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    Check Box in Drop down list

    Hi all, I'm in need of a Check Box in Drop down list for multiple selection. The code which i had is given below. The disadvantages of the given code was duplication and unable to edit the selection. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As...
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    Drop Down Menu Help!

    Hello, I am sure this is a quick fix but for the life me I can't work it out! I am creating a planner with all months going along Row 1. I want to create a drop down so when I select e.g. March it will take me to the month March on my spreadsheet. It is going to be a rather long spreadsheet...
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    Macro to reset column to first item in data validation drop down list

    Hi there, I wonder if I might find help here, From F9:F325 I have cells with data validation '=IF(L9,DropdownRange,E9)' to '=IF(L325,DropdownRange,E325)', which works fine. I would like to click a button to reset every cell in F9:F325 to the first (and only) item in the dropdown when the...
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    VBA Userform drop down list appears blank

    *I’m very new to VB, so I apologise in advance! I’ve created my first userform for excel, want participants to enter their data, click ‘submit’ and excel will store the data on one of the sheets. Made drop down lists with a combo box, but when the user form opens automatically with the excel...
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    VBA Help, Macros are moving dropdown boxes when rows are being hidden.

    Hey Guys, I'm running macros off a checkbox that hides a certain number of rows, but when the rows are being shown again, all the drop down boxes are bunched at the top of the range. Here's my VBA code so you can understand what's going on. Sub CheckBox1696_Click() Dim mode As Boolean...
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    Populate dropdown with worksheets in workbook selected in other dropdown

    Hey! I'm having some issues with a macro to list all sheets with a workbook. The workbook is specified in another dropdown. I'm not sure how to reference another dropdown. I want the dropdown WorksheetsDD to populate once the workbook is specified in the dropdown WorkbooksDD. This is what I...
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    Cost calculation template

    Hello board members, After performing work with a client I want to perform some sort of "post-work" cost calculation to determine if my prices are right. If I have a list of products in tab 1 with purchase price & sales price, how can I address those in tab 2 (using a drop down) I have...
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    Using dropdown box to change data in spreadsheet

    I have a dropdown box which I want to use to populate data into about 10 different cells on the top of a spreadsheet. There is a lot more data on the spreadsheet that I do not want to change with the dropdown box, this data will also feed into other sheets in the workbook.
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    User Interface dropdown list index issue

    Greetings, Hi, & Hello, Many thanks to all of you who heave helped me get to this point in my project. I have one last hurdle to clear involving a UI. It has 5 buttons (including the cancel). Basically it has a dropdown for "Department" that when selected populates the appropriate products...
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    Linking drop down box to lookup function

    I have a table consisting of months across row 4 and material usage in columns C-AQ. On a separate sheet, I have a dropdown box with the months. What I'm trying to do is when I select a month, all the data for usage changes depending on the months. On a sheet named Rolling Sums, a Table that...
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    Conditional Dropdown List

    Hi there, Here is the issue. Cell A1 = dropdown list - number of choices from 1 to 6 Cell A2 = Choice 1 dropdown list Cell A3 = Choice 2 dropdown list Cell A4 = Choice 3 dropdown list Cell A5 = Choice 4 dropdown list Cell A6 = Choice 5 dropdown list Cell A7 = Choice 6 dropdown list My...
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    Creating Multiple Dropdowns

    Hi, I've encountered a very frustrating situation after conquering what I thought had been the hard part of my project. I spent a good part of today looking around on Google and this forum in search of a solution without having any success, so I'm hoping someone can give me a hand! What I'm...
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    Drop Down Problem

    Hi Guys I am trying to create about 150 dropdown boxes in a column. All of the boxes will have the same cell input link but the output link will be different for each one. Is there a way to get excel to understand that the output will be different rather than formatting the control on each box...

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