1. K

    Macro - Find Last Duplicate And Copy

    Hi Excellers, Need a little help - In column G I have duplicate text, what I want to do, is find the last occurrence of the word "Bal" and then copy everything below that row into a new sheet, called P&L. The macro I have so far is, with the part I am stuck on highlighted in bold and italics...
  2. V

    Delete duplicate rows with VBA

    Hello all This line of code removes all my duplicate rows based on the primary key in column "A", at the moment it deletes from the last row upwards but I need it to delete from the first row downwards, reason being is that the newest records are always copied after the last row, is this...
  3. B

    COUNTIFS Assistance with Duplicate Values & Multiple Criteria

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eqtXSg4kU9vIpss9uc6VUs6mVnzVHHDmStruggling to figure out accurate formulas to return the results I'm looking for. I have attached a spreadsheet for review. I want this data to provide three values in G4, H4, & I4: 1) The total # of DA's in column C... I'm...
  4. D

    Match Formula, Find next duplicate

    I have two groups of data I am trying working with. In each group, there is a column with a unique value. I am trying to match those values together and then sort so I get a 1-to-1 match on rows. Unfortunately, there are duplicates, so when applying the formula...
  5. W

    Random Number Generator, but duplicate entries receive the same number

    Hello all, Hopefully the title says it all, but here is a bit more info. I'm creating a mailing list where each recipient is assigned to a cohort. I have an excel table dataset with 5000+ rows, and quite a few emails appear twice. To differentiate the emails, I made a quick n dirty COUNTIF...
  6. F

    Validating Textboxes in a userform

    Hello, I have a userform with 6 textboxes to be filled by the user which will be used in generating a formula sheet, I need a validating code to perform duplicate check among all the 6 textboxes ,hope that was understandable..Thanks
  7. M

    VBA remove all duplicate rows

    VBA remove all duplicate rows </SPAN></SPAN> Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I would like to remove all duplicate rows find within 1 to 14 columns</SPAN></SPAN> Original with duplicates rows marked in red</SPAN></SPAN> <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color...
  8. GomaPile

    How to find partial duplicate vs no duplicate values in a column

    Hi Guys, A common problem question (I'm sure its been mentioned here before). How to find partial duplicate vs no duplicate values in a column. For instance both of these 2 shift times have the same shift code at the end "ED1" - 0630-1500 ED1 & 0700-1500 ED1 (one is 30mins less). I can't...
  9. K

    Extract duplicate value from table

    Hi, I am new to excel formulas. I need a help. I need to extract duplicated value from column 1 & Column 2 and write it in ascending order in Column Duplicate. One criteria to consider is if a cell in column 3 is empty then no need to consider that row. Attached the sample file in this...
  10. S

    Finding Duplicqates and Identifying Them

    I have a table with 15,000 rows and 5 columns, R to V. I should not have duplicate records and if I do, I have to find out why they are in my data. When I run "duplicate values' for a match on all columns, the program deletes 10 records. How do I figure out which rows are being eliminated? Can...
  11. P

    Deleting Rows with Duplicate Data in a User defined Column

    Greetings, Some days I amaze myself, other days I have trouble putting my socks on. This should be an easy macro to create, but I'm just not having any success. I want a macro for my (or someone else's) Personal.xlsb that will remove rows based on duplicate data in a column specified by the...
  12. A

    Restrict entering duplicate data in multiple column

    I want to restrict entering duplicate data in multiple column. <tbody> B C D F 20 Client Name Year Quarter Form Type 21 ABC 2017-18 Q1 26Q 22 XYZ 2017-18 Q1 26Q 23 ABC 2017-18 Q1 24Q 24 ABC 2017-18 Q1 26Q </tbody> From the above table we can see that Row no’s 21, 22 & 23 are...
  13. M

    finding duplicate names in 2 sheets

    Hi everyone, I have 2 separate sheet. Sheet 1 has Last Name, First Name in columns A & B respectively. On Sheet 2 I have First Name, Last Name in columns A & B respectively. Is there any easy way to check for duplicate first and last names between the two sheets? Thanks! Mark
  14. P

    Deleting Duplicate values

    Hi there, Im working with a data base which has so many duplicate entries. I need to the duplicates based on a condition. the condition is if the account (column b) is appears twice on the same day (column g) remove the record. I tried the data - delete duplicate records but it removed my...
  15. A

    VBA Userform Autofill

    Hi there, Would anyone be able to help? I am trying to create a code for my Userform to autofill certain textboxes based on the value of the initial textbox. The initial textbox that the code would be based on is Textbox_JobNumber. To explain in more detail there will be multiple duplicate...
  16. M

    find duplocates with multiple criteria

    <tbody> type amount flour 1g four 2g rice 5g veg 2g meat 1g </tbody> hello, I am still new to this forum and hope im asking in the right place. I have a table with duplicate in column B, and values In column a. I want to calculate how many duplicates I have in column b...
  17. B

    duplicate entries

    I have a formula: =vlookup (park!$R$1&BI3,rtzca,2) When I copy the formula down 10 rows, it will duplicate entries if rtzca had no more data to show. So, first 5 rows will be fine then rows 6-10 will show same exact data as row 5. Then I have to delete those duplicate rows. How do I stop that...

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