1. C

    Creating a Leave Tracker/Attendance Tracker

    I'm extremely new to excel, initially I created this program in VBA but after running it, it would take over five minutes to process so I had to start over using Excel formulas. I am familiar with coding that's why I decided to do it VBA but the logic is Excel formulas are so complex to me I...
  2. G

    Highlight duplicate values

    Hi I have a worksheet that I have numerous data in and sometimes they get duplicated. Is there anyway that I can highlight the duplicate values that are exactly the same in columns A-D. Ive tried conditional formatting on excel and that highlights all duplicate values in each individual...
  3. T

    Conditional formatting to highlight duplicates with enabled/disabled drop down list

    Hello everyone, I have a file with projects' staffings. Some of the workers assigned to these projects are temporary employees, some of them are permanent ones and some of them are leads. I would like to create a conditional formatting rule that highlights the permanent, associate leads and...
  4. Q

    Show Duplicates Across 2 Queries

    I have 2 queries: Both Queries have the same fields and are based on the same table (tblBusinesses) but have different criteria <tbody> Query Name Criteria OpenBusinesses 'Status' field equals 'Open' ClosedBusinesses 'Status' field is not equal to 'Open' </tbody> Is there a way to find...
  5. N

    Count If - to identify duplicate values and a value +/- 10%

    Hi, I am trying to use a Count If formula to identify where a customer name (column A) is a duplicate and the value in column B is within 10% of the same value (column b) in the duplicate line. If this were the case the output would be a simple 'true' and if not then a 'false'. It is...
  6. N

    sumif - to identify duplicate values and a value +/- 10%

    Hi, i am trying to use a sumif formula to identify where a customer name (column A) is a duplicate and the value in column AY is + or - 10% of the value in the duplicate line. Is this possible using a sumif? If not would anyone be able to suggest a different solution? Many thanks,
  7. P

    Count but ignore duplicate

    Guys I have this below table where I want to count the number of occurence of each individual but ignore the duplicate instances Dates. Names 1. X 1. G 2. X 2. X 3. G 4. X 5. G 5. G Please help me, it's urgent
  8. M

    Formula to identify / remove duplicates based on one column

    Hi I've got three groups of data over 9 rows. Each group has duplicates and I'd like to delete the duplicate rows based on data in column C, which has Cash Sales. In the table below, column A has Product IDs, column B has Product Names, column C has Cash Sales and column D has the Group...
  9. D

    Auto generate a sequence

    Hi, I hope someone can help me here. I would like to set a auto contract number. I want to check the CO number if it is duplicate and then add the -n to the contract no. If it is not a duplicate it must be the next sequence in the numbering. Below is an example of what I would like to achieve. I...
  10. R

    duplicate value in column X and delete entire row

    need to ignore blank cells in column X tried this code but it deleted all "nothing" cells Sub Deleteduplicate() Dim N As Long N = Cells(Rows.Count, "X").End(xlUp).Row For i = N To 2 Step -1 Set rlook = Range(Cells(i - 1, "X"), Cells(1, 1)) If...
  11. P

    Duplicate Multiple Record Combine

    Hi, I am trying to combine duplicate records but keep the data. I will provide an example below. Current Data: Part# text ------------------------ Part1 Sentence 1 Part1 Sentence 2 Part1 Sentence 3 Desired Outcome: Part # text ------------------- Part1 Sentence 1...
  12. MFish

    Combobox duplicate validation

    Hi there, I have two comboboxes that will NEED to go into two separate columns. I need the code to run if the two comboboxes have both been picked exactly the same on the sheet before moving forward... I tried writing this code and it doesn't work with concatenating. Range("B7:C7").Select...
  13. W

    I need help Moving two tables back together

    I have two tables with thousands of records, all of which on the one tab were given a "dupstat" if they were a duplicate. In this instance duplicate doesnt mean a duplicate in the sense of data duplicate, but a business processing duplicate. So my problem is, that when the items from tab a, were...
  14. V

    Conditional formatting and multiple duplicate handling | vlookup | countif

    Hello, I have been making an excel sheet and have a question in regards with conditional formatting and duplicate handling. I want to be able to use conditional formatting to compare 2 columns but have the conditional formatting only highlight the amount of duplicates that exist in the lookup...
  15. S

    Pivot Duplicate Values into Columns

    Hi, I have a large dataset with 2 columns - first column is name and can have duplicate values (any amount of duplicates) seconds column is id and can also have duplicates I want to pivot the table in that way - first column will have a distinct value of the name followed by the...
  16. D

    Duplicating Selected Cells in Excel

    Can anyone help me in this, tried to find a lot but couldn't. I need a macro to duplicate few selected cells (rows and columns) to be duplicated for x no of times keeping a row gap after each duplicate. Similar to the link below but not single row or column , needs to be for selected cells...
  17. D

    merging worksheets

    I need to merge two excel sheets with part lists but not have the part numbers duplicate. i was told to use conditional formatting inside the spreadsheet, if + match. I am clueless.
  18. Z

    UserForm Add New or Edit Existing Data

    I have searched a lot, but cannot find the exact solution to my problem. I have a simple userform used to enter in 3 pieces of information (Date, Booking#, and Count). Date, Booking#, Count are in Columns A, B, C respectively. The form works perfectly to add this information to the next row in...
  19. hardeep.kanwar

    Highlight Duplicate using conditional formatting

    Hi Expert Can i highlight the duplicate using CF,I know how to highlight duplicate if value is single,but problem is i have 2 value with delimited with "/" Few examples for your reference,see highlight with RED <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Invoice No DODI18090410 DODI18090410...
  20. S

    Duplicate Rows

    Good afternoon: I have 10,000 rows of data and I want to search for duplicate rows but I don't know how to. I do NOT want to delete duplicates, just highlight them. Sample spreadsheet: <tbody> <tbody> Date Claim Number Patient Name Code Patient ID Number Date Bill Submitted Amount...

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