1. J

    Highlight Dollar Amounts

    I have a list of work order comments in range H2:H1150. In each cell is a comment like this: "1/8/10 Employee at work-----refer to doctor----$750 cap per listing." I am trying to extract just the dollar amounts from these cells so I can total them in column I but am having a hard time. I...
  2. B

    Need Combination of dollar amounts that match entered dollar amount

    If I enter a dollar amount (will use $1,513.30 for this example) I need an x or other identifier to show me which amounts combined match that dollar amount. What would a formula look like and maybe even a MACO? <colgroup><col width="80" style="width: 60pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  3. leopardhawk

    Formula relating to a date of birth and a retirement date

    Hello forum friends, I need help with a formula (actually, three formulas) that will return data from two other worksheets. I will paste in the sections of my worksheet and try to explain as best as I can. This first section is on the 'income' worksheet and contains two columns with dates in...
  4. leopardhawk

    Index / match

    Hello forum friends, can someone please tell me what is wrong with this formula? I keep getting the error that I have entered too few arguments. =index(B55:B116,match(year(now)),A55:A116,0)) Column A has years in it and column B has dollar amounts. Excel 2016 (Windows) 32...
  5. K

    Calculate a cell value based on a different cell value

    Hi Gurus, Can somebody help to put the IF nesting formula together, please? I need to put the following figures in IF NESTING: Income Offset up to $37,000 $255 $37,001 to $48,000 $255 plus 7.5 cents for each dollar over $37,000 $48,001 to $90,000...
  6. W

    Finding a needle in the haystack!

    I am trying to reconcile a bank statement that has a single dollar amount and that dollar amount is made up of potentially 100 individual deposits. My list of single amounts is approx $116k and the amount that cleared is $106k Is there a macro that will test,in a loop fashion, the sum of...
  7. K

    VLOOKUP from data table not producing correct format

    Hello! I currently have a worksheet where I have created a vlookup to correspond with a drop down menu to auto populate results based on a given table. In the original table the formats have dollar signs, percentages, dates, etc. all formatted correctly. In the corresponding sheet that auto...
  8. Victtor

    return numbers from a string

    each line of this data is in one cell. I need to extract: 1. the time frame 2. the number of customers served 3. the dollar amount for that time frame. (please convert all to number format or currency format) For instance, this is in cell B2: 20:00 - 20:14 4 $30.63 $7.66 so in C2 I would...
  9. rhino4eva

    Email help.... probably asked before

    Sub Email() Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSendMail).Show End Sub so I have found the emal icon and put it on the ribbon.Even managed to record it in a macro. The Million dollar question can I get the TO option to fill from Cell A on SHEET1(which is email address)
  10. adrienne0914

    Custom Number Format

    I would like to create a custom number format where millions are displayed as thousands. I know the formula for that is #,##0,;-#,##0, My problem is that I also need to add an accounting offset dollar sign. So I need $ 1,000,000 displays as $ 1,000 with the dollar sign in the same position...
  11. D

    Conditional Percentage Calculations

    I have a sheet with the following conditions Cell I8 contains a validated drop down list which contains the numbers 1 through 9. Each number represents a percentage to be calculated. Cell P8 contains a dollar amount I want to calculate a percentage for I want cell Q8 to hold a formula that...
  12. N

    Data Validation ???!!!!

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I've bee doing these forever, I don't think I have been confronted with this before. In any event, I created a list for a drop down list, dollar amounts. I format the list as currency, with 2 decimals; the list shows complete. I go to the cell to apply the data...
  13. M

    Too many decimal points with dollar values

    hello, I'm using the "&A1&" formula to reference dollar value totals. Cell A1 is formatted to 2 decimal points, but the referenced cell destination is adding more than 2 decimal places! thanks
  14. M

    INDEX and MATCH function not working (getting '#N/A')

    Basic info: I'm trying to match the date in sheet 1 with the corresponding dollar amount in sheet 2, but I like to pull data from the row above, which represents one day earlier. I'm using INDEX and MATCH functions to accomplish this Columns SHEET1 Column A contains dates SHEET2 Column A also...
  15. A

    IF - Index - Match Formula Sorta working...

    I have a IF Index Match formula, it sorta works.. for some reason it wont pull the information 100% correctly... Formula is: =IF(NrwdRwdAcct[BRPRec]="Rec",INDEX(NrwdRwdAcct[BRP],MATCH(NrwdRwdAcct[Acct '#],[@[Acct '#]],0)),INDEX(NrwdRwdAcct[BOS RWD],MATCH([@[Acct '#]],NrwdRwdAcct[Acct '#],0)))...
  16. S

    VBA Regular Expressions Find and Replace

    I am trying to mimic a text editor that I am using for regular expressions in VBA. The text editor I am using is Sublime. I have a bunch of phrases and the numeric values I would like to put a dollar sign in front if I do not already have one. for example: I have this: The $40.00 dollar amount...
  17. K

    Extract Dollar value from a text String

    Hello all, It has been awhile since I have asked for help, but I need a quick hand. I need to extract a dollar value from the text below. “I spoke with F on phone number f regarding the status of policy number f. I advised that current amount due of $10. includes a past due amount of $10...
  18. U

    Assigning Supplier ID number to each transaction line

    Hello, I am working on a macro that takes the data from my source worksheet (this includes a list of clients with unique supplier ID numbers, as well as dollar transaction amounts for multiple types of accounts) and organizes those transactions in a new worksheet by supplier ID, transaction...
  19. E

    SOS - Not working!!

    IF((or(C5="Dollar General",R5,0),(c5="Family Dollar",r5,0) or(c5="******* Barrel,r5,0)or(c5="Reserved",r5,0))) Basically have a list of stores in C. I need it to pick up the following stores and if true want it to return the amount is col R Dollar General Dollar General - SBT ******* Barrel...
  20. M

    adjusting chart results

    I have a data range with dates under a heading in column 1, dollar amounts under headings in columns 2,3 & 4. The dollar amounts in column 3 are all negative numbers. When I put this into a line chart, I get three correct lines representing the dollar columns but the dates are lines up between...

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