drawing object

  1. M

    select cells behind/within a drawing object

    Hi all; new user here. wondering if anyone can help with a doozy of a problem. I'm trying to use a drawing object to select a range of cells. and/or values within these cells. much more valuable if an irregular (polygon) shape can be utilized. For example; I have a table, and chemical...
  2. D

    controlling the drawing tools by vba

    dear experts, im wondering whether it is possible to control drawing tools s.a. shapes and lines by vba if i have a huge project overview table and i want to add visual aids to point out certain milestones i have to spend a lot of time to do that manually so i thought maybe i can let excel do...
  3. F

    Excel 2010 VBA Help: Adjust height, width, lenght, position, and color of a drawing object (Arrow) based on specific cell values

    Good afternoon, There is chart I have been assigned to create and keep "live" that should show different projects represented by arrows (Left to Right). The size (width, height, and length), position, text/label, and color of each arrow depends on the individual project's specific...
  4. 9tanstaafl9

    VBA code to convert imported image to Microsoft Office Drawing Object

    Is this possible? I would like to use a macro to convert an image exported from another program into a Microsoft Drawing Object, so that when users save the file they won't get a bunch of error messages. If I right click the image, choose edit, and then say OK on the message asking if I want...
  5. B

    Linking drawing objects from cell to cell

    Hello, Sorry I looked through a few pages but couldnt find what I am looking for. I am using excel 2010 I created a set of GD&T (geometric dimensioning & tolerancing) symbols using the drawing tools in excel. I grouped them up and placed into cell B24 on sheet1. I would like them to...

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