1. M

    How to download a ZIP file and access its contents while on MAC.

    I'm aware that I can use activedocument.follow hyperlink to download a file given a URL, but I'm unsure of how to interact with that file after it has been downloaded. Is it possible to rename the file upon download or specify where the file is downloaded to using VBA? Furthermore, how can I go...
  2. P

    How to click on download button tableau dashboard webpage using excel vba

    I'm trying to click on button using element by classname tag name but no success
  3. M

    How to open up internet explorer and download file

    Hi, I have a file which can be accessed through internet explorer. Do you know how to write a macro to download the file through excel? I'm imagining maybe shell command might work. Thanks!
  4. K

    Web Scrapping - Download PDF after submitting Policy

    I want to download the PDF file after pressing "Continue" with below code... ================================Code========================= Sub automaticformfilling() Dim ie As Object Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application") '1 GoTo website With ie .Visible =...
  5. K

    Extract email messages from outlook to excel with attachment(s) information

    Dear All, I have this vba which will extract the outlook messages to excel however I am not sure how can extract the attachment information along with this. Requesting your help please Sub GetFromOutlook() Dim OutlookApp As Outlook.Application Dim OutlookNamespace As Namespace Dim Folder As...
  6. B

    Download WAV file from URL link

    Hello, I have a list of URL links in excel and each link goes to a breif WAV file recording. In fact, when you click on the link the option pops up to either open or download. Is there a way to through VBA, MACRO, or other automated means to run through this list of over 40,000 and download...
  7. S

    VBA to download images and rename

    Hi i have an excel file with links to images in column L i need to download them and rename them with the list in column M Thanks !:):nya:
  8. P

    Power Query - Remove duplicates from Folder Download

    Hi, I'm creating a personal account analysis system and using the 'From File, From Folder' process in Power Query. The issue I'm having is to identify where two downloads from a bank or credit card account cover the same period and hence have duplicate entries. In doing so I want to avoid...
  9. E

    Macro to automatically download file

    I really need help in finding a macro to download a pdf file online, e.g. The link of the download URL will change everyday based on the date. I will be saving it into a drive C://Downloads. Also, is there any way to also automatically convert the pdf file...
  10. J

    Download over 1 million rows from

    I am trying to download data from the file contains more than 1.2 million rows, used power query download web option but get error message all the time. Below is the link, I am using excel 2013. Can someone help me...
  11. R

    HTML/PHP that can generate excel file for download

    Hello, Anyone who knows if it is possible to set up a webpage (HTML/PHP?) with some fields to fill and then generate excel file that you can download with those data from webpage? Have been searching for this subject for a while now, but can't really find any related.
  12. L

    Missing the Green Arrow, top left corner to change text to number

    So this one is weird. We download into excel from a website and my co-worker doesn't have the green arrow in the top corner to be able to change the text to numbers. If she sends me the spreadsheet, or I download it myself, I can do it, but it never comes up on her machine, so she can't do...
  13. D

    automating query in VBA

    not sure if this can be done, but every day I download data via an Excel add-in ("transfer data from iseries") which I beleive is a way to download data from AS400. Every day, I need to click the Excel add-in, enter my user name and password (which is painful) then i tell the admin to start the...
  14. B

    Can i use a ribbon editor within excel with out having to get other users to download the editor program

    I am recently self taught on using a ribbon editor to set up some ribbon on my excel program that other people use on different computers (not linked in any way) and all is working well, however i was wondering if it is possible to have the codes in my ribbon editor somehow included in my excel...
  15. K

    Publish interactive excel file online, locked cells and disable download

    Hi, How can I have a working spreadsheet online that a 3rd party can enter values into unlocked cells, but not be able to download a copy of the file? It looks like Excel Online always has a 'Save as' or 'Download a copy' option. Is there a way to publish it on a web page that works? Thanks
  16. S

    Downloading code bogging excel

    I have some code that downloads pdf sheets at hte push of a button. The code works like a champ but (I presume because my internet connection is beyond super slow (satellite, 0.34mbps download....), excel goes into a "not responding" mode until the download completes. Is there any way to fix...
  17. S

    changing from every row to static

    I'd like to change the following code so that instead of going every row, it will allow the button on that row to run the code for just that row (if this makes sense). Basically I have two macros- one that checks every row (in a certain column) for data and if something is there, makes a button...
  18. S

    Failing to Find File

    So my code was working perfectly last week (when it ran for the first time. Now it says it can't find the "temp" folder that it created....and I see the folder on teh desktop. It's bugging out at the "Kill (TempFolderOLD) line. Ideas? Sub Downloadx()Dim URL As String Dim tstamp As String Dim...
  19. S

    VBA Download/Updater

    With a little help, I've written some code. The intention of this is to perform weekly updates of a downloadable file. This macro, if it works, will be copied over and over (unless someone has a better way, PLEASE!) so that roughly 25 different files can be downloaded individually and/or...
  20. J

    How To Select "Save As" From IE Download Dialogue Box Using VBA

    I realize that there are more efficient ways to obtain files from websites using VBA but I really want to figure out how to control the Dialogue Box that pops up when a user is trying to download a file. To be more specific, I want to select "Save As" and set the file destination. The...

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