1. C

    List all instances of a value from a list of mixed values to separate tab

    I have a column of data on a tab called "Data Dump" in column A. The column contains 5 different product codes. I'm trying to do something along the lines of: If A2 on the "Data Dump" tab equals "S-7", copy and paste A2, B2, C2, and D2 to a new tab called "S-7" starting with cell A9. Do this...
  2. S

    Pick detail of specific GL account with details

    I want to bring transactions of specific account 10001 from GL dump need help please. I have 25 columns which all I needed, given below 5 as sample GL dump Date | account| Description | amount | remarks 01/01/19 | 10001 | expense | 100 | ABC 02/01/19 | 10002 | income | 200 | CDE 03/02/19 |...
  3. D

    pulling data from tables based on criteria

    Hello, I have a workbook which contains a several different tabs all with a different persons stats. i was entering this manually but now i have managed to do an sql dump from the server with all the data i need. i have created a tab called data dump where im going to copy and paste this from...
  4. C

    Soap Query and dump in excel

    Hi All Sorry if this has been requested, i went through the previous posts, but i cant find the answer im looking for Can anyone please help me with the following: I want to make a soap database query using VBA, and then dump the report in excel readable sheet This is my soap scrip form...
  5. S

    Compare & copy the records from 1 sheet to another sheet in the same workbook

    Hello Friends, Need the expert guidance from you. I am new to the VBA world. My problem statement is as follows: Problem Statement: There are 4 sheets in my workbook - Pending Old SP, Pending New SP, Onboarding Dump - Old SP & Onboarding Dump - New SP. Below is the manual process that i am...
  6. N

    Index, Match, & Sort

    Hello All, I have multiple worksheets pulling information from one worksheet which is an imported database dump from another team. The dump consists of data similar to columns A & B. All other worksheets are similar to columns D thru G. I can gather the required information for each sheet...
  7. B

    Multiple open Excel files with same source file issue

    Hi Guys, In the last few years I learned a ton of stuff about Excel that I use daily at work. Now I mostly work in HR and we have Excel mutation forms that fill in some staff info automatically in some fields based on their staff number. The source for this is a regularly updated central data...
  8. M

    If/then function - Help!

    Hi all, I need some help figuring out a formula to read two columns and if they're both filled, then to provide the data. Example: I have one worksheet that serves as my data dump. Column C is a list of customers and column J and K are the brands of computers and smartphones they own...
  9. A

    Dump Userform.Textbox.Text straight into VBA without referencing cells

    Is there any way to dump the text within a userform textbox straight into the line of code I need it for, without referencing some cell on the spreadsheet?
  10. B

    Adding formula to header or footer

    I did some research on this and found some info that it could only be done using BeforePrint. Can anyone tell me exactly how I go about that? I found the syntax but what I don't know is how it gets activated. I assumed that printing the file would activate the macro and the header would be...
  11. C

    vba to take a screen dump of an IE window already open

    Hi, I'm looking for some code that will take a screen dump of an IE window that is already open and copy it to the clipboard. So, the code mimics me moving from Excel to the IE window (that is already open and maximised), doing a printscreen/copying the whole page, and then pasting it into the...
  12. J

    Code does not work - clear contents

    Hi guys, I set a button on another sheet where I wanna use my code, However this code does not work when the sheet is hided. Can someone tell me why? Sub Copydata() Dim iLastRow As Long ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Clean1").Select Cells.ClearContents Sheets("Data Dump to be...
  13. L

    Hide Sheets Based On Criteria

    Hi, I have a workbook that has sheets called week 1 through to 52 and a sheet called dump. I need to automatically hide from a workbook_open, every sheet BUT the "Dump" and "Week " & X where X is current week number and then the next 3 weeks. For some reason, the code I've created doesn't...
  14. M

    How to Clean up Excel Sheet

    Some help please. I have around 400 movies, i was lucky to dump into an excel the folder structure with a program. Now this is waht i have 88 Minutes (2008).iso 88 Minutes (2008).jpg 88 Minutes (2008).nfo 88 Minutes (2008).png 88 MINUTES-disc.png 88 MINUTES-fanart.jpg 88 MINUTES-fanart1.jpg 88...
  15. G

    Index Match across multiple sheets - multiple results

    Evening all, I have spent hours searching threads for an answer to this but to no avail. I have a workbook with 10 sheets of cost codes, each with a data dump which is a list of specific costs in the cost code. I have a formula in there which picks out the unique suppliers in each dump and...
  16. E

    Index Match Match or magic?

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to build this spreadsheet. Can't figure out how to attach so I made a link to my sample sheet https://1drv.ms/x/s!AqBmRZQb295xyn0FLyeCYZesi8YS an example... I get a weekly data dump in excel and I can copy and paste that into a sheet in excel, then on the main...
  17. M

    Help with date formula???

    I'm trying to build a PivotTable that will show us how many total units each of our clients has in their authorizations, how many units have been used, and how many are left. Every two weeks our payer sends us an "Auth Dump" that includes the client ID, authorization ID #, service name, start...
  18. O

    ARRAY formula

    Hi all, on a spreadsheet I would like to list the top ten values of a list of items using the LARGE function and sets of criteria, I entered this formula in and it works, but when I try to expand it by adding another 3 or more criteria it doesn't work, any suggestions please on how I can add...

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