1. J

    Pricing tool

    Hi i have basic excel knowledge. I am trying to create a prcing tool for selling laptops (for context) so i want a tool where i cant input all my component prices (differnet ram, hdd etc) then i want to enter my basic unit price, then have drop downs, for each component, it will take the cost...
  2. B

    Insert New Row From Drop Down

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to insert a new row if you select from drop down "Insert New Row". All data should shift down and cell where drop downs are should have "Insert New Row" fixed as a selection. Is this possible? Thank you.
  3. J

    Auto update a filter

    i currently have a league table on a spreadsheet. a drop down lets you change certain things that will show in the league table (sales type, month etc) the league table is working fine and automatically refreshes when the drop downs are changed. I then have a filter just to the right of the...
  4. J

    Creating a Table

    Wonder if anyone can help me. I am wanting to create a league table based on peoples sales. I am planning on separating the sales team into two worksheets. one for used one for new. the format below is what i will have on each worksheet. what i want to do is then create a separate worksheet with...
  5. J

    Creating a league table

    i am wanting to create quite a complex league table within a spreadsheet i have. The first part is that i want the user to be able to select which league table they want to show. i am planning on having 2 drop downs. the first drop down will contain two options. New and Used. once the user has...
  6. W

    Relative Strength Indicator. (UDF -vba)

    Afternoon - I searched the forums and couldn't come up with anything, but I'm wondering if anyone could help modify this code that I found on another site, so that it would take into account the average of one of the functions of the previous cells. Effectively, I'm trying to modify this code...
  7. L

    Using INDEX MATCH to target and Return Image

    I have created (with a lot of help from this site) a cascading dependent drop down list set. The problem I am having now is I would like to make another INDEX MATCH formula to grab an image that is dependent on the two drop downs. I have been trying for well over 4 hours now and still cannot...
  8. S

    Mouse wheel in drop downs

    Did a search and the latest answer was from 2005. Is there a way to use your mouse wheel to scroll through long drop downs? Excel 2010 Thanks!

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