duplicate values

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    VB Script To Identify Matching Values and Enter Associated Data

    I have two sheets. Sheet1 contains a list of SKUS(A) and associated UPC's(B). The other list contains just UPCs(B). I'm working on a script to identify the matching cells UPCS between both sheets, and copy the associated SKU from Sheet1 into matching cells in column A Sheet2. I hope I'm making...
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    Find out the same 3-4 symbols in cells and mark cell

    Hello, I need to find the same 3-4 symbols or signs in 1 or 2 columns (but as one whole string), and mark them as duplicate in another column, or just mark them with color, or maybe extract that same cells in other column. example: A 1 qw34-5-23789 2 zw34-59asdaz 3...
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    Using Large to get Top 5, 2 values are the same... VBA

    My code, which is functional, finds the top 5 point earners and displays their name and points they earned. Everything works great, except when two people have the same points earned. When two people have the same points, the first name with those points is just shown twice. How can I get the...
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    duplicate product with different qty in 2nd cell

    Dear all I have a sheet (sheet 1) where I have duplicate CO# and there QTYs but in sheet 2 I have CO # but I want the sum of QTY against a CO# which is repeated in sheet 1. I am stuck there, couldn't develop any formula. Please help me to resolve this issue. I will be gratefull to you all...
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    Finding row numbers of the top 10 largest numbers in a range

    Hi, I have been using the Application.WorksheetFunction.Large to find the top 10 numbers in a range but I cannot seem to get the rest of the code to find the corresponding row number when there are duplicate values. My code so far is as below: Sub Top10Values() Dim rngTestArea As Range, k As...
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    Deleting Duplicates in a Column based on a value in next column

    in Excel 2010: I currently get Excel reports given to me from my companies CRM tool. It shows me activity history in every account. There are many duplicate values in the Account name column and I need to delete the duplicates leaving only the value for the time the account reached the...
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    Elapsed Time Macro - W/ Overlap Factored In

    Hey Everyone, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Got a bit of a head scratcher. I have the following two columns in a spreadsheet that I would like to calculate total elapsed time, however as you see below some of the “timers” that I am...
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    Find & change subsequent duplicates to FALSE

    Hi, all! I have a large sheet with, after a boatload of formulae, a TRUE or FALSE returned in column AZ. I thought I was finished, but apparently there cannot be two TRUEs with the same value in column D. I need a formula to keep the FIRST true event true, and change all the duplicates to...
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    Find duplicate values in column VBA

    Hi all, I want to create a macro which loops through all the cells from a certain row(which will be filtered alphabetically by me before running the macro - just to ease the work) and if it finds the same values in the cells below, to write their respective values from other rows in a new...
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    Hide Duplicates but show all columns

    Hi Can anyone please help? I have the following test data (the actual data set is immense): <TABLE cellSpacing=0 bgColor=#ffffff border=1><CAPTION>Test</CAPTION><THEAD><TR><TH borderColor=#000000 bgColor=#c0c0c0>ID</TH><TH borderColor=#000000 bgColor=#c0c0c0>Date</TH><TH borderColor=#000000...
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    MAcro to add new data and check for duplicates

    Hi all, I am trying to find a macro that will enable data to be enetered to a list. The list will then be sorted smallest to biggest and only unique entries will be allowed to be added. For example: <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" width="274" border="0" cellpadding="0"...

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