dynamic column

  1. E

    Split text in a cell into multiple columns

    Hello, I'm trying to solve a difficult problem of splitting data in a cell into multiple columns based on the number of items in that cell. Below is the sample data and I would like to split the data in Column3, Column4 and Column5 into multiple columns where each column contains an individual...
  2. E

    Dynamic Dropdown List Error

    Hi All, First time poster, long time reader. I have been having an issue with a formula I am inputting into the data validation widget to create a dynamic dependant dropdown error. The formula is as follows: =OFFSET(Setup[[#Headers],[Savings]],1,MATCH([@[Expense...
  3. W

    Combining Columns with Dynamic Values

    Dear Pros, Please how can I use formula to create COLUMN C from A and B?
  4. C

    Dynamic INDEX MATCH row & column

    Hello, I'm trying to identify the last entry in a row using INDEX,MATCH. I'm able to pull the dynamic row, but as I'm unable to have the formula identify the last column in that same row, I am forced to overwrite the data instead of adding a new date's data in a new column. Can someone help me...
  5. M

    Dynamically refer to columns - Microsoft Access 2016

    Hi Just wondering, as the title suggests how to write a query that - based on what is entered on a form - dynamically refers to a column heading in a table. So: I have a table called "Required training": <tbody> Training Teacher Admin Senior Management Safeguarding 1 1 1 First Aid 1 0 0...
  6. K

    Keep User input column matched with dynamically adjusting column

    Hi all, I hope I am using the proper terminology in this post, and hope I can explain it well enough for you to understand. I have a tracking worksheet that pulls a list of names from another workbook (the source) if their status is considered "Current" (this status is found in a related...
  7. S

    Removing all text from a dynamic column apart from two separate defined words

    Hi all, Just learning in VBA and want to know how from a from a dynamic column meaning the length of the column can change from time to time, can I make the cells blank if they do not contain the word "Never" or "From". So it will leave all cells with these words and make the cell blank if it...
  8. D

    Trouble with a Dynamic Clustered Stacked Column Graph in Excel 2007

    Hi All, I'm looking for some help with a dynamic clustered stacked column graph. I've been using the fantastic guide provided by Jon Peltier http://peltiertech.com/WordPress/clu...mn-bar-charts/ which has gotten me 1/2 way to my goal, but I can't get the chart to work dynamically (it's missing...
  9. C

    First Time Using Loops

    Hi all, I have the following code for finding the last column of data, copying it and pasting into the next column (basically to dynamically copy all my formulas over as and when I need more space). Rather than repeat this same string of code 5 times I believe it is possible to do a loop to...
  10. T

    Inserting formula into dynamic column with dynamic rows

    I would like to insert a formula into the next empty column in a sheet and autofill down until Column A is blank. Thoughts?
  11. C

    Copying formulas into all cells of a column Macro

    Hello Excel Gurus! Hopefully I can explain my dilemma, a bit of background: it's a supplier score monthly tracker, very basic, list of suppliers in column A then Jan scores in column B, Feb scores in column C etc etc. I've been working on Macros for arranging by score based on the last...
  12. F

    Problem with adding and deleting columns, ruins code

    I have a spreadsheet with 20 or so columns but that number can change at any time. I need my code to by dynamic so if a column is deleted (or added) my code will still work. Each column has a name in row 2 and I'm trying to use that in order to make everything dynamic. For example, my code...

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