1. J

    Formula for counting

    I am trying to achieve the results in D3. I'm in need of a formula that will count unique names, ignoring the blanks and duplicates. Also ignoring the word "na" and "ns"
  2. J

    counting, ignoring multiple words and blanks

    I need formulas that will count unique occurrences, certain words while Ignoring blank cells and duplicates. I am trying to achieve the results in cells D8 and D9. In this case, I need to count occurrences that starts with W81UTH excluding duplicates and blank cells. I also need to count ALL...
  3. J

    Formula for Unique Occurence using multiple columns

    I am trying to achieved the desired results on E4. I'm looking for a formula that will count a unique occurrence specific to a date, ignoring duplicates and blanks. In this case, 19NOV19 has 2 trucks. 20NOV19 has 3 trucks. 21NOV19 has 2 trucks.
  4. D

    Find duplicates across sheets

    I have searched Excel Questions and have not found an answer to my question. I have a spreadsheet with five sheets, I need to see if there are duplicates in column A on three of those sheets. (I am comparing sheet 1 with sheet 2 and sheet 1 with sheet 3.) By the way, column A is social...
  5. D

    delete unique values in column

    so in column D, i have unique and duplicates, but i want a macro that deletes the unique values and thus leaving only the duplicates. the data set, just fyi, is from column A to K.
  6. R

    Removing Duplicates - Same Row

    hey all - I may be overthinking this one, but I'm having difficulty removing duplicate codes on the same row. Transposing is not an option - Excel keeps rejecting it, as I have 1729 rows with between 1 and 16 codes in them. Unfortunately, some are duplicates and I'd like to get rid of them in a...
  7. F

    Finding Only One Duplicate

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping one of you excel geniuses might be able to help me out.. I have a spreadsheet with data filled from F2 - F650. In that column there are some duplicates. In Column G I want to use a formula to identify only the duplicates and not the initial entry. So for example I...
  8. P

    Removing Duplicates

    Hi all, Good day again! I would like to ask for your expertise on the following: I am currently working on an excel sheet where it contains 1000+ data, the problem is, the data contains A LOT of duplicates. Now, I tried removing the duplicates, it removed the duplicates as expected, however...
  9. I

    Removing duplicate Data

    Hi, I am working on a massive data set containing more than 100,000 rows for a project. I am told to remove all duplicate data or rows that have been entered by mistake but when I highlight the data and click the " Remove Duplicates" button i get a message that there is no duplicates to remove...
  10. A

    Removing Duplicates with Timestamp

    Hello, I have a column of datestamps in a sheet and I need to separate the date from the time (=Int or =left both work). Then I copy the formula down. With the column highlighted, I go to Data and use the Remove Duplicates function. The result lists the distinct dates, but when I click OK, the...
  11. P

    Problem with duplicates

    Hi All I'm using the code below to create template copies, how can i adapt it to avoid duplicates please and only create unique worksheets. Sub NewDays() Dim i As Long, LastRow As Long, wksht As Worksheet Sheets("Tides").Activate LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row For i = 1...
  12. T

    Populate a listbox from a range skipping duplicates

    My spreadsheet contains a range of cells with dates. They are in random order and there are duplicates I want to use this range in a listbox on a userform. But I want to prevent it showing duplicates and preferably would have the dates ordered from old to new. I am trying to do this by copying...
  13. D

    delete all duplicates except one

    im trying to delete all duplicates based on an ID in column F, except one (it doesn't matter which one I keep...ie it could be the first one, could be the last duplicate). trying to do this with a macro.
  14. H

    Removing Duplicates with formula

    Evening everyone, Please can yyou help with an issue. I am trying to remove any duplicates from a sheet using a formula so this does not have to be done manually. However the 2 formulas I have used, do not work when there is more than one entry. Can anyone help...
  15. A

    Comparing and finding duplicates on Spreadsheet on two different tabs

    You all rocked my world last time I was faced with a difficult Excel problem, so I'm trying it again! Is there a way to compare/find duplicates on a spreadsheet on different tabs? I have a list of September names on one tab, and have an October list of names on a second tab. Eventually, I'll...
  16. G

    Can I improve a worboook to work more efficently

    Hi I have a workbook that compares missing data and duplicates and put in column F if missing and column N if duplicate. At present it looks up to line 9999 and its extremely slow and sometimes misses missing and duplicated data. My data will not always go to line 9999 and wondered if I...
  17. J

    Duplicates between 2 rows

    Hello everyone! I have something I am working on but its driving me a little bats at the moment and I am hoping someone can help. I have a spreadsheet with two columns. Each column has a list of keywords in it. I am trying to compare column 2 against column 1 and place the unique keywords into...
  18. A

    Search textjoined rows for duplicates and consider different orders a duplicate

    Hi, I have 10 text-joined rows, A1-A10, each with up to 12 items and separated by a " / " as the delimiter. Is it possible to flag duplicates with a color, including when the order might different? i.e if A1 has bear / fish / cat and A2 has fish / bear / cat then they will be considered...
  19. A

    Delete Mostly Duplicate Row based on Specific Text in 1 Column

    Hi there! My dataset represents work projects and contains columns such as Name, Position, Start Date, and End Date. The columns extend from A to AO, where AO is the end-date. The data is updated weekly, and contains almost entirely exact duplicates. However, where last week's data may have...
  20. K

    Concatenate with rows and primary key type scenario?

    I have a range of participants who all have unique identification numbers and they have taken multiple speaking series classes. These classes are listed on an excel worksheet with different rows. I want to concatenate them all together using the primary key as the unique identifier so that they...

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