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    Excel respond to a web DOM event via VBA

    I have an Excel document. It creates an Internet Explorer instance and navigates to a URL. *I am testing this with duckduckgo* I want to be able to respond, within vba, to a button being clicked on the website. `html.querySelector("#search_button_homepage")` finds the input element, how can I...
  2. U

    HTML Object Internet Explorer automation

    How do I select an option from a dropdown menu and update the webpage. Code: Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Dim HTMLDoc As MSHTML.IHTMLDocument then I navigate to a URL and I fetch the dropdown menu using html id and put value=my desired value HTMLDoc.getElementById("xyz").Value =...
  3. T

    VBA Error - Site change get images links

    I already had one person's help to get the code and I got it working without problems. Now I think the site has changed and now I can not get results. Public Function getHeroImage(productUrl As String) As String Dim dom As HTMLDocument Set dom = New HTMLDocument With...
  4. M

    Internet Automation Retrieving DIV class results

    Hi everyone, I am running into issues retrieving data back into excel after I automate the click on the web page. The html code that I believe has the results is[HTML]div class="zipcode-result-address"> 123...
  5. M

    DOM IE Automation Error

    I am attempting to set up some IE automation; however, I am running into an error where it states that the object is not supported. Here is where the code is throwing an error .document.GetElementsByName("byaddress").Click I might be calling the wrong element. The a title="byaddress" Here is...
  6. J

    Automate IE with VBA - Click - Server vs. Client Side

    Hello, I'm creating a vba script to open up an Internet Explorer form and populate it. Everything works (text boxes populate, regular button clicks works). However, when creating a .click method for a radio button (normally if a user manually clicks it, it gets redirected to a new page with the...
  7. J

    Complete IE Form using DOM and VBA

    Hi there, I am looking to create a small utility which 'scrapes' data from one IE session, and pastes that to another form in a seperate IE session. The difficulty I am having is that the administrator has locked access to the source and as such I am unable to inspect the HTML code directly in...
  8. B

    IE6 Automation in VBA - automating child page on butt******* in parent page

    Hi, My query is regarding internet explorer 6 automation via code in VBA (Excel 2003). I'm trying to open a page on clicking a button in main page. I'm able to open both parent and child pages via VBA, but now want to automate events (like radio btn click etc) in child page. Could you...

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