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    Correct syntax for row colour

    I have some code that copies data to other sheets depending on various options that are selected. This is part of my code that is working: Select Case tblrow.Range.Cells(1, 6).Value Case "Yir" DocYearName = tblrow.Range.Cells(1...
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    Need row colour to be purple if a value is in a cell for each row

    I have a spreadsheet that copies rows from a table to separate documents depending on several factors. This is the code from my copy button. Sub cmdCopy() Dim wsDst As Worksheet, wsSrc As Worksheet, tblrow As ListRow Dim Combo As String, sht As Worksheet, tbl As ListObject...
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    I need an alternative to a if statement

    I have some code that is meant to copy rows in a spreadsheet depending on the value of the cell in column F for that row. I need to be able to distinguish between having the value to be Ang Wes or Ang Riv. At the moment, regardless of the value, it will always default to Ang Riv but I need...
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    VBA syntax to repair corrupted file

    I need some help with some vba syntax. I have part of a procedure that opens another workbook, performs some actions then closes it. This is the code I have: Workbooks.Open (ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & DocYearName) All the workbooks are stored in the same folder and the variable DocYearName...
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    VBA to copy rows

    I have some code that copies rows from a table to a sheet in a workbook according to the date of the row. 2 rows in the table copy to 29 rows in the appropriate workbook and I have no idea why, can someone help me please? Here is the copy code: Sub cmdCopy() With Application...
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    Opening and closing workbooks using vba

    I have a tool to calculate quotes which is in a table and can have x number of rows. Once the quote is made, I have a button to copy each row to a costing tool, which is just another sheet. Once this is done, further details can be added to the quote to finalise it. I then select a button to...

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