drop down boxes

  1. G

    Automatically email based on cell value

    Hey all - I would like to create a macro that automatically creates an email for a group of people based on a cell value that's selected from a drop-down menu in a range of cells. There would only be 2 or 3 status options from the drop-down menu, but a specific group of people would be emailed...
  2. J

    Make a cell either display N/A or a drop down menu based on another cell

    I have been looking around and can't seem to find exactly what I'm trying to do. I know I need a VBA script to accomplish my ask. Cell B4 contains a drop down menu Cell B5 is dependent on B4 If B4 = blank then B5 = blank If B4 = "Special/Hard Ticket Event" then B5 = "N/A" if B4 is anything...
  3. A

    Data validation Drop down not working

    Hi All, I have set a simple Yes No data validationd drop down on my worksheet. However whenever I go to the cells with it in it I dont get the option to slect yes or no, the little dropdown arrow to the right appears for a split second but then disspears again. However if I hold the left mouse...
  4. A

    Data validation arrows flash and disappear for one user

    My spreadsheet was created in Excel 2007. There are data validations in a few places, all referring to named ranges on another sheet in the same workbook. The drop-down arrows are missing only for one user, who has Excel 2010. Other users have 2007, 2010, or 2013. The dropdowns were working...
  5. S

    Command Button to take me to the Drop-Down or List-Box's Selection on another sheet....

    Thanks for taking the time to try and figure this one out! At my work we keep a log of companies that do work for us (particularly create drawings/schematics). We take their name and assign them a number. We call this an F#, which stands for Foreign Number (eg. F-125100-001 thru -999). What...
  6. K

    Subsequent Hide/Unhide Rows with Drop Down Values

    Hello, everybody! I would like to know if there's a way to unhide cells depending on the choices from drop down lists (well, I know there is). Let me explain it better. Lets us suppose I chose one answer from my first drop down list (the only one on screen yet). Then I want to unhide a range...
  7. T

    VLookup using 2 drop down boxes

    Hi wonder if anyone can help me, I am doing a datasheet where I am looking for information from a main data sheet to report onto a front page sheet. Tab 1 is my main sheet where the info will be displayed 1st drop down box selects the tab to gather info from 2nd drop down box selects the area...
  8. J

    Run Macro from Drop Down List plus Update when Source Changes

    I am learning VBA and trying to piece together what I know to automate a spreadsheet. I have a macro that pulls from two source sheets to develop a matrix on a Master spreadsheet. The macro runs based on selections from a drop down list. The macro is an index/match function that pulls the...
  9. L

    Need Help with Macro Button to add 1 to cell based on dropdowns (Row/Column)

    I am having trouble with a macro button, that links to two drop-down boxes. My main sheet (YYD), has two drop-down boxes that reference my other sheet (Data). The first drop-down in YYD!F12 selects a row and the second drop-down in YYD!F17 selects the column on my 'Data' Sheet. I just need a...
  10. E

    Hiding rows and/or colums by using drop-down-lists (multiple selections)

    Dear all, For my job I've to create a new user-friendly template for a lot people who no only the basic of Excel. How is it possible to hide columns or rows with a drop down list? I've a drop down list linked to cell A3. So select the first option in the list, then A3 will be 1, select the...
  11. R

    Combining drop downs

    I have two drops downs; one in A1 (item) and one in B1 (lbs). Lets say I have a list of items A thru E in cells A11:A15 and adjacent to them are the actual weight values of lets say 1 thru 5 lbs in cells B11:B15. Can I combine the information into one drop down that will display in two adjacent...
  12. C

    If/Then Statement based on drop-down selection

    I am using Excel 2010. I have already created a drop-down box with selections of T-shirt sizes ranging from YXS to XXXL. Original drop-down cell in my form is B23. Named range for this drop-down is TSHIRTS. In my order form, T-shirts are $10 for sizes YXS to AL. However, if someone selects XL...
  13. I

    Have cell allow a "Range" or multiple cells to be referenced

    Hope this makes sense. :confused: Trying to get a problem solved to have a % discount & 'flat' $ discount apply to cell(s) referenced. Product A, B & C are available in 3 different materials. Objective is to allow each material's Max Discount column to apply discount(s) referenced in cell J3 &...
  14. F

    Attendance forms - ticklist

    I run a sporting club of about 80 people of whom 40 may be in attendance on any one night. I would like to have a form that displays every members name and a tickbox ( or something similar) next to it, so I can simply tick off the members as they come in ( or they can tick their own name)...
  15. S

    picking a matrix cell using drop downs

    Hi I am trying to get excel to pick a cell from a hiden matrix and showing it on my worksheet. I want to pick the cell using 2 drop down boxes as bellow - 1 drop down picks option on X axis and the second picks using the Y axis and then the coresponding cell in the matrix is displayedMatrix...
  16. J

    Hyperlinked Names In DropDown Box

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with the same dropdown list in each cell of one column. I would like each drop down list to behave in the following manner: When a user selects the appropriate name from the drop down list the name turns into a "blue colored" active hyperlink to an...
  17. L

    How do you link Word templates to an Excel spreadsheet?

    I have created a large number of work instructions using Word templates and I would like to make it easy for our engineers to figure out which template to use for each product. I have created an Excel spreadsheet with drop down boxes that allows them to fill out certain information about the...
  18. H

    Excel Add-In [Issues while designing]

    Hello everybody, I am facing the following issues while working with Excel ADD_INs 1) i have designed an automation which makes allows the user to access the full Macro through a Excel ADD_IN 2) i have used a couple of forms in the the ADD_IN, which are saved in the ADD_IN file 3) The...
  19. S

    Grey out a load of cells based on a drop-down choice

    Is there an easy way to grey-out (or deactivate) a load of cells based on another drop-down validation list? i.e. If I select "Microsoft Office" from a drop-down, it will then grey out the next few rows cells beneath it.
  20. T

    Order form

    Dear All, This is my first post, and I have read as many existing threads as I can find that might help, but not being particularly Excel savvy, I need some help, please??? I have an Excel workbook (Excel:Mac 2008) with 10 tabs, but only two are important at this stage. The first one is a...

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