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  1. M

    Drop-down list

    Hi there, I have a sheet named Workers with 2 columns. Each column has around 1000 rows. Under the column Shift (B clomun) there are only 3 options: mornig, evening, afternoon. Under the column Name (A column) are names of workers (example below). Name Shift John morning Paul evening...
  2. S

    Multiple inputs from drop down lists to give single output from data on separate sheet

    Hi all, I am trying to have my spreadsheet show costs for running a stadium based on two inputs - Crowd Size and Zones Active. On Sheet One I have two drop down lists - Crowd Size and Zones Active. I also have a Total Cost cell where I require the output. On Sheet Two I have my data set -...
  3. Q

    Getting information from multiple sheets

    Good day, Regular excel I am needing assistance with the following issues. I have three sheets with data in them, the first one has a list of golf courses, the second has the courses (the name, par, slope, rating). On the third sheet is where I would like to enter the data as I played. Col A the...
  4. J

    Dynamic Valuelist based on selected dropdown

    I'm fairly new to excel. I have googled this with no help. I will try to explain this the best way I can. I have a field that I created a dropdown from a named range. I then want to use the value selected to create another dropdown list, but its filtered to only display certain values from the...
  5. S

    Mirror drop down list

    I have a problem, want to mirror a drop down list on 2 sheets so that when one or other is changed they both change to that same value I have created the first drop down list using DATA VALIDATION from a table on another sheet. I have then gone on to my second sheet where I want the mirrored...
  6. M

    Drop down list to populate next drop down list and then auto add row after selection

    Hi all, I want to create a sheet where there will be a drop down list on first column and a second connected to first one on the next column. Once I select a value on the first one, I want the next column to bring up the relevant drop down list from predetermined values ( essentially the first...
  7. C

    Limit number of times a value may be selected from a drop down menu and count them?

    I have drop down I am trying to count and limit the number of times certain values can be selected. The worksheet is setup like this: Name Role Alex Clerk Jim Admin Stacey Developer Mike Analyst Chris Pool The Position column has...
  8. B

    VBA to select HTML Drop Down

    Hey Folks, Seen a few solutions on here but still stuck on this. .I'm trying to get a solution to set a drop down field that isn't named I'm trying to get it to select "Moving" or "Storage" depending on the customer type but I'm not having any luck Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated
  9. A

    Editing Drop-down Lists

    I'm creating a NFL bracket and I just got all of my drop downs put in and I want to make it so that each team appears with a particular font after it's been selected and put into the bracket. How would I go about doing this? Second question, how would I make it so that each option in my drop...
  10. J

    Macro to cycle through drop-down selection to print to pdf (with loop?)

    Hello, I've got an excel workbook. There's a drop-down menu (validated) on the main worksheet I'd like to print to PDF. It populates data based on the drop-down option and the data is pulled from other worksheets. I'd like to 1) select from the drop down menu, 2) print the main spreadsheet to...
  11. U

    INDIRECT in Data Validation

    I've got three tables TableA: <tbody> List of Tables Other Info TableB Info1 TableC Info2 </tbody> TableB: <tbody> Column A Column B stuff morestuff otherstuff extrastuff </tbody> TableC: <tbody> Column A Column B onestuff redstuff twostuffs bluestuff </tbody> I ultimately...
  12. E

    Using SUMPRODUCT with multiple dropdown menus

    Hi, all! I've got a calendar-style sheet (sheet 3) that I'm pulling data from, and I've got the categories in 2 different dropdown menus on a second sheet (sheet 4). I'm trying to get a cell to add up all of the occurrences of certain text within the calendar. I've figured out how to...
  13. D

    Drop Down List

    Good Day my brave excell'ers! I have a sheet (Sheet2) with the list below [Sheet2] <tbody> a b c 1 Bob obs tech 2 mark nav elec 3 john tac mech </tbody> On [Sheet1] I'd like to have a Drop-Down list in A1, then when a name is selected it populates (B and C) with the relevant...
  14. N

    Hide rows based on drop down list

    Hi MrExcel, I'm fairly new to VBA and macros in Excel and could use more than some help with it! Currently i'm working on creating a report where i have a drop down list of countries (in cell C2) with the list of countries (in column A) and their datas across row A7 to S65. I would love to know...
  15. T

    Conditional formatting to highlight duplicates with enabled/disabled drop down list

    Hello everyone, I have a file with projects' staffings. Some of the workers assigned to these projects are temporary employees, some of them are permanent ones and some of them are leads. I would like to create a conditional formatting rule that highlights the permanent, associate leads and...
  16. A

    (3) Dropdown list to equal $

    Greetings, is it possible to have (3) dropdown lists equal a dollar amount? Task at Hand: I will try to simplify to help make sense. Let's use a restaurant menu as an example. Depending on your order and the options chosen, the total will be different. Dropdown list 1: Types of meat-Chicken or...
  17. A

    Auto correct name spelling from a reference list

    Hii, I am trying to create a sheet that would track samples distribution to customers. In the attached sheet under the Tracking Sheet tab I've set the "HCP" column to be a drop down menu to avoid miss spelling names. I want to avoid miss spelling names so the pivot table would be accurate...
  18. J

    I'm trying to copy a column based on my drop down box

    Hello, I am trying to copy a column from Worksheet 2 to Worksheet 1 based on my drop down box on worksheet 1 which is made up of the column headers on worksheet 2. My drop down box is on worksheet "Drawing Content" in cell B1 and the column headers are on worksheet "Master" and start in E1 and...
  19. G

    Select and Entire Column for a VBA Multi-selection dropdown/Expand cut and paste option

    I had reached out previously about getting a code so that based on a selection in row A if it were to be switched to completed that the entire row would be cut and then put into the Completed tab. I wanted to see if I could get this code edited so that the same option for when it is completed...
  20. F

    How to autofill multiple drop-down lists?

    Hi all, I have a long list (several hundred rows) and I am trying to create drop-down lists that each contain about 5-6 options of my list. I'm sure this can be done with VBA but is this possible to do with basic Excel functions? For instance, drop-down list contains cells A2:A5, drop-down...

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