1. D

    How to define Dropbox folder path in VBA for access by different users/usernames

    When you install Dropbox, it generates a folder path that incorporates your Windows username. So on my main computer, the path is: C:\Users\peter\Dropbox\files\ but on my secondary computer (different Windows username but access to the SAME dropbox folder), it's: C:\Users\david\Dropbox\files\...
  2. T

    Can excel Vba search dropbox for a folder or document?

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with dropbox we have a number of users that have access to my dropbox account but i'm getting problems with them opening other documents in dropbox using VBA with my filepath. the code " Environ$("UserProfile")" and the first part "Fold1 = "Dropbox (ALL)" " work...
  3. H

    Help a student

    Hi Guys, I'm currently at college, and on my new course, we have started a module that goes over spreadsheets. As I am very new to using spreadsheets, would it be possible if anyone could give me any guidance on completing this task? I will attach a dropbox link for you to view the question...
  4. C

    Easiest way to update data in a shared Offline Excel Workbook

    Good day everyone! I share an Excel workbook through Dropbox. It's a character sheet for a roleplaying game. It allows users to pick from a plethora of options to create their character, those options then get calculated in a few other pages that the user can then export into PDF. They can...
  5. S

    Having problems with Excel w/Macros saved to Dropbox

    Hi my name is Sandy. I am trying to create an excel workbook that both my boss and I can access and edit through Dropbox. The file is an invoice with and A/R ledger. As of now I am the only one who can open the file in dropbox. When my boss tries to open the file he receives the following...
  6. J

    Using filepaths in VBA code - files located on DropBox

    Hello and thanks for considering an issue I'm bringing up. First off - this is relevant only to files stored on DropBox or, very likely, other cloud storage platforms. And only due to the files being accessed on different computers. The problem appears to be that Excel typically uses absolute...
  7. Mrsbex

    VBA to obtain Dropbox folder location into Excel

    Hi All, I have a macro which worked beautifully on my PC to save a workbook to Dropbox. However, when a colleague tried to use it, it didn't work because Dropbox on their PC is not in the usual place. I have looked into obtaining the Dropbox directory from the json file but I don't know how to...
  8. J

    combobox list

    Hello, I have a combobox that is populated from a column(C) in a worksheet. I only want items from that column to show in the dropbox if a value in a corresponding column(F) is greater than zero. is there a way to do this? here is the code that populates the dropbox. Private Sub...
  9. S

    Send a file to the dropbox with a macro

    On dropbox there is the possibility of requesting files by creating a link for sending. There is someone who already has experience in sending files with this system automatically with a macro. the link I generated for sending is: https://www.dropbox.com/request/dA4PwiYqMIc9pXRN4vGf...
  10. J

    Userform copy value

    In my UserForm is a dropbox with multiple names like Emergency, Maintenance, HR, .. and 2 textboxes. Is there a vba code to lookup the dropbox value and paste the 2 textbox values under the dropboxvalue in the sheet. See screenshot https://imgur.com/a/riaakva Thx in advance
  11. B

    Auto/Force users to save to shared folder?

    I have created a Quote template for employees. I have several guys who regularly do quoting and they work from multiple locations. Currently I rely on them to save the quotes they create to a shared Dropbox folder for me to access. That is not working for multiple reasons, main one being...
  12. T

    Trying to use VLOOKUP for files in Dropbox

    First time using dropbox for this. I want to create VLOOKUPs referencing several different files, but the problem is that everything is in Dropbox and I need to download the files to work on them. Is there any way to create the links without having to download all of the files onto my local drive?
  13. N

    Combobox and VBA Dependent List / Cascading List

    I need help creating a dashboard that contains 3 Comboboxs that then cascades through selection down to the resulting machines test results. EX: Bulldozer > John Deere > 750K or Excavator > CAT > D264 My excel workbook is comprised of Multiple sheets for every type of construction machine...
  14. T

    Excel Spreadsheet Macros Not Working In Dropbox Folders

    Hi I am having a really strange issue that I can't seem to figure out. I couldn't even figure out how to title this thread very easily. My problem is as follows I work with macro enabled spreadsheets where I have a heap of data in a bunch of separate workbooks. I use another workbook to go...
  15. R

    External links in excel file across different users via Dropbox (Mac and PC)

    Good day. I am experiencing some issues with regards to some excel files with external links when shared across Dropbox between different users. The issue is around the username in the path, which differs per user. For example: The path for user1 (Frank) would be as per line 1 below, while...
  16. R

    "go to" Dropbox unexpectedly appears

    I am writing a large programme - far too big to post - and, after it runs through two or three reiterations, it starts to put a standard "Go To" Dropbox up. I have no idea what is causing it - there is nothing in my code calling for that to happen. Please can anyone suggest what might be happening?
  17. A

    Merging 2 Tables - Matching Intervals

    Hey MrExcel. I have ran into what I consider to be a rather complex problem. I have millions of lines of data that I need to merge into a single sheet, however it is not as easy as simply copying and pasting the columns next to each other as intervals are missing. I should mention that case...
  18. T

    Reacting to Workbook.BeforeSave event from an excel add-in

    I have just installed the Dropbox add-in for Office 2016 (365). This add-in allows the user to see the Dropbox icon/ folder in the browse (left-hand) menu of the File -> Save option from any Office application. We have a BeforeSave event firing on an Excel application. However, if the user...
  19. Mrsbex

    VBA to save to Dropbox on any users computers

    Can any of you clever people out there help me please? I have reached the end of my tether... I have this code to try and save a workbook as an XLS file to folder in Dropbox using text from the worksheet as a filename. I had it running beautifully on Macs but we are now moving over to PCs and...
  20. J

    Inherited Leave Calendar

    Hello, I've inherited a leave calendar and am having trouble figuring out how it functions. Am I able to link it here via dropbox and have someone have a look at it? Regards Tom

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