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  1. N

    Need Help with VBA for hiding rows and columns based on value from multiple drop downs

    I am brand new with VBA code but from my google searches, this seems like what I should be using. I’m hoping someone can help me made this worksheet. I’m trying to design a sheet that will keep track and display the number of ports on my circuit. The rules are I can split each port 3 times. So...
  2. H

    Drop Down menu in cells

    Can anyone please help me, I am trying to make a works roster simple by adding drop down menus in cells, rather then typing everything in. I have the following in two columns on Sheet 1 and the roster on Sheet 2 Work Title Required WORK...
  3. R

    Option Button: VBA Code to impact which dropdown list is used in a cell

    Hey Everyone! Here I am again... I am not entirely sure this is possible but let me try to explain what I'm looking to code: I have 2 option buttons: Canada [Op1] & USA [Op2] I have a Drop Down List with all provinces listed and states in cell G33. What I want is for only the provinces to...
  4. T

    Rule for Dropdown > If the selected user already posted the value to database, then do not show in dropdown

    Hi, I am a total beginner in VBA. I have an excel with two sheets as "form" and "database" (actually more but others are not relevant). In the Form; 1) Users type their username, password, and select the week. 2) In the orange part, users type other stuff (to all 3 rows). 3) When submitted...
  5. J

    Replace Drop Down List Arrow with Image/Shape

    Is there a way to change the box/arrow attached to a drop down list, to an image/shape? Basically, instead of clicking on the arrow & box to activate a drop down list, there's a small image or shape that can be clicked. Same functionality as the regular drop down list, just change how it's...
  6. K

    Dropdown lists & new rows

    Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet/workbook and was wondering if anyone could help with my issue. I have a drop down in column 1, it'll then give me a drop down list in column 2, which autofills column 3, and finally gives a drop down list of coding in column 4. I have my drop down/look up's...
  7. K

    Multiple Drop Downs

    Hi. I am struggling to find a way to create multiple drop downs that use just two columns. Using the data below for example, I need the first drop down to select the type of food. The second drop down to filter the colour. Without having to rearrange all the data. (I have 1000s of rows of data...
  8. M

    multi dropdown list working off one another

    I am working on putting a template together for my company and ran into a problem with having two dropdown lists. The goal is to have that ever is selected in list 1 to populate only a set list of items for list 2. The spreadsheet attached i am working in column 'H' & 'I'. the code form column...
  9. R

    Change table data based on multiple dependent drop-down selections

    Hi, I have a data table of financial securities, each item(row) corresponding to a certain country/region of issuance. I would like to have that table filtered automatically to show only those securities issued from a specific country and region selected from a dependent drop-down list...
  10. M

    Adding Drop Down Menus

    I am trying to create a drop-down list for every cell in column "S", using data from cells in column "X". I have successfully created one for the first cell (S2), but how do I duplicate this menu for every cell in that column without having to laboriously create a new individual menu for each...
  11. N

    Dropdown code VBA doesn't execute

    Dear forum, I have a macro running all fine until a point where I have code to add dropdown "Active, Inactive" option to column BK. The macro runs up to the naming of cell BK1. It stops there and doesn't execute the dropdown code. However, if I run just the dropdown code only in another...
  12. G

    Drop-Down and IF Statement Data Validation in one cell

    Hi everyone, Here's my problem. The objective is for people to only be able to touch a cell if a condition is met and they have to select from a list. Example: people using this excel will only be able to write in cell C2 and choose from a drop-down if B2 = "lalala". I thought about doing it...
  13. F

    A data validation list that opens another list and another until right thing selected.

    Hi. Am confused here. I would like to create a data validation drop down list that when one of 4 things are selected, it brings up another list, select an option and bring up a final list. Example: Drop down list one would have Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4. By selecting Region 2, it...
  14. A

    depending on which word is chosen = which cell the numbers copy to

    I need a conditional format- the one I know will not work :( Here is what I need: IF i8 says "beaumont" then I need the numbers in L8 to copy over into T8 another example If i11 contains "Ocala" I need the numbers that are put into L11 to copy over into T11 Tried this and it does not work...
  15. D

    VBA "IWebBrowser 2 Failed" on button click

    I have a code that logs in to a website as it should but when it goes to click into a drop down menu it errors "Method 'Document' of object 'IWebBrowser 2' failed" and errors on this line IE.Document.getElementsByClassName("MenuBar_Menu")(1).Click Here is the full code: Sub test()...
  16. T

    Unique Cascading Dropdown VBA Multiple Lines For Inputs [More than 3 Combinations]

    Hello all, I found a thread which covers my need, however it is limited for 3 columns and I need at least 5. In the thread he say it is difficult to set up it, so I would like to know if you could help me on that. Example Thread
  17. S

    Data validation list - the order of computing formulas

    Hello, the good example of drop down list is here: Prevent duplicates in cells where there is a dropdown list It is not working when typing allowed value, for example "peaches" and pressing enter on the keyboard. The value "peaches" is accepted when it is choose directly from the list or...
  18. M

    VBA - get data from web source, based on drop-down selection

    Hi all, First post here. I have a spreadsheet which is trying to do the following: User makes a location selection from drop down list User hits macro button on the "Test Recording" sheet Button should start by looking at the location selection in the drop down list, and then pulling data...
  19. K

    Use excel to drive dropdown list in pdf

    I have a list of items in a spreadsheet which are maintained by a designated person to ensure they are current and applicable. I have created a pdf form which is pretty much empty apart from simple things like an email address, logo. I want a different designated person to open that form and...
  20. R

    Is it possible to create a drop-down list with a custom, typeable response option?

    Hey everyone, how are you all doing? This is my first time here, so please be gentle. No, but seriously, I need help. I want to know if it's possible to create a drop-down list that provides an option for someone to click and begin to type a custom response in the space. Thanks guys!

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