duplicate numbers

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    Bingo Card

    I have created a custom bingo card with random between however it duplicates numbers on some cards. Please let me know what formula you can use to make sure there are no duplicate numbers on each card.
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    Problem when using INDEX MATCH SMALL with duplicate numbers?

    Hi All, I have a problem when using the following formula with duplicate numbers: =INDEX($A10:$A19,MATCH(SMALL($D10:$D19,1),$D10:$D19,0)) =INDEX($A10:$A19,MATCH(SMALL($D10:$D19,2),$D10:$D19,0)) =INDEX($A10:$A19,MATCH(SMALL($D10:$D19,3),$D10:$D19,0)) What I am trying to do is find the three...
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    Counting duplicate numbers for a row.

    I've setup conditional formatting for a table and the formulas are =COUNTIF($AF65536:$AK65536,AF1)>0 and =COUNTIF($AF2:$AK2,AF1)>0. Row 2 and row 3 are compared together and duplicates are higlighted. Then 3 and 4 rows are compared together and etc till the end of the table. Need help with...

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