1. R

    Formula needed to populate cell with same value.

    If G8 is populated with x, I need K8, O8, S8, W8 and AA8 each to populate with x. I also need to be able to drag the formula down to rows 9, 10, etc. Thank you in advance
  2. J

    Copying formulae down or across

    Hi, I know this must be a simple answer, I have the following cell D5 = A5, and E5 = A6. I want to be able to drag these down so D6 = A7 and E6 = A8 and so on down. Obviously i am dragging and getting D6 = A6 and E6 = A7. what is the solution? Thanks J
  3. T

    SUMIFS drag down

    Hi, I have the following formula: =SUMIFS('Future Sales'!$N$2:$N$5000,'Future Sales'!$X$2:$X$5000,"Flight Only",'Future Sales'!$F$2:$F$5000,"Apr-2019") However i would like the date to change when i drag it down... when i drag down, i always get Apr-2019, however i would like May-2019...
  4. T

    How to keep referencing cell while dragging formula?

    Hello, I would like to be able to drag the cell from C3 all the way down to C7 and still retain the formula on income / amount equals percentage. In other words, $100 / $1,000 is 10%. When I drag cell C3 down to C4, it changes the formula to $125 / BLANK = #DIV/0!. How can I set the formula...
  5. A

    Indirect Formula

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet using an indirect formula. When I put the formula in the cell it works. when I drag the formula though, I can get the first cell reference to be relative but I cannot get the second cell reference to become relative. When I drag the formula down it is going...
  6. L

    Moving Range In Large Formula

    Hi I have some data in sheet2 that has sales data by week, it consists of 5 columns per week. In sheet1, I need to pull the largest number's by week so my starting formula would be =LARGE(Sheet2!I$11:I$30003,1) I then need to drag it to the next cell which is next week, the new formula has...
  7. S

    How to get Values Based on the pictures drag into a cell

    hi all, I had created a drag and drop excel sheet whereby there are a total of 5 picture. The user is able to drag around the picture and put them into cell B1 to B3 respectively. After each picture had been drop into the cell, the name of the picture will be display at M5 to M7 respectively...
  8. V

    Fixing my interpolation function.

    So here's the deal, I work for a company that does "floor lifting". I.e. when a house has sunk we come in and do measurements, and give people an estimate of what we can do, and a recommendation. One way we collect measurements is by placing different height values at x, y locations in an excel...
  9. G

    Cant figure out COUNTIF formula for my range

    I have some data that has the word "pass" or "fail" in one column, and a date in the one next to it. I am trying to use COUNTIF to count how many times a pass or fail occurred within each month. I have tried both of the below formulas: =COUNTIF(A1:A5,"Pass"),(MONTH(B1:B5)=F13) (F13 is...
  10. G

    How to click and drag down an "Indirect" formula

    I have the following formula and I want to drag it down 100 cells and have the cell references update and not keep the original reference. Is that possible? =IF(INDIRECT("'"&Reference_Sheet&"'"&"!A5")="","",INDIRECT("'"&Reference_Sheet&"'"&"!A5")) I want the next cell down to read...
  11. R

    Sum - offset

    Hello everyone! I run the rum - offset - row formula for the values in a column to sum every other 10 rows and when I drag the formula down (vertically) it works. When I drag the formula horizontally it keeps summing only the first 10 rows of the selected area. Any ideas how to make it work...
  12. S

    Unable to drag fill handle in Excel to automatically increment values

    I have been searching on the internet for hours trying to find a solution for this. I have seen many similar posts but doing the suggested has not been able to fix my own problem yet. I want to be able to use drag-and-drop to have Excel automatically fill the lower cells in increments. For...
  13. G

    obtaining the cell values for Row and Column Refereces

    I have this formula =SUMIFS('Staff Manager DL'!$Q:$Q,'Staff Manager DL'!$L:$L,******,'Staff Manager DL'!$N:$N,'Working Patterns'!I3,'Staff Manager DL'!$J:$J,'Working Patterns'!K$1)) Where there is ****** I need to obtain this information from 2 different cells. I have the Column Ref in K2...
  14. M

    "if function" return value based on 2 adjacent cells

    Hi, I am trying use a "if function" to return value based on 2 adjacent cells and drag it down all the way till the next matching data. i.e. If column B matches "Customer ID:" then display the code with this formula =IF(B:B="Customer ID:",C:C,"") I am able to do only on the same row, how can...
  15. R

    Month and free text

    How can I autofill cells with MMM-YY and a free text? For example, COSTS OCT-18 and then drag this to the next cells to get COSTS NOV-18, etc. Thank you!
  16. M

    Index/match - one criteria > drag formula

    Hi, I've run into an issue with this array formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(Sheet1!A:A;SMALL(IF(Sheet1!C:C;Sheet1!$A$1;ROW(Sheet1!A:A)-MIN(ROW(Sheet1!A:A))+1);COLUMNS(Sheet1!$A$1)));"") I can't copy the arrays but I press ****+ctrl+enter as needed. What I want it to do is indexing values for sheet 1...
  17. J

    Simple formulas not working when drag to new cells

    I've got problems on several sheets in the same workbook this morning. On existing sheets even simple functions are not working. I've added a column for example. in M13 I've got =K13. so I drag that simple formula up and down. (When I manually enter the =cellreference) it works fine. When I...
  18. T

    Allow click and drag AND copy and paste

    Adding this code allows users to click and drag: Private Sub Workbook_Deactivate() Application.CellDragAndDrop = True End Sub However, if I copied a cell in this workbook, hit Ctrl + N, then try to paste in another workbook, nothing gets pasted. How can I resolve this? Thanks
  19. Z

    = sumifs ?

    Hi so this works below and I locked the other cells because I need to drag this down like 200 lines. The only thing as of now I cant get to change is the 2 to go to 3 then 4 and so on. Anyway of doing this so I don't have to go into each cell and do it. =SUMIFS($I$2:$I$1000,$D$2:$D$1000,"2")...
  20. T

    Drag dates

    Is there any way to drag two of the same dates down a column. Example Date of 1/1/18 in cell A1 and same date 1/1/18 in cell A2. I would like to be able to highlight both cells and drag them down or any method so the date will advance incrementally in the next two cells, A3 and A4, etc.

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