distribution of how many POs are in various dollar ranges (e.g. how many...
  10. A

    Email distribution list

    Is there any way to be able to access a spreadsheet based distribution list from outlook without having to create and then edit (as changes are made in the original spreadsheet) a static contact list in outlook?
  11. T

    [Excel] Need help in generating formula for Distribution Fitting(Gumbel)

    Hello, I'm currently updating a distribution fitting template used in simulation based on historical data. I found the formula for Gumbel distribution from this thread, which is Location - Scale * LN(-LN(RAND())), for generating x...
  12. U

    Degree Of Freedom For Student T Distribution

    I need help on how to estimate the degree of freedom using Maximum Likelihood procedure for student t distribution. I am working with multivariate random variables.
  13. F

    Frequency Distribution of streaks

    Hello, I need the frequency distribution of streaks like 0 -1 -1 -> 2 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -> 3 0 Is there a way to create a column like column 2 in excel so that I can create a histogram that shows the data. Thanks for any help.
  14. H

    Forecasting Curve Distribution

    Hello, I am working on a forecasting model and have run into some trouble when trying to extend the X-Axis of a 12-month Curve Distribution to a longer time frame. Given a distribution of 12 percentages (one for each month), how can I spread the 12 months or periods to say 18 months while...
  15. D

    Cell Distribution

    Hello, Just want to ask if there is an easy way to distribute the data from Column A to Column B, the result will be on Column D&E.
  16. E

    Exponential distribution

    Hi there, How do i generate a set of data using exponential distribution with a mean of 10? Thank you!
  17. J

    Formula/UDF for Variance for Folded Normal distribution

    I am looking for a formula/UDF for computing the Variance of Folded-Normal distribution. The formula for the same can be referenced at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folded_normal_distribution
  18. S

    Excel - Outlook Connection

    Hi I put together an Excel report each morning that takes up one worksheet (about 55 rows & 26 columns). Once compiled, I have to email it out to a distribution list. Is there some way (may code based) that I can have a button on that worksheet that I activate that then automatically places...
  19. M

    Multiple based prorate distribution by weights

    I'd need to proportionally distribute (prorate) a value (integer number of products for a promotion) - by multiple of n - across a list, based on the relative weights (i.e. distribution of the sales) of "basis" values in the list.
  20. M

    Why my data does not give a bell curve graph? normal distribution formulas used

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to create a bell curve / normal distribution chart but my data does not give a belle curve. What do I do wrong ? Given X values, I use formula z= STANDARDIZE Fx = NORM.DIST <colgroup><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> X z f(x) 490 0.9 0.029 490 0.9 0.029...

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