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    SUMIFS drag down

    Hi, I have the following formula: =SUMIFS('Future Sales'!$N$2:$N$5000,'Future Sales'!$X$2:$X$5000,"Flight Only",'Future Sales'!$F$2:$F$5000,"Apr-2019") However i would like the date to change when i drag it down... when i drag down, i always get Apr-2019, however i would like May-2019...
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    Dragging a formula from a active cell - VBA - VLOOKUP

    Hey all you cool excel-shark out there. I got a sheet, where i like to do a VLOOKUP from a active cell. The thing is that the active cell can change from time to time and I like the VBA-code to make a VLOOKUP from that active cell and then dragging the formula below to a certain row. How...
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    Set autofill as default when dragging a handle

    Hi there, So whenever I've used Excel (2016) in the past, when dragging a handle or doubleclicking the autofill box, the autofill series has been the default option. i.e. dragging the value '1' in cell a1 down would autofill to 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Now when I do it, it automatically copies, down as...
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    Why excel crashing when I drag down.

    When I try to drag down a formula it is causing excel to crash. I have 400,000 rows of data and the formula contains a vlookup, so this is quite intensive procedure. However, if I write a vba sub which breaks the dragging down into 100 row bitesize pieces, it works fine. Takes a while but no...
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    Drag down not generating correct results?

    Hi, I am using the formula =TEXT(*cell reference*,"dddd") to display the date in the cell reference (in format xx/xx/xxxx) as its corresponding day of the week. It works great when I manually type it in, but when I try to drag down the formula to other cells, it is just displaying the day of the...
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    Macro to drag formulae down

    Hi all, Having some trouble writing a macro to fill down formulae across several columns. My macro looks like this: Sheets("Arcade").Rows("37:37").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown Sheets("Arcade").Range("A36:T36").Select Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A36:T38")...
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    Apply formula to an entire column

    This is the formula list : <tbody> PV001/10/14 PV002/10/14 PV003/10/14 </tbody> The next sequence should be PV004/10/14. Currently, when i drag, the number will turn up PV003/10/15 instead of PV004/10/14. Is there any specific formula for the above - for me just to drag down the box...
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    VBA - drag down formulas to today's date

    Hi there - I am fairly new to VBA, having mainly recorded macros (and tinkered with them a little) in the past. I am now trying to drag formulas in the final row of a worksheet (columns A:R) from the final date in the worksheet to today's date (dates in the A column). However, when I try this...

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