1. C

    Fetch domain name with vba in Excel

    Goal: Prevent exited employees from using certain company spreadsheets. I've searched for this question, but most of the questions refer to allowing only a specific list of users access. I have another workbook that only a few people need access to, so I put their ID numbers on a hidden sheet...
  2. T

    Extracting URLs domain name from various URL domain combos

    I have various lists of website URLs in all shapes and sizes and I want to just have each website to be in this format: www.[insert your domain name].com Examples: Column A (pretty straight and fwd. About 80% of my list is like this and I don't need to...
  3. Sharid

    GET All urls that have a specified keyword

    Hi Is there a way of getting certain pages urls from a website using vba. My following code gets all the urls from a web site page. I enter the domain in L1 and whatever that domain is, it will go to that page and extract all urls. The problem is 1) It only extracts from that page 2) Not...
  4. B

    Gmail email sending through VBA run time errors

    Hello, I am working on a macro that identifies the username, asks for the account password and sends out an email from Gmail. I tested it using my personal gmail account and worked like a charm with the default settings and port 25. However, I couldn't manage to make it work...
  5. B

    how to strip the domain name out of an email address

    I am new to this site however hopefully someone will take pity on me and answer my question. I should also say I am only a basic Excel user (very basic). Here is my problem. I have a spread sheet with a column that contains individual email addresses (example = I need to set...
  6. H

    Sum of Questionnaire Scores Based on a Domain Table

    I have created a questionnaire that consists of around 100 questions. These items are separated into 6 domains where. For the sake of easier understanding, let's just call them Domain 1 - 6. I have them typed in one specific table called "Correspondence", with format like below: <tbody>...
  7. G

    VBA userform login to open excel using domain username and password

    Hello friends, I need the code for VBA userform login to open excel using domain username and password. So, when user open a file, userform will be activated and user need to enter username and password, domain name will be automatically detected and written in 3rd line. But if user need to...
  8. A

    Count instances of an e-mail domain name across multiple e-mail addresses

    Hi, so Row A contains lots of different but unique individual e-mail addresses, thousands in fact in the format : what I need to do is count the instances that an e-mail Domain Name appears so...
  9. JenniferMurphy

    Curve fitting problem

    I know this is technically not an Excel question, but there are a lot of people here with better math skills than mine, so I hope this is OK. I would like to find a family of functions, f(x,m), that meets these conditions: Maps the domain (0,10) onto the same range and is continuous over that...
  10. U

    Select data on row, depending on data 2 rows down

    Hi all, Wonder if someone call help me with something. Basically I have a whole load of data which I need to sort of "sanitize" so to speak. The data looks like this (it can be in a text doc or put into a new sheet) mac-address (omitted) profile persons-name domain LONDON hostname...
  11. K

    Domain name

    Hi team, I have one doubt about how I can find the domain name from companies mail address
  12. A

    Need Help to retrieve an API result in Worksheet

    Hello, I am designing an excel file which will provide me the company website URL taking the Company name as Input. For this I have found out a free API which does this exact Name->Domain mapping. The API goes like this:[C_NAME]...
  13. D

    Application.Match Getting Run-Time Error 13 Type Mismatch

    I am trying to check some of the common email domain names when people enter them into an Excel Form. I have a spread sheet tab with names like etc Below is the code I am having problems with. I keep getting a Type Mismatch on this line If...
  14. M

    Separate domain name

    Hi All, I want to ask how can I separate in excel sheet the domain name after "@" and before ".", I have table of email addresses as follows: let say for the first one, how can I separate xyz in separate column?? Appreciate your advise. Thank you.
  15. A

    Extracting the Root domain

    Hello Folks, I have a requirement to extract the domains from a list of URLs. I know this is quite trending and a petty common topic across generic internet search, however no formulas quite seem to match my specific query. My file has a list of domains (which include subdomains and multiple...
  16. J

    Sum Range based on multiple criteria

    I cannot seem to figure this one out... tried sumifs, sumproduct, index/match. Here's what I'm trying to do: Sum data in an array that matches 3 different criteria coming from both columns and rows. Maybe it's best to illustrate. Here's a simplified version: <tbody> Company Allocation 2013...
  17. D

    VBA Userform Textbox Validate Text Between Characters

    I have a userform that sends a copy of the workbook via email. The primary goal is to send the form back to me (or my counterpart) but it could be useful to send within the company as well. I want to ensure that any email addresses entered have a company domain. I'm not worried about actually...
  18. D

    Multiple countif question

    Hello guys, I have question for my following issue: I'm trying to figure out the amount of emails registered from each email domain by month, the information I have is Column A the dates of creating (for example(01/01/13)) and in column B I the emails ex (
  19. SinnaminGrrl

    Caclulated Fields 2.0 ;)

    I searched the forum and saw several posts to this effect, but nothing quite had the detail or scenario I am faced with. I have a data dump that I get daily in excel. There are several columns I need to create a new report out of but I also am finding myself needing to do the same manual...
  20. J

    Queries in VBA

    Hi all, In desperate need of assistance. I am currently building a statistical view of data - % data missing, % complete etc. I am the writing these values into a stats table so that one is able to see progress. The only way I can do this is via a number of queries, and to keep things neat...

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