1. S

    Problem while filling a web form

    I am new to VB and tried this code to fill a web form and it did not work (ie the web opened but was unable to fill in the fields) . Can some one please help me ...plssss. Following is the code: Private Sub IE_Autiomation() Dim IE As Object Set IE =...
  2. H

    VBA to Click Link

    I have been searching for a way to click a link with VBA. I can navigate to the page and do all the steps but, for the life of me can not find the answer to how to click this button. I can't use the href as it changes each month and I would like to make this as simple as possible. Maybe I am...
  3. P

    VBA: Please Help. Runtime Error during "DoEvents Loop"

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm manipulating a webform with a userform for work. I'm getting a Run time error 91: "Object Variable or With block variable not set." on the highlighted line of code. Set IE = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorerMedium IE.Visible = True IE.Navigate...
  4. C

    open and maximise an IE window using vba

    Hi, I have the following code that opens an internet window from Excel using vba, however the IE window never opens up 'maximised' - how can I adapt my code to achieve this? Dim IE As Object Set IE = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application") IE.Visible = True IE.navigate...
  5. C

    vba to change the dropdown choice on a webpage

    Hi, Am looking to speed up the use of Wordle by changing some of the dropdowns using vba in Excel 2016. The page is here... If you access this page (not via.Chrome, so use IE etc., it also requires Java) and copy this example text Tools:406.5:949494 into the second...
  6. Nelson78

    Error 438 in getElementsByClassName

    Hello everybody. I don't understand why this error in getElementsByClassName. I'm logging in a navigating a site via vba. Sub navigate() Dim myId As String, myCode As String Dim IE As Object myId = "user" myCode = "password" myURL = "" Set IE =...
  7. W

    Allow conditional formatting to update before continuing with rest of code?

    I have code that runs multiple query's from the same Excel table and after each query is ran it saves it as a PDF file. The code works great but on the larger query's it doesn't allow the conditional formatting to update before creating the PDF. I have tried may ways of getting it to update the...
  8. R

    Workbooks Open Issue

    I've been using this line of code for weeks with no problems. Now all of a sudden, it wants to fail. I've verified that the file path is correct, and that the file exists. I've tried adding DoEvents before and after this line, but it continues to fail. All I get is the Method Open of Objects...
  9. xangetzu

    Run Time error '-2147417848 [80010108]' on Connection Refresh

    Good afternoon. I have been trying to find a workaround for this, and am at the point of pulling my hair out. I have what I consider to be a very simple macro. All it does is refresh a number of connections that are in my excel file. All of these connections are to the same access database. The...
  10. T

    MS Access Form Window Size

    I've been trying to create sort of a sidebar menu that would pop in when you click on a button for quite a bit now and for some reason, I am unable to do it. When I save the code and open the form to test, the "side menu" (which is another form") can be seen instead of being out of the are that...
  11. D

    Incrémentation vb6.0

    hello fistly i work with excel and vb6.0 i have in excel sheet d3=1 d4=5 d5=10 I want increment myrange d3 to d5 with time enter in text1.text=1000ms but i found problem this code: Dim xl As New Excel.Application Dim xlw As Excel.Workbook Dim wsxlw As Excel.Worksheet Private Sub...
  12. Y

    Login to a website from VBA

    I am trying to login to a website through a VBA. The VBA completes the username and password, but won't click the submit button. This is my VBA: Sub Login() Dim ie As Object Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") ie.navigate ""...
  13. P

    VBA internetexplorer automation

    Hi All, I'm trying to do some automation on internet explorer. I want to hit the search bar "amarindaz" and see the result on A1 I have done the code according this video...
  14. C

    Retrieve link from web page

    Hello I´m very new to VBA and I need help for some work i'm doing. The macro below opens the webpage i want, then inserts my ref, then submits. After submiting it, it opens a new webpage. What i need is to retrieve some links in it. The links is "javascript:loupe(R0000000001)" the last numbers...
  15. A

    Open EML file and extract attachments with separate pst

    I have some code that opens eml files and extracts the attachments. This works fine, but when I run the code from more than 1 desktop/server, I get an error msg. This is because they all try to use the same pst file that gets created on my network by outlook. I am working in a citrix...
  16. E

    Macro To Log Into Website: Can't Submit Webform

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to write a macro that will log me into a website (i.e. enter my username and password, then submit the webform). Everything runs perfectly until the macro tries to submit the that point, it just refreshes the login page, rather than redirecting me to the...
  17. V

    Downloading file from a website (I've tried almost everything)

    Hi there! I've been asked to automate the process of importing data from a website. I've been searching for a reliable method that can be deployed to other users within the organization, but have yet to find something that always works. Ideally, I'd like to host the file on our network, rather...
  18. B

    Using DoEvents to stop Not-Responding

    Hi, I run a sub routine that does a series of ADO connections to a access database. It is querying and writing to the database. Because of this it is creating a not responding error due to the resources being used and I guess events building up. So I have been researching doevents and was...
  19. Jaafar Tribak

    Doevents Imported from the msvbvm60 library

    I am borrowing the rtcDoEvents function from the vba runtime which , in theory, should be exactlly the same as DoEvents because vb/vba inherits from that dll .. however when I test the function like in the following Macro, the keyboard input gets blocked unless you doubleclick the cell to enter...
  20. B

    VBA Code in Workbook_Open Prevents Double Clicked Excel Workbooks from Opening at Startup

    I have some code I placed in the Sub Workbook_Open in an xlsm file which is placed in XLSTART folder. The code executes properly when Excel is opened. Problem. If any code is in the Sub Workbook_Open, and the user double clicks an Excel Workbook and Excel is CLOSED, the workbook will open, the...

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