1. A

    Cell border

    After applying a new Interior.Color, how do you keep (or restore) the small dotted borders around each cell ?
  2. B

    Using a Named table in Data Validation

    Hi all, hope you can help I have created a named table called Customer_List I select List in data validation But when I type =Customer_List into the source box I get the error “The formula you typed contains an error” But the named table has dotted lines around it so it looks like its selected...
  3. V

    Input Text in RTE (iFrame) is becoming null after page refreshed/saved - VBA Macros

    Planning to create a Test data (i.e. Record) for my Project. As part of it, trying to create a Test data by automating Web application through VBA. I am able to enter/input data for all the fields including (RTE - Rich Text Editor), once the page is refreshed/Saved RTE input data becomes null...
  4. tobyz95

    Dotted Line Around Cell

    Hi ALL, I have Excel 2016 and am wondering why I have a dotted line around cell after copy, paste and save. It is annoying. Is there a setting? Thanks for any help!
  5. H

    Page Preview Dotted Line Cannnot Adjust

    I am trying to drag the dotted line on page preview down a few rows, but the dotted line remains in the same row i.e it won't adjust it would be appreciated if someone could assist me
  6. E

    dotted lines in excel for mac

    when ever i start the process of printing a window shows up to preview the print before i print the document. so when i cancel that window to adjust a few things these dotted lines show up on the page and for some reason i used to be able to move those dotted lines around but now i cant. i think...
  7. S

    Conditional formatting inserts a dashed line

    Hello! This is my first post, after I've been lurking here for a year or two and finally have a problem I haven't been able to find. Sheet has values that I've conditionally formatted. Nothing special...just quick formatted and provides a visual to what I'm doing. For some reason the first...
  8. M

    Decimal IP to Dotted Quad

    Hi Guys, I've got a list of IP addresses in a column in decimal format i.e. 168488278 and I want to convert them to Dotted Quad i.e. There are far too many to do by hand and I can't figure it out so was wondering if you could give me some help? Thanks in advance

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