drawing data

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    DWG in EXCEL

    Our company uses excel to do calculations of dimensions for our AutoCAD drawings. I would like to insert a template drawing from AutoCAD into excel and be able to have the calculated cells from another sheet to appear on the drawing. My hope is to be able to enter the information once into excel...
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    AutoCAD pdf table conversion

    Hi all, End objective: I'm generating an access database right now and want to import information off of a pdf and have it import all applicable data into a table I've created in Access. This will save me hours and hours of copying data. Problem: The pdf was generated from AutoCAD, and when...
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    Drawing data between spreadsheets

    Hi, I've got three spreadsheets with info over different tabs which are to be posted onto a shared drive. I also want to create a fourth spreadsheet which will also be on the shared drive which will draw information from the other three. I know how to pull info between tabs on the same...

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