drop down

  1. A

    depending on which word is chosen = which cell the numbers copy to

    I need a conditional format- the one I know will not work :( Here is what I need: IF i8 says "beaumont" then I need the numbers in L8 to copy over into T8 another example If i11 contains "Ocala" I need the numbers that are put into L11 to copy over into T11 Tried this and it does not work...
  2. D

    VBA "IWebBrowser 2 Failed" on button click

    I have a code that logs in to a website as it should but when it goes to click into a drop down menu it errors "Method 'Document' of object 'IWebBrowser 2' failed" and errors on this line IE.Document.getElementsByClassName("MenuBar_Menu")(1).Click Here is the full code: Sub test()...
  3. T

    Unique Cascading Dropdown VBA Multiple Lines For Inputs [More than 3 Combinations]

    Hello all, I found a thread which covers my need, however it is limited for 3 columns and I need at least 5. In the thread he say it is difficult to set up it, so I would like to know if you could help me on that. Example Thread
  4. S

    Data validation list - the order of computing formulas

    Hello, the good example of drop down list is here: Prevent duplicates in cells where there is a dropdown list It is not working when typing allowed value, for example "peaches" and pressing enter on the keyboard. The value "peaches" is accepted when it is choose directly from the list or...
  5. M

    VBA - get data from web source, based on drop-down selection

    Hi all, First post here. I have a spreadsheet which is trying to do the following: User makes a location selection from drop down list User hits macro button on the "Test Recording" sheet Button should start by looking at the location selection in the drop down list, and then pulling data...
  6. K

    Use excel to drive dropdown list in pdf

    I have a list of items in a spreadsheet which are maintained by a designated person to ensure they are current and applicable. I have created a pdf form which is pretty much empty apart from simple things like an email address, logo. I want a different designated person to open that form and...
  7. R

    Is it possible to create a drop-down list with a custom, typeable response option?

    Hey everyone, how are you all doing? This is my first time here, so please be gentle. No, but seriously, I need help. I want to know if it's possible to create a drop-down list that provides an option for someone to click and begin to type a custom response in the space. Thanks guys!
  8. M

    VBA If Target.column as drop down list

    Hi, I'm using VBA as a drop down so that when I click on the selection it hides all columns except for the ones I need to see for that criteria. My problem is that once I have selected one of the options e.g Newcastle, to see the next option e.g. Carlisle, I have to go back to Select College...
  9. M

    VBA: Copy cell and paste location changes via drop down menu

    Hi All, I have a data analysis sheet that Im currently working on. I have a drop down list with different entries and I want my code to a copy specific cells (C102:G105) and depending on the drop down menu selection change the paste location of cell in different sheet. I have some of the code...
  10. T

    Selecting from source : Data Validation

    Hi! I am having a difficult time figuring if I need a VBA for this as I have a source or list with all the items and each cell, I want to select some of the items into a drop down list is that possible? Thank you.
  11. T

    Refresh Table Data Based On ComboBox

    Hi, Sorry in advance if this doesn't make sense! I am hoping someone can assist, I am currently building a Microsoft Access Database for my workplace to keep track of employees and their movements (e.g. Team Changes). I am trying to create an Employee Details Form like in the Student \ Time...
  12. K

    Combining VBA Codes

    Hello! I'm extremely new to all of this and I am trying to create a drop down menu that will allow me to make multiple selections plus show any results that contain the selected option in any way. D12Order3Urine culture4Urine culture5Urine culture6Throat Culture7Throat Culture8HIV screen, RPR...
  13. Martin_H

    Drop-down list

    Hi there, I have a sheet named Workers with 2 columns. Each column has around 1000 rows. Under the column Shift (B clomun) there are only 3 options: mornig, evening, afternoon. Under the column Name (A column) are names of workers (example below). Name Shift John morning Paul evening...
  14. S

    Multiple inputs from drop down lists to give single output from data on separate sheet

    Hi all, I am trying to have my spreadsheet show costs for running a stadium based on two inputs - Crowd Size and Zones Active. On Sheet One I have two drop down lists - Crowd Size and Zones Active. I also have a Total Cost cell where I require the output. On Sheet Two I have my data set -...
  15. Q

    Getting information from multiple sheets

    Good day, Regular excel I am needing assistance with the following issues. I have three sheets with data in them, the first one has a list of golf courses, the second has the courses (the name, par, slope, rating). On the third sheet is where I would like to enter the data as I played. Col A the...
  16. J

    Dynamic Valuelist based on selected dropdown

    I'm fairly new to excel. I have googled this with no help. I will try to explain this the best way I can. I have a field that I created a dropdown from a named range. I then want to use the value selected to create another dropdown list, but its filtered to only display certain values from the...
  17. S

    Mirror drop down list

    I have a problem, want to mirror a drop down list on 2 sheets so that when one or other is changed they both change to that same value I have created the first drop down list using DATA VALIDATION from a table on another sheet. I have then gone on to my second sheet where I want the mirrored...
  18. M

    Drop down list to populate next drop down list and then auto add row after selection

    Hi all, I want to create a sheet where there will be a drop down list on first column and a second connected to first one on the next column. Once I select a value on the first one, I want the next column to bring up the relevant drop down list from predetermined values ( essentially the first...
  19. C

    Limit number of times a value may be selected from a drop down menu and count them?

    I have drop down I am trying to count and limit the number of times certain values can be selected. The worksheet is setup like this: Name Role Alex Clerk Jim Admin Stacey Developer Mike Analyst Chris Pool The Position column has...
  20. B

    VBA to select HTML Drop Down

    Hey Folks, Seen a few solutions on here but still stuck on this. .I'm trying to get a solution to set a drop down field that isn't named I'm trying to get it to select "Moving" or "Storage" depending on the customer type but I'm not having any luck Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated
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