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    Double Donut - Need Help!!!

    Good afternoon all, I'm struggling with a double donut chart. I know exactly how I want it to look in my head, but when I create it on Excel, it doesn't look the same! I have a number of products, in a number of regions. For instance: Product A has 10 in Region 1, 10 in Region 2 and 0 in...
  2. B

    Multi-Tiered Donut Chart

    Hi all - I am trying to create a multi tiered donut chart and keep getting labels repeating in each tier as shown - Would anyone be able to advise what I might be doing wrong. I would also like to be able to change the colour of each segment based on it's value. I assume I will need a macro...
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    Totals in Donut Pie Chart

    Hello! I'm using a donut pie chart in excel for the first time and I was wondering if there was any way to enter the total in the middle of it other than by manually using a text box. For example, if I have 20 on the left side of the pie chart and 30 on the right side of the pie chart, I want...
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    Speedometer Chart without donut

    Hi, I have been tasked with the (seemingly impossible) job of recreating the below speedometer chart in excel without using a donut chart. This graph is being used through a custom system to publish web reports that apparently won't accept donut charts. Sooooooo any ideas ?

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