dynamic cell reference

  1. Z

    Macros for building PPTX from Excel

    Hi, I have excel workbook that has 6 worksheets. and these sheets (tabs) are dynamic that can be changed if I change a specific cell (this cell has all several locations). Since I have more than 60 locations, I need a macro that can: - Build presentations for each location whenever I change...
  2. G

    If error and Index function for dynamic table

    Hi, I would like to know if any of you needed the index function for dynamic column... I have the following function and I can't figure out how to make it work with Tabelle2!F column wich is Tabelle2![Name] column dynamic... in F1 I have the name of the column. Any reccomandations replacing...
  3. P

    Multiple Pivot Table using same cache

    Hi Guys! I'm working on automating data analysis & creation of pivots and charts for which I have Raw Data (441379 Rows, 40 columns). 1) Raw Data keeps changing monthly, so I need a dynamic range. 2) I have to create around 20 Pivot Tables with the same data. 3) As of now I'm defining range...
  4. DDRA Steampunk

    Formula to lookup next not previous sheet and add 1 to cell on current sheet if name matches

    Hi there :) I have a workbook that tracks earnings per each day of an event, different events have different names, but many are several days long and some dates have more than one event on the same day. I need a formula that can look up the number of days I have on the NEXT sheet, then add 1 to...
  5. C

    Dynamic cell reference - VLOOKUP

    Hello, I need to populate cell values for blank month entries by taking the average of the two months that fall either side of the blank entry. The troubling part is that there may be one or more blank entries lumped together for one or more successive months. My attempt at tackling this was...
  6. S

    Update cell references based on worksheet name

    I am creating a spreadsheet which contains company data for each financial period in order to monitor the company progress. Currently I have a worksheet for period one containing formulas which refer to another worksheet where I have imported lots of data. I would like to create worksheets for...
  7. J

    Making Email and attachments dynamic

    Dear all, I am experiencing difficulties with Excel VBA! Below is what I have typed in VBA. I want to reference the file name, body, subject and attachment to a cell if possible. Please help! Sub Print_en_save() Dim saveCell As Range Dim savepathCell As Range Set saveCell =...
  8. S

    Dynamic use of named formula

    Hi.. We can use INDIRECT function for dynamic selection of cell reference or named range or range linking to cell, it is not working for named formula. Eg.. ABC, ACB, BAC are a named formulae.. The cell A3 is having dropdown list with texts "ABC","ACB","BAC". My requirement is that B3 shall...
  9. M

    Create a master template worksheet that interacts with subsequent data entry sheets

    Hi everyone, Thank you all in advance for your assistance. Background: I work for a construction company and am trying to make a workbook that I can use to track the expenses incurred, deliveries received and revenues produced on a day to day basis. My goals. 1. (1) master work sheet that i...
  10. J

    Replace text within formula - with "dynamic" absolute reference to cell 1 row above

    Okay.. this is kind of a tongue twister but... I need to replace the text "$D$26" within column D with an absolute reference to the cell address of *the cell 1 row above* the cell containing this formula. The formula will appear every 10 rows. I have the code below, that seems to work but... I...
  11. S

    using formulas to sum on various pivot table columns using criteria from other tabs and tables

    Hello, I have the following formula on one tab of my workbook which presents a client directed view of costs and hours for groups of resources which are described in a pivot table on another tab. =GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Tot.Pro.Hrs",'Resource Costs by...
  12. A

    Dynamic cell refrence within other sheet refrence

    hello, and sorry for the oquard message title/ i have two sheets: sheetA and sheetB. i would like to get data from sheetA and show it on sheetB. so, if for example i need the data on cell A1 of sheetA, i would write : sheetA!A1 problem is i need the cell refrence to come from from sheetB. cell...
  13. N

    Formula using last cells in two different columns

    Hi, I am making a Macro which will have different last rows every time I will be using it. I have been able to write the macro so that column D and E sum in the last row +1. Now I need to write a simple formula in column F (LastRow+1), using the values in the last rows of column D and E. If...
  14. D

    Dynamic Timeline Table

    Hi folks, Here is the deal... This table below is supposed to populate the cells with its corresponding number of weeks vs. the duration starting from the week point. The problem is that the logic of the formula stops working when a new year calendar takes place. This gives you an idea on how...
  15. M

    vba to insert a new cell into a range based on user input

    Hello, I'm new to VB and was looking for some help, any input would be greatly appreciated... the cells A1 to H1 contain a bunch of values: 1 11 59 35 33 46 12 18 I need a code that allow the user to add a number to that list and also specify where it goes.. B3= what number to add B4=...
  16. U

    formula that changes every 12 rows

    I am a basic excel user faced with a complex excel problem and have no idea how to do it now. I have 3 columns (category, month, sales) and i would like to compute the 4th column (weight) as a function of 3rd column. basically i want to compute the ratio of sale for each month over the entire...
  17. S

    Recall Data with column reference -dynamic variable

    I am trying to set dynamic variable for column reference during recall and no idea how to do it. searched in web but no success. Attached the sample form. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pd97wh0uz9rk9hl/Retrieve%20Data.xlsm?dl=0 Help needed.
  18. J

    How to utilize name manager

    I recently downloaded a template from office.microsoft for a GANTT chart. This chart seems to utilize dynamic cell selection to change the values that are withheld in the name manager. These new values are used as conditional formatting to change the color and placement of color within a cell...
  19. P

    Dynamic external file path

    I have an external reference of the kind ='C:\Users\filepath\[DS_B1234.xls]Sheet1'!$A$4 Now it happens that in a cell (say A2) in the destination workbook, B1234 exists. Is it possible to make the above link dynamic? ie of the kind ='C:\Users\filepath\[DS_$A$2.xls]Sheet1'!$A$4 ? (I know that...
  20. S

    link value of cell in last column to inserted text box (via vba)

    Greetings, I'm trying to create a dynamic chart title by inserting a text box in the chart title that displays the value of the last populated cell in column A. The number of rows increases over time, so I'm trying to come up with a dynamic cell reference. When I hover over the text box a tool...

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