1. S

    Userform Combibox (dropdown) box populating

    Good Morning, I've got a data array, which my userform combibox/dropdown menu references. I have 100 available "slots" for data input in the array, but I don't use all of them. The initialize code (below) works well for the combibox to populate it. However, being as I only use about 20 of...
  2. L

    select a value from dropdown list via EXCEL VBA

    i want to select a value from dropdown list and have tried below code, but can't work. please take a look: <select name="fldcusval" nchange="fnSetBankName();fnSetCurrencyList()fnGetCustomer();;displayDetails (this);">..</selec> code ie.Document.getElementsByName("fldcustval").Foucs...
  3. B

    Drop Down List Pulling From Range From Different Workbook

    Is there a simple way to have dropdown look to a range in a separate workbook?
  4. E

    Using SUMPRODUCT with multiple dropdown menus

    Hi, all! I've got a calendar-style sheet (sheet 3) that I'm pulling data from, and I've got the categories in 2 different dropdown menus on a second sheet (sheet 4). I'm trying to get a cell to add up all of the occurrences of certain text within the calendar. I've figured out how to...
  5. K

    VBA dropdown list

    Hello everyone, I want to add a dropdown list to a selection of cells. My code is adding a dropdown list to the cell but the list contains all the option as one. Meaning that instead of giving the chance to choose either option 1, option 2 or option 3 it gives only one option called "option 1...
  6. J

    Dropdown in vba userform

    how to avoid a user to input text in my dropdown.. all I want is to let the user choose on my items in dropdown list and avoid the user to input text that are not belong to my items in dropdown list
  7. B

    VBA to replace vlookup or countIf due to extensive llist

    Hi, I created comboboxes with dropdown lists I presently have formulas that searches through a long list (7000) of names and then once found information is auto-populated in identified cells This is the search mechanism I presently have in place In Column K...
  8. countryfan_nt

    VBA to hide ribbon, done, but now vaidation deactivated

    Hello friends, Hope all is well! thanks to you, I succeeded in hiding the ribbon by using the below line. problem now: validation dropdown menu is not active. if I remove the below line the validation works. please help me remove the ribbon and allow the validation's dropdown menus to work...
  9. C

    Dropdown menus dependent on another cell being <8.0 or >8.0

    Hello - I've created a timesheet for my employees in Excel. I'd like there to be one particular dropdown menu that shows if the total hours for a day are less than 8.0, and another dropdown to show if the hours are more than 8.0. I know how to do dependent lists, but not how to make a list...
  10. J

    Keep color coded name in dropdown list

    I've got a List with player names and whether they shoot right or left (NHL). The players names who shoot right are colored red. When I use the dropdown list I want the red color to remain with the name. How do I accomplish this? Thanks
  11. G

    Dependent drop menu with formula

    I'm trying to create an excel sheet with 4 columns. Column A will have a dropdown list of choices. Column B will have a dropdown list of either yes or no. Column C will be the weight you need to enter. Column D will show the value after it auto calculate. On a separate tab, there would be...
  12. T

    Searchable dropdown list in multiple cells from one source

    Hi, I'm looking to create a searchable dropdown list in each cell of a calendar, for 10 classes, roughly 2000 dropdowns. At the moment I have non-searchable dropdowns in each cell, which means scrolling a long list of lessons to find the correct one - it would be much easier if I could type...
  13. U

    Macro/VBA to insert a comment mandatory when selecting a dropdown option

    Is there a macro or vba code i can use so that when cell C6 dropdown is selected, a message box appears for the user to insert a comment mandatory? I would like to use this for multiple cells i.e. cell C6 dropdown 'Resource' is selected, message box appears saying 'Insert Comment'...user...
  14. C

    VBA If/Then with formula and locks/unlocks cell

    I am new to writing macros and am struggling with this one. I would like the following to happen automatically: If Cell "C8" equals "NEW" then unlock Cell "F8" and allow someone to type in any value in Cell "F8". If Cell "C8" does NOT equal "NEW" then lock Cell "F8" and run this formula...
  15. D

    Internet Explorer Drop Down Box

    I am trying to select from a dropdown in IE from Access VBA. You cannot right click on the dropdown and inspect element. I ended up using something on found online, and it worked for a while, but it has now stopped working. Here is what I was using...
  16. D

    Dependent dropdowns

    Hi all, I've created a spreadsheet with multiple dropdowns, and while it's been working perfectly, I have added a new item to dropdown A, and for some reason can't figure out why it won't link dropdown b to provide me with the coinciding info. No tables present, but dropdown B info is located...
  17. E

    cell comments on changing sheet

    i have a sheet that has a dropdown list of names, when i select a name a table comes up and boxes are coloured in based on conditional formatting. when i add a comment the usual way it remains there no matter what name i have selected from the dropdown list, when i only want it to be there in...
  18. E

    Hiding Rows and Conrols simultaneously

    Hello, I am making a form and I want whenever a value of "yes'' is selected from dropdown list then certain rows along with controls appear (which have been already created). and whenever a value of "no'' is selected from dropdown list then those rows along with controls disappear. I tried...
  19. J

    Assign numerical points based on dropdown text values?

    Hi! I would like to create a point systems where I assign different points based on yes or no answers through a dropdown, i.e. Question 1: Yes = 2 No = 0 Question 2: Yes = -1 No = 0 etc... How can I do that? Thanks in advance! :)
  20. M

    VBA - Lists with dynamic content for dropdowns

    Good morning folks. I usually manage to find solutions by scouring forums but this time I've drawn a confusing blank. I've found stuff which partly solves the problem but I can't assemble a complete answer. So here goes. I have a) fixed data ws1.Range("A1:A3"). b) dynamic data in...

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