1. T

    VBA - decimal separator issue

    Hi, I have a data set in the html page looking as table containing numbers, dates, times, strings etc. each in separate column. I'm trying to copy this data set to excel and format it as I want with VBA. The only problem I have is that the source data set is using DOT "." as decimal separator...
  2. B

    imputbox change decimal value dot to comma

    Hi, I have been searching without success for the following: I have a imputbox to receive euros, if the user wants to insert for example the number 55.20, afterwords I will use that number to do another calculation, but is giving me an error because its inserted with a dot as a decimal...
  3. M

    With/End With statement without the dot

    Using Excel 365, my VBA works, but I am curious about the With/End with section. I always assumed that I needed a "." to precede my entries within a With/End With statement. Why doesn't my code have the same need for a "dot" to precede the code? (I had to look online for some help with this and...
  4. A

    dot - what before?

    Often googling for a solution show things like .ForeColor.RGB = RGB( _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 4), _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 5), _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 6) _ ) How do you find or work out what goes before the "." ?
  5. P

    Excel Chart query

    I have a 'Line with Markers' chart plotting the data range ... 'View Individual Student Profile'!$D$56:$E$68 I've removed the line, so all I have is thick, black dot markers for each of the 13 data points, however, I'd like the 2rd, 5th, 9th, and 12th dot markers to be red. I can't instantly...
  6. C

    Need help with VBA code? Hey guys, I downloaded an excel sheet online and try to modify it but I am having trouble with it. I added column now the No. of days is now started in day 3 instead of 1 and also when I click on another month I want the previous...
  7. T

    map marking

    I might be asking to much for excel to do this but is it possible for example i import a picture of a map and i was it to mark on the map locations with dots. so in the cell i'm typing the street name erie st. it marks with a dot or what ever on the map. i'm assuming i will have to program it...
  8. P

    How to sum cell with any non numeric characters

  9. M

    Remove dot from text field

    Good Day I have excel column with format text which include data in letters , number or letters and number in addition to number of letters or digits are not fixed so what i need to remove this dot if it is start or end the data only as i tried to remove it through Ctrl+F then choose replace...
  10. keldsor

    Seleting objects instead of cells ??

    I have a workbook with a worksheet with a lot of shapes like DOT. Each dot represents an event and I can get the details for a specific event shown in Word by double clicking on the DOT for the event I want to see the details for. I HAVE to do "double clicking" for the details to show up in...
  11. M

    Conditional formatting | icon sets | relative reference formula

    In cell A1 I have the number 100 and in cell B1 I have the Green, Yellow, Red icon set so that: - if the value of cell B1 is greater than A1 the dot is green - if the value of cell B1 is equal to A1 the dot is yellow - if the value of cell B1 is less than A1 the dot is red Applies to = $B$1...
  12. H

    Formua too remove dot

    I have the following formula to extract the name and surname from an email address. I need to amend the formula so that dot (.) does not appear between the name & surname =PROPER(LEFT(B3,FIND("@",B3)-1)) your assistance in resolving this is most appreciated...
  13. O

    Formula to extract number after dot in a cell

    The formula below extracts the first of two different numbers in a single cell that are seperated by a . (dot, full stop, period) So if I have 20.4 in a cell , it will extract any number to the left of the dot, in this example 20 Can somebody alter the formula to extract any number to the...
  14. Johnny C

    Stacked area chart with XY scatter error bars

    Hi I've been populating a bunch of charts. They're stacked areas, the total is done as an XY scatter with a negative 100% error bar to get a dotted line down to the the X-axis. There's a lot of them, about 30. They have all worked fine. All of a sudden, 1 chart is being a pain. it won't scale...
  15. P

    Place black dot on a coordinate

    Is it possible to have a graph (with an x and y axis) and create a code that places a dot at a given coordinate on that graph ? Kind regards, Chris
  16. H

    InputBox with a Variable: Convert Decimal separator from dot to comma

    Hello everyone! I'm having an issue with an Inputbox, and I'd really appreciate if someone could help to me solve this... I have some procedures to calculate values, but the calculations will depend on a value inserted by the user: the daily US Dollar exchange rate. I've dedicated a cell...
  17. S

    Dot is replaced by a comma

    Hi all, I have written some VBA code where a user selects a code from a dropbox. The selected code is eg. 01.01 If I put this choice into a variable and put the variable content into a cell, 01.01 becomes 1,01, which is not what I want. I have simulated this in an easy way with following code...
  18. M

    Number format

    Hi everybody, I have problem with changing number format. When I export data from SAP, number format is like this: 10.548,45 In excel, this is stored as a text, cause of that dot as a thousands divider. Usualy i do just replace dot with nothing and it works. but when i do it as a macro, for...
  19. W

    format initials

    Hi, I'm looking for a macro that inserts a dot after each character in a userform textbox, in order to format initials. Thanks in advance.

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