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  1. B

    Limit in excel data validation source code

    I have an excel file with two sheets. The second sheet (Report) contains data validation cells based on the first sheet (Data). From the second sheet, the drop-down list that displays in the Select XXX depends on the selection in the Generate Report. When the Generate Report is set to anything...
  2. C


    Hi All Is there a way to get snapshot of a cell if it is changed. So dropdown list in E1 and i want a snapshot of that cell if it is changed in Cell P1 Is this possible? Thanks
  3. Y

    Clearing Dependent Drop down list Excel with VBA

    Hi Everyone, I am found a macro online that would allow to clear a dependent drop down list, but it doesn't work. I have a parent list that is merged from M7 till O7 and then a list that is dependent on it and ranges from Q7 till S7. I also have a list that is depenent on the list from Q7...
  4. M

    Shrinking Data Validation Drop List with a column in between

    Hello All, This is my first post, I've looked though the forums and I've found some items that come close but not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm working on shrinking drop down list with data validation. I'm able to get it working while using 1 column and adjacent columns, the issue comes...
  5. B

    Hide/Unhide Row based on dropdown value

    Hi all, I'm extremely new to VBA and need assistance. I have 2 worksheets; Worksheet 1 has is a list of all employees in both department "A" & "B". Worksheet 2 is a list of employees from department "A" & their tasks for the day. I would like to create a VBA where I can enter all of my...
  6. B

    Combox properties missing (Linked cell, Listfield range)

    I've a basic knowledge of VBA but new to control boxes. Trying to follow instructions to create a combo box but fields I need aren't showing under Properties, the alpha-betical list showing is: ... Left ListRows ListStyle ListWidth Locked etc I need to use: LinkedCell ListFieldRange in order...
  7. M

    Data validation to disallow blank entry when using drop down list

    Hello, I can't believe nobody has asked this question before but I've looked through past posts on this topic and have scoured Google and cannot find an answer. I have data validation on a cell that uses a range on another sheet to populate the drop-down list. All I want to do is make it...

    Drop Down List

    Good Day my brave excell'ers! I have a sheet (Sheet2) with the list below [Sheet2] <tbody> a b c 1 Bob obs tech 2 mark nav elec 3 john tac mech </tbody> On [Sheet1] I'd like to have a Drop-Down list in A1, then when a name is selected it populates (B and C) with the relevant...
  9. D

    Drop down data not loading when running power query

    I have 4 workbooks. Each contains two columns of data pulled from drop-down lists. When I use Power Query to combine the workbook data, everything comes over except from the two columns that contain drop-down data. How do I get Power query to pull this data over? Thank you.
  10. R

    Special Drop Down List

    I'm looking for a way to setup a drop down menu that will give a sub menu depending on the primary menu selection and i need the sub menu item to be removed after it has been chosen. But, if I check a box that turns a cell to a TRUE value it will allow the sub item be used again (add it back to...
  11. tlc53

    Drop Down List - No.1 to No.10, non-repeating

    Hi there, I would like to have a drop down list with options No.1 to No.10 but once a number has been used, it is removed from the drop down list. I have found one way to do it but I'm hoping there's a better way. Drop down lists go in cells D180:D260. Currently my data validation list is...
  12. N

    multiple sheets into one with dropdown options

    I have 8 excel sheets (basically all quote sheets that have product listed with options that can be added on listed by category. I.e. Product lists are Truck, Car, SUV - Options Categories are - Radio, Interior color, Exterior color Then each category has multiple options to chose from I...
  13. tlc53

    VBA Code Not Working / Error - Hide rows depending on 2x drop down lists

    Hi there, Before I go back to the drawing board, can anyone see whether they can get this VBA code to work? Basically, I have two drop down lists. One is "No. of Investments" and the other is "No. of Partners". I would like certain rows to hide, depending on the result of both drop down lists...
  14. L

    one single value allowed in a column

    I have a work sheet with several columns, one column has the position titles (column B) of my reports this is chosen from a drop down list. <tbody> A B yes Chief no Operation Specialist no Operation Specialist no Control Engineer no Startup Engineer </tbody> What I want to do...
  15. T

    Auto populating empty cells with specific text selection from drop down list

    I am trying to auto populate a group of empty cells with specific selections from a drop down list. The total list contains five entries, two of which I want to populate the empty cells when they are selected. I have tried the =IF formula, but it only seems to work within the same sheet...
  16. D

    Using Drop Down List to select Tables

    Hi, I am trying to compile a stock list document, what I would like to achieve is to have a drop down list which pulls in data from a different tab. For example, I would like to have a drop down list populated with; apples, bananas, oranges. On another page I will have 3 tables of apples...
  17. T

    Run macro using drop down list

    Hi All I'm looking to run and repeat a macro the uses data from a drop down list until the list is completed, here's the details. On Sheet 2 B1 a drop down list grabs data from AS1 down, here's a breakdown of what I'm trying to achieve: Step 1: select the first item on the drop down list Step...
  18. M

    Need FULL drop down list using INDEX, INDIRECT and MATCH, not just first match

    Hi Although i can find threads similar to my situation, I can't find one that gives me enough to solve my issue on my own and so could do with someones help please... Simplest way to explain is giving you the basic file example which is here on dropbox in essence, there are three drop down...
  19. J

    Display/Hide Columns Based on Drop Down List Selection

    Hello, I am currently working on displaying and hiding all other columns in a range based on a drop down. In row 7 I have all the columns identified by text, which is the same as the drop down list. When an user selects the drop down, the sheet should hide all other columns except the one...
  20. L

    Spare parts drop down list problem

    Hi New to this forum & Excel. i am currently trying to make a customer spare parts quotation but have an issue with selecting "customer" "machine" "serial No." drop down lists. <tbody> CUSTOMER MACHINE TYPE SERIAL No. JOE.BLOGGS MC TYPE1 1234 </tbody> My problem is:- we have 4 main "types"...

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