duplicate row deletion

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    Sum if Cell matches another on different sheet, but only keep one row to continuous tally sum

    Hello- I am making a service trackers for hours earned by students. I have it set to sum their hours as they enter them, however, it creates a duplicate line with the total every time they submit a new entry. What do I need to add to my formula so that once a student is on the total sheet, it...
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    Remove duplicate rows macro

    Hello All, I work at a test lab and i have over 500,000 test records. I need to remove the duplicate record rows. The file has this layout. A patient can have multiple test and on rare cases have a different case number. <tbody> Case Number Patient Name Test Patient ID 1011 John Smith...
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    How to remove entire rows with one specific matching cell.

    i AM A high school student. In this excel document there is list of 100000 doctors. With their unique registeration number in a cell. Like this <tbody> Doc1 1234 adhh rnier Doc2 5678 dscu dcwofn Doc3 9012 ijwo dnw Doc1 1234 fne oeirfj </tbody> Here entire row is not duplicate But the...
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    Multiple List Clear

    I have a list on sheet3 that is generated by a user and a list on sheet2 that is automatically provided. What I would like to have happen is when when a macro is run on sheet3 it goes down the list (could be variable in length) item by item and clears any identical values in sheet2. For...
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    Delete Duplicate Rows Excel

    Is there a way to use excel to remove duplicate repeating rows where one column=another column that is not in the same row? Example Date Team1 Team2 3/7/08 tigers wildcats 3/8/08 tigers broncos 3/9/08 tigers mustangs 3/7/08 wildcats tigers 3/8/08 wildcats mavericks 3/9/08 wildcats broncos The...
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    Macro or Script to delete ROW based on duplicate phone number

    Say I have a large CSV file of addresses with phone numbers, and some records might be duplicates. If I sort by the phone number; the duplicate records will appear in sequence... is there a way to HIGHLIGHT or MARK those particular rows for me to visually look at and decide which to delete or...

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