1. B

    imputbox change decimal value dot to comma

    Hi, I have been searching without success for the following: I have a imputbox to receive euros, if the user wants to insert for example the number 55.20, afterwords I will use that number to do another calculation, but is giving me an error because its inserted with a dot as a decimal...
  2. M

    With/End With statement without the dot

    Using Excel 365, my VBA works, but I am curious about the With/End with section. I always assumed that I needed a "." to precede my entries within a With/End With statement. Why doesn't my code have the same need for a "dot" to precede the code? (I had to look online for some help with this and...
  3. A

    dot - what before?

    Often googling for a solution show things like .ForeColor.RGB = RGB( _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 4), _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 5), _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 6) _ ) How do you find or work out what goes before the "." ?
  4. P

    Excel Chart query

    I have a 'Line with Markers' chart plotting the data range ... 'View Individual Student Profile'!$D$56:$E$68 I've removed the line, so all I have is thick, black dot markers for each of the 13 data points, however, I'd like the 2rd, 5th, 9th, and 12th dot markers to be red. I can't instantly...
  5. C

    Need help with VBA code? Hey guys, I downloaded an excel sheet online and try to modify it but I am having trouble with it. I added column now the No. of days is now started in day 3 instead of 1 and also when I click on another month I want the previous...
  6. T

    map marking

    I might be asking to much for excel to do this but is it possible for example i import a picture of a map and i was it to mark on the map locations with dots. so in the cell i'm typing the street name erie st. it marks with a dot or what ever on the map. i'm assuming i will have to program it...
  7. P

    How to sum cell with any non numeric characters

  8. M

    Remove dot from text field

    Good Day I have excel column with format text which include data in letters , number or letters and number in addition to number of letters or digits are not fixed so what i need to remove this dot if it is start or end the data only as i tried to remove it through Ctrl+F then choose replace...
  9. keldsor

    Seleting objects instead of cells ??

    I have a workbook with a worksheet with a lot of shapes like DOT. Each dot represents an event and I can get the details for a specific event shown in Word by double clicking on the DOT for the event I want to see the details for. I HAVE to do "double clicking" for the details to show up in...
  10. M

    Conditional formatting | icon sets | relative reference formula

    In cell A1 I have the number 100 and in cell B1 I have the Green, Yellow, Red icon set so that: - if the value of cell B1 is greater than A1 the dot is green - if the value of cell B1 is equal to A1 the dot is yellow - if the value of cell B1 is less than A1 the dot is red Applies to = $B$1...
  11. H

    Formua too remove dot

    I have the following formula to extract the name and surname from an email address. I need to amend the formula so that dot (.) does not appear between the name & surname =PROPER(LEFT(B3,FIND("@",B3)-1)) your assistance in resolving this is most appreciated <b></b><table...
  12. O

    Formula to extract number after dot in a cell

    The formula below extracts the first of two different numbers in a single cell that are seperated by a . (dot, full stop, period) So if I have 20.4 in a cell , it will extract any number to the left of the dot, in this example 20 Can somebody alter the formula to extract any number to the...
  13. Johnny C

    Stacked area chart with XY scatter error bars

    Hi I've been populating a bunch of charts. They're stacked areas, the total is done as an XY scatter with a negative 100% error bar to get a dotted line down to the the X-axis. There's a lot of them, about 30. They have all worked fine. All of a sudden, 1 chart is being a pain. it won't scale...
  14. P

    Place black dot on a coordinate

    Is it possible to have a graph (with an x and y axis) and create a code that places a dot at a given coordinate on that graph ? Kind regards, Chris
  15. H

    InputBox with a Variable: Convert Decimal separator from dot to comma

    Hello everyone! I'm having an issue with an Inputbox, and I'd really appreciate if someone could help to me solve this... I have some procedures to calculate values, but the calculations will depend on a value inserted by the user: the daily US Dollar exchange rate. I've dedicated a cell...
  16. S

    Dot is replaced by a comma

    Hi all, I have written some VBA code where a user selects a code from a dropbox. The selected code is eg. 01.01 If I put this choice into a variable and put the variable content into a cell, 01.01 becomes 1,01, which is not what I want. I have simulated this in an easy way with following code...
  17. M

    Number format

    Hi everybody, I have problem with changing number format. When I export data from SAP, number format is like this: 10.548,45 In excel, this is stored as a text, cause of that dot as a thousands divider. Usualy i do just replace dot with nothing and it works. but when i do it as a macro, for...
  18. W

    format initials

    Hi, I'm looking for a macro that inserts a dot after each character in a userform textbox, in order to format initials. Thanks in advance.

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