drop downs

  1. E

    Hiding rows based on a cell value with multiple values

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to write a code that hides rows based on cell value, but with a twist. The cell that it is based off of is a drop down. I have it to where you can select multiple options within the cell. I have a list of colors in the drop down and at the end I have a "Special Color"...
  2. J

    Hiding and Unhiding Columns based on multiple drop down lists

    Hi Gurus, I have a stomper. I am trying to hide/unhide columns based on three different drop down lists. The below formula works to hide/unhide when individual drop down lists are selected, however does not work together to "filter down" and show only the columns that apply when all three...
  3. A

    Remove duplicates from drop down list

    I have a spreadsheet with three columns of data. Column 1 and 2 have multiple matches. Column 3 are all unique values. I am trying to make three drop downs that only show unique values in each based on the selection from the previous drop down. However, only tutorials I can find have 2 columns...
  4. L

    Using Data Validation & If Formula

    Bonjour all, First time poster! Been using this site to help me make some spreadsheets for work. All have been a great help and have been learning new things and tricks every day. Anywho! Thats enough of me....I have a problem I am trying to get around and wondering if you all could help? I...
  5. R

    Currency/Accounting Options

    Is it possible to change the currencies shown as options in this drop down list? I am constantly using two or three currencies and would like to be able to add the other two that aren't USD to that list?
  6. T

    Creating Multiple Dropdowns

    Hi, I've encountered a very frustrating situation after conquering what I thought had been the hard part of my project. I spent a good part of today looking around on Google and this forum in search of a solution without having any success, so I'm hoping someone can give me a hand! What I'm...
  7. S

    creating drop down list based on prev drop down selection

    What im trying to do is set up a contact sheet in the back of a workbook company, contact name, ph, fax, cell, email and then on our proposal page i want a drop down that allows you to select the company(with no duplicates) and based on that selection it will give you a drop down for the...
  8. gmaboing

    URGENT: Trying to ALLOW Special Characters When Using Data Validation in excel

    I've seen lots of help on how to disallow special characters when using data validation but nothing on how to ALLOW special characters. I have a pretty big spreadsheet that I'm working on that will be pushing the limits of data validation :). I'm really trying my best not to change the names...

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