1. J

    Formula help, counting unique occurences.

    I am looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. Also looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that does NOT start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. I want to achieve the desired results...
  2. J

    Output first Match Found if Cells contain Duplicate Text

    Suppose I have several a range of cells, each cell of which contain a string, and I want a function to look at this range and output "FALSE" if all strings in the range are unique from each other and I want it to output the first duplicate it finds if there are at least two cells with the same...
  3. K

    Copy Duplicate Rows to a New Sheet

    Hi all, I am looking to copy duplicate rows from a large sheet of credit card charges. I want to copy any duplicate rows based on a string text in column "AL" on sheet "Trx List" to a sheet named "Duplicates". I'm really new to VBA so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, K
  4. P

    Duplicate value search

    Can some one please provide a formula to allow me to identify duplicates within a specific range. I have a value in a cell H70 which is text that is selected from a drop down list. I want to know if that value has also in another cell (H4 for example). I would like the cell fill in H70 to go...
  5. I

    Delete Duplicate row based off of email then gender

    Hi all, I searched the forum and found 2 different macros that may work with some tweaking, but is beyond my capabilities. I need the following scenario to happen: 12000 email list has all info from first name, last name, address, gender, age, email and more. The only columns I am concerend...
  6. I

    Deleting columns if duplicate data found in a few

    Goal: If a duplicate value is found in a row, then delete the second the column associated with the duplicate value My problem: My code seems to work for the most part, except it only deletes the FIRST duplicate values that it finds, not all duplicate values. And if you run it again it seems to...
  7. F

    Finding Only One Duplicate

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping one of you excel geniuses might be able to help me out.. I have a spreadsheet with data filled from F2 - F650. In that column there are some duplicates. In Column G I want to use a formula to identify only the duplicates and not the initial entry. So for example I...
  8. C

    Summarize data with multiple criteria

    Hi, I need help to summarize data as shown in picture. sum up duplicate invoices amount. Thanks [/URL][/IMG]
  9. I

    Removing duplicate Data

    Hi, I am working on a massive data set containing more than 100,000 rows for a project. I am told to remove all duplicate data or rows that have been entered by mistake but when I highlight the data and click the " Remove Duplicates" button i get a message that there is no duplicates to remove...
  10. L

    Indicate First Duplicate Value in a Column when a condition exists in another column

    I need to indicate in the rows of column C where the the first duplicate value of Column A is when Column B is not blank. Any ideas? See below example <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Column A Column B Column C 12345 abc X 12345...
  11. gheyman

    Advice on best method

    I have a table with about 10 fields. What I am trying to do is keep track of data changes; What changed and when they change. I am thinking that when the user wants to change data that they duplicate the record and then modify the duplicate record. I have fields that show date/userId so that...
  12. P

    Column Duplicate and Search

    Hello, I cant figure out how to do a "double search" in a column. Conditional formatting would be better but entering a formula along a row could do. Hopefully I can explain what I am tryin to do. I am trying to find duplicates within a column (F through S), then in the duplicate row see, if...
  13. T

    VBA to clear duplicate dates in column but keep row

    Good morning, Please help me out with macros that would cleared out duplicate dates on column A but keep all rows. For example clear out the one I have it in red. <tbody> A B C D 1 10/15/2019 lesson plans TBA TBA 2 10/15/2019 homework TBA TBA 3 10/15/2019 extra credit TBA TBA 4...
  14. G

    Assistance needed in amending a macro.

    Hi I had this macro that compared data between sheets 1 and 2 and marked "OK" "MISSING" and "DUPLICATE" What im trying to amend it to do is to mark "OK" and "DUPLICATE" on sheet 1 still but when data is on sheet 2 but not on sheet 1 I need it marked "MISSING" on the row concerned on sheet 2...
  15. F

    Finding the number of duplicate points in the plane

    I have 2 columns representing points P in the x-y plane, e.g. Pn xn yn P1 2 3 P2 1 2 P3 9 6 P4 2 5 P5 1 2 P6 2 5 How can I find the number of duplicate points (e.g. 2 here)? Needs to be via formula, not manually or code.
  16. sakis_s

    Help with duplicate values move horizontally

    Hi! I'm looking for a formula to do the following: I have: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 <colgroup><col width="68"></colgroup><tbody> 2040899 </tbody> <colgroup><col width="68"></colgroup><tbody> 54Z4 </tbody> 2 <colgroup><col...
  17. tlc53

    Formula - Return True if any duplicate numbers

    Hi, I've been struggling with this formula for a little while now. Basically, I want it to return True if any numbers are repeated in the range B8:DG22 however, I want it to ignore text or more precisely, the word "Blank". =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIFS(B8:DG22,"<>Blank",B8:DG22,B8:DG22)-1)>0 Can...
  18. I

    COUNTIF excluding duplicates

    Hello, I am just starting to learn formulas in Excel. I have created a "count if" formula looking at multiple columns but I need to exclude duplicate rows based on a value (being a number) listed in column A. My current formula looks like this: =COUNTIFS(E2:E1000,"NO",H2:H1000,"NOTIFICATION")...
  19. R

    Duplicate entries based on start and end date

    Hi, I have some data with start and end dates, and I need to build some VBA to duplicate lines so there are month-specific entries. Hopefully this example *might* explain it :) If the raw data looks like this: <b>Name___Start Date___End Date</b> Person1__01/01/2019___31/03/2019...
  20. 1

    Exce VBA Code for Copy and Pasting Mutiple Rows and then modifing values in Cells keeping formual in place

    Hi I have a spreadsheet which contains mutiple different rows I want to duplicate all the rows multiple times using a value in the duplicate colum The Kick Off Date contains the formula =DATE(YEAR(G2),MONTH(G2),DAY(G2)+F2) and End Date contain the formula =DATE(YEAR(C2),MONTH(C2),DAY(C2)+D2)...

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