1. R

    Worksheet different look

    Hi all! I have to print on labels, inside a grid. I have created a document for it. It turned out really good, but when i did open it from another windows account on the same computer it was a mess. Whynis that? I had the same issue earlier, but the case was different. I created the document...
  2. A

    Excel vba for creating a summary word document from the comparison of 2 word documents

    Hi, I created a vba script in Excel in order to create a word document as summary of comparison of 2 word documents. Here my script: Option Explicit Private Sub ButtonSummaryReport_Click() 'Initialize the progressbar and the label Dim k As Integer Dim filesNumber As Integer...
  3. S

    Pick a row randomly for each user

    Hi All, I am having a set of data containing several rows and columns. This data contains "User Name" in one of the columns; however another column contains the Date on which he accessed a document. One more column has this document ID. Now, I need to randomly pick the entire row for each of...
  4. K

    Stop column data from moving

    Hello, So i'm trying to build a macro-updating document register. So column A = the full URL of the file location (input via macro - see below) Column B uses the following formula =LEFT(A2, FIND(CHAR(1), SUBSTITUTE(A2, "\", CHAR(1), LEN(A2)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2, "\", ""))))-1) to find the...
  5. A

    Auto Resize to fit different monitor sizes

    Hi - Could someone please give me bit of assistance, I am trying to get an excel document to auto resize to different monitor/screen sizes so bosses do not have to scroll around document. I have tried the code below but does not work (also not sure if putting in the right place, fairly new to...
  6. B

    VBA in Excel to format all tables in Word document

    Hello All, My inexperience is showing here and I hope someone can help. I have some VBA code in an Excel workbook that creates a Word document then copies various objects from the workbook to various associated bookmarks in the Word document. After I have completed copying and pasting some...
  7. D

    Publishing a spreadsheet

    Is there a way to publish an excel document so that you can still interact with it, not just saving as a pdf?
  8. T

    Macro to copy data from the other open xmls document to this one?

    Hi Everyone, Hi you can help me. I have a document my boss uses all day everyday and he keeps asking me to add new deshboards etc. The thing is it takes me a while to do this which mean this document is out of service. However because of the way its set up I could copy data from his version to...
  9. S

    "Be careful! Parts of your document may include personal information that cannot be removed by the document inspector"

    Hi all I am building a new spread sheet and have included some code that when a cell changes, it puts the date and time of change in another cell - the code is below, used it before and it works as well as always. Unfortunately I have a new laptop and when I save the file, which now has the...
  10. L

    Importing Word Content into Excel

    Hi all, I have hundreds of word documents. I would like to extract the contents from the word documents and add them into excel with each cell in a single representing a unique word document. For example, B1 would represent word doc 1 B2 would represent word doc 2 .... ... . B897 would...
  11. J

    File Format Not Valid; Document is corrupt- Need help repairing

    I have an excel document that is corrupt and I cannot repair. It simply as Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format file. I have tried a lot of the simple...
  12. ECB

    Integrating Excel and Word

    Hello there, I hope this finds you all well. I'm back again, and I was hoping for some advice. As part of my work, I produce reports in Microsoft Word. Maybe about 30 pages long, largely the same text information, with an amount of financial information pulled across from a default...
  13. C

    copy range from excel into certain section of word doc

    Hi I have bunch of similar word doc that has variable amount of sentences/paragraphs that needs to be inserted. I have a table in excel that lists out each paragraph that needs to go into each document. I have 40 documents and each documents will have different number of paragraph. In each...
  14. V

    Vba to Find PO and return additional information

    Good morning All, I am trying to write a VBA to search for either a PO# or Document # and from that return Additional information. I have a workbook with 2 tabs that this would work with 1st Tab is "Transactions" -- PO # would be -Column "X", Document # is column "V" 2nd Tab is...
  15. T

    Can excel Vba search dropbox for a folder or document?

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with dropbox we have a number of users that have access to my dropbox account but i'm getting problems with them opening other documents in dropbox using VBA with my filepath. the code " Environ$("UserProfile")" and the first part "Fold1 = "Dropbox (ALL)" " work...
  16. C

    Sheets feeding into master

    Is it possible to have a master document that links to several other workbooks.Once someone completes a questionnaire for example,the data automatically feeds back to the master document? Anything similar will do.
  17. T

    Help with a macro to copy data from another document

    Hi Everyone, This is a slightly different request to normal as I have a working macro but feel its not very good and was hoping someone could help me make it better. The Macro Opens another document copies data and closes it again. I Use this type of macro all the time as I have a lot of...
  18. M

    Using Excel to close the correct word document

    I have been using Excel to create a report, that is then pasted into another application. Because of the restrictions of the other application, I need to copy the information from Excel, Paste it into Word, and then copy from Word to paste into the application. (it has to do with merged cells...
  19. C

    Co Authoring

    Hi, Hoping someone can help please, Does co-authoring in excel online (document is stored in office one drive) support cell protection? Id like different users to have specific access to parts of the spreadsheet. But from what I can see this feature doesn't seem to work when editing the...
  20. A

    Mail Merge that inserts a pdf between merged pages

    I have an spreadsheet that summarizes various documents and includes the file path to each document. I have created a mail merge that creates a document summary page for each document based on the data in the spreadsheet. What I would like to do next is generate a single PDF that places the...

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