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    Data Validation with consolidation of data

    Good afternoon... I am sure this question has been asked many times, and I thought I saw one of the Mr. Excel or ExcelisFun videos on YouTube which discussed this topic, but I cannot find it. I want to create a drop-down list that consolidates repeated data only once. Then create a second...
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    Please advice me for this freaky Hyperlink condition!

    Dear all I am just preparing Update tracker for my personal use (with version 2007). I have created drop down list with few categories in first page or worksheet. and gave the category name to each and every worksheet. For example: if i have category called "ABC" in drop down list and there...
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    Drop Down Menu - Populating Multiple Selections from one drop down list

    Hi there Hoping someone can help me out. Is there a way to select multiple items from a drop down list into one output cell in Excel? Thanks.
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    Excel Drop-down list keyboard shortcut

    Hi All, Quick question; I know that with the ALT+Down Arrow you can open a drop-down list, and by hitting the first letter of the entry you're looking for you'll navigate easily to that entry. But what if you've got loads of entries starting with the same letter; is it possible somehow to...
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    How do I populate a drop down menu with text from different part of excel spreadsheet?

    I have a list of 6 people who play games against each other. At the end of all the games i need to be able to provide a drop down menu if 2 or more people have the same points, goals for, goals against. Can text cells be automatically entered into a drop down menu on a separate part of the...
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    Drop Down list flickering

    I've got some drop down lists on a worksheet. The lists use named ranges to get their data from and you can fire different macros using the drop downs. When I fire a macro or activate the sheet, all the drop down list seem to flicker/flash for a second or so (I guess they're populating the...
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    Unique Drop Down Boxes

    I am looking to use excel as a scheduling tool with the use of drop down boxes. What I need is a drop down box that picks from a list, and once a selection is made, that selection is no longer available to the other drop down boxes. For example, let's say I have three people: Bill, John, Sue...

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