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  1. VBE313

    UDF For Each to end after certain range

    I was thankful enough to receive a UDF from Rick Rothstein. I was wondering if someone can help me and figure out a Do Until a certain range, I have to uses over 30 of...
  2. D

    Combining Do Loops with other Macros statements

    Hello all, I am looking to make 1000+ reports based on a template. I have other sheets referencing the target city to update the data they report on. I have a master macro that calls on three other macros to format accordingly and save as "Location Report- Austin 1". After creating the Austin...
  3. R

    Copy value of cell in sheet(1) IF next cell in Sheet(2)is not blank. Paste data into next blank cell of Sheet(2) Col F

    Hi all, I tried to summarize it with the title. I have two sheets I'm working with that i'll use index references for. I want to paste the value in cell "E1" from Sheet(1) to every cell in Col F of Sheet(2) if the adjacent cell in Sheet(2) Col A has a value. In other words: I have a name...
  4. K

    Do an action until find a word in a column

    Hello, What is the command to do an action until I find a specific work in my column A? And once this word is found, stop the action. Thank you
  5. 3

    Please help! Looping for a product until a row is empty

    Hey Folks, Long time reader, first time poster. I'm trying to have my code enter a formula in T8 (and T9, T10, etc.) until there is no longer a value in cell in row 8. It is based off another format so I need it to start on cell T8 so it doesn't pick up the headers (hence me trying to...
  6. V

    Calculate Sheet Until

    Hello! Is there a way to calculate a sheet until a cell is ≠ False in VB? I have cells Q92:V92 with IF statements "=IF(AND($O$101>98%,$O$101<99%),$B$99,FALSE" I just want the sheet to continue to calculate until one of those cells becomes true and displays a number instead of constantly...
  7. B

    What's the difference between Do While and Do Until?

    Do Until thisBoolean = True... Will keep going "while" thisBoolean is False Do While thisBoolean = False... Will keep going "until" thisBoolean is True. They're like inverses of each other. Don't forget you can also use the NOT operator.
  8. R

    Do Until LOOP Help

    Geniuses, I am having a bit of trouble getting a piece of code to loop. I have a button that once clicked will do exactly this: If Duplicate_Find Is Nothing Then ActiveCell.Copy ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Select ActiveCell.PasteSpecial...
  9. J

    Find a value with a given condition(VBA FIND)

    So I am trying to use .find() to to locate a string and write an adjacent string on a different worksheet if a cell adjacent to the string meets a criteria. If I find a string and the cell meets the criteria I am done at that point. I don't need to look any further. mouthful... this is what I...
  10. H

    SumIf / do until loop

    Hello, Instead of using a pivot to calculate totals for my subcategories, I would like to use the sumIf function in Excel VBA. After I dumped my transacation (variable length each month) in Sheet1 (in dutch: "Blad1"), I'm aiming to calculate the totals on a separate sheet ("Som transacties")...
  11. H

    SumIf / do until loop

    Hello, Instead of using a pivot to calculate totals for my subcategories, I would like to use the sumIf function in Excel VBA. After I dumped my transacation (variable length each month) in Sheet1 (in dutch: "Blad1"), I'm aiming to calculate the totals on a separate sheet ("Som transacties")...
  12. S

    What is wrong with this Do Until Loop? (simple)

    Thanks in advance for the time. I'm trying to set a Do Until loop and after the range sets, VBA just skips the loop. I want a macro that hides all "0" value columns. What's actually in the loop can be wrong as well, but I just want to know why VBA skips the loop. My logic is that the range is...
  13. C

    Do until Last row - skipping all the was to until withough running code in between

    Hi there, I have a loop which is skipping from the do until to the end without running through the code in between. Can someone see why it is not working? Dim LastRow As Long With ActiveSheet LastRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "a").End(xlUp).Row End With Do Until LastRow (LastRow=70)...
  14. D

    Do Until Loop in VBA with IF Statement - Help Needed

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project in VBA where I need to write a sub that changes the font of the text in Column A for a given row based on meeting certain conditions. I've attached a picture of the worksheet I'm working with to make this easier to understand: In column A, starting at...
  15. O

    Trouble using "Do Until"

    This is the goal: I need to get a huge column of numbers into a format to print for a binder. I have a macro that does it one row at a time, but there are 50,000 numbers in the column. I haven't gotten any loop macros to do anything for me yet. I also haven't been able to find an example of a...
  16. S

    Do Until... Looping Issues

    Right out of the gate let me start by saying I’m no pro at this stuff. I’m really just a beginner with lofty ambitions and incremental growth in skill… Hence the post here… </SPAN> My Problem:</SPAN> I have a data set of an indeterminate amount of rows. It can be large. It can be small. It...
  17. H

    Trouble with Simple Macro- do until, row counter, and inputbox

    Hello! I'm having trouble with what should be a relatively simple macro. I'm trying to input a specific number of coordinates. The number of coordinates is determined by the user through an input box. When the row number equals the inputbox number, I would like the inputbox prompt to stop asking...
  18. D

    Match Function in VBA Returning same value

    Hello, I am using Match in vba to select information from one workbook to another workbook. They are records with comments in three columns. I do not wish to copy the the entire row; just three selected columns for records in the old file can be found in the new file. The code below works...
  19. H

    Hide Rows inbetween two cell in one coloumn

    Hi, I am writing a VBA code to restructure the multilevel BOM dump taken out from SAP. In this data the number of coloumn's are fixed and row numbers are dynamic depending upon the size of BOM data I have finished with my code, except one part where i am stuck. I tried various things but its...
  20. M

    Do Until IsEmpty Looping Issue

    Excel 2003. I believe I've got everything working in the code up until: If rnGx = rnGy Then It loops once and then "Run-time error '424': Object Required" for the code above. Sub test1() Dim rnGx As Range Dim rnGy As Range Dim i As Long Dim xNum As Integer Dim yNum As...

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