drop boxes

  1. B

    Vlookup Macro

    I have a Vlookup function that works great but I can not figure out how to get it working in a macro. The function is =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(AU2,Sheet1!F:F,1,0)),"",VLOOKUP(AU2,Sheet1!F:G,2,FALSE)) an it is posted in column AP and copied all the way down. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  2. J

    Macro for multiple printing to CutePDF

    Hi there, fairly new to macro's but I need some fairly complex coding for a project I'm working on. Basically I need a macro to do the following, Select the next item down on a drop down box, print to PDF using CutePDF as the printer and finally at the 'Save as' stage, use a cell within the...
  3. F

    Pull Data From Two Tables

    I am attempting to match data (state and year) in two tables that have the same h row and v column headers by using 2 drop list State Year Population Cases Drop List Drop List Result From Table 1 Result From Table 2 Both tables would look similar to the following: Table 1 (Population)...
  4. B

    Vlookup returning a drop down list (data validation)

    Hi, I have 2 sheets in a work book. The first is a summary list of codes and their titles, with a column for "code titles". Some of these "titles" are simply one-off titles, some are drop down boxes where a choice can be made. The second sheet is a list of similar code data, where I wish a...
  5. B

    tracking numbers input and dropdowns

    I work for a church food bank that calls groups of people. they need a better way to display and track what random group numbers are called and how many families are served every day. im trying to make this easier because they are manuall entering this into notepad on an overhead projector and...
  6. L

    Dropboxes and VBA code in Excel 2007

    Hi folks, I need your help. I have the following situation. In a sheet2, I need to create drop-boxes (based on another Sheet1), one listing names of retailers, one some criteria (called "A"), one criteria "B", one "C", one "D". One is supposed to select one OR MORE names from each list (each...
  7. T

    Creating Multiple Dropdowns

    Hi, I've encountered a very frustrating situation after conquering what I thought had been the hard part of my project. I spent a good part of today looking around on Google and this forum in search of a solution without having any success, so I'm hoping someone can give me a hand! What I'm...
  8. andrewb90

    Assigning values to drop down boxes

    Hello all, I am trying to set up a event sheet using drop down boxes to track points and events for each player. In the event tab: I have A3:A25 with different events I have three other sheets with players names on it (A3:A30) labeled Group 1,2,& 3. Each event uses two players and I would like...

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