dynamic data

  1. kelly mort

    Set borders dynamically around a range - vba

    Hello geniuses, I am looking for a vba script that can set borders like the image here. The data can grow or shrink. And when it does, I want to adapt to it with the borders. I hope someone can fix it for me. Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    Update chart data on powerpoint slide with data in excel file

    Hello All, I have powerpoint presentation and each slide has multiple shapes on it. Requirement is to update these shapes with values from excel sheet dynamically. Not all shapes are to be updated (ex. title, placeholders in footer etc). However, chart data, tables, few textboxes etc are to be...
  3. A

    Deleting Variable Amount of Rows

    Hello, Would truly appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem. Original data: Any help would be appreciated.
  4. L

    Mode.Mult in dynamic table, excluding zeros, and hiding errors

    Hi, I have a table that updates as data is entered into another sheet. I want to find the mode of this data, but exclude the zeros, since there is a lot of zeros, because data has not been entered into the original sheet yet. Here is the formula currently being used...
  5. M

    Excel VBA Relative Table Help

    Hi, I'm trying to create a macro that will work dynamically with the number of rows of data. To try and combat this I inserted a table to house the data, so that all of the references after would be more dynamic, but I've found myself stuck with the creation of the table, as it wants to use...
  6. D

    Can't figure out how to make the ActiveCell the same cell a Radio Button is in

    I previously had my worksheet set up with 80 Radio Buttons. My Radio Buttons are in the same cell as the target data. I knew using 'Offset' in the macro to copy and paste the data (my data is dynamic) in the cell would be better, but I couldn't figure out how to do that so I used a specific cell...
  7. D

    Radio Buttons and dynamic data / searching for a method to make it 'non-dynamic'

    I have a worksheet with 4 separate tables, each with 20 rows of data. In each of the tables, I have 1 column for stock symbols, so 80 symbols total. The data comes into these columns via a live stock market feed so it is dynamic; the symbols move up and down the columns based on formulas from...
  8. S

    Dynamic Data Computation "HELPER" Table Question ...

    Is there a way to avoid having a LONG partially blank data calculation “helper” table that is filled with formulas? Any suggestions for creating a “dynamic” length calculation table that avoids the need for a table that is “formula heavy”? I have created a non-dynamic data computation table...
  9. H

    Dynamic Dependant Drop Down Lists?? Please Help!!!

    Hi - I am trying to fine-tune a scheduling spreadsheet for my company's 2014 work. We have projects organized by specific areas, with varying numbers of projects in each area. My goal is to organize the spreadsheet so i can select an area from a drop-down list in column A, which will...
  10. S

    I need to reference a dynamic cell range in vba code

    How do i reference a cell range in vba when the range is dynamic? Basically I have a table underneath rows of data, at anytime data can be inserted into those rows. So everytime data is inserted my table shifts down a row and the cell reference in my vba code no longer match up. Is there a way...
  11. A

    How to create a dynamic chart off dynamic data that has formulas???

    HELP!! I am trying to create a dynamic BAR chart that changes with my data. The below is my data set which is dynamic as well. I've tried using OFFSET but i must be doing it wrong and need help ASAP if possible. I need to chart columns A, B, and C. Like i said, all 3 columns are dynamic...
  12. bs0d

    Web Query - Retrieve Dynamic Loaded Data? Query Results Blank

    I was looking for an answer to an Excel web query issue, and found a pseudo solution on an older thread (linked in trackback). The issue I'm having is retrieving data from an Excel web query, where the data on the web is dynamically obtained after the page has loaded. The result is an empty...
  13. P

    Excel to Powerpoint: dynamic data updating?

    Say I have an excel report that is an output from a web site. This excel sheet may have a different number of records arranged in a different order each time. I am trying to link sections of this data to individual PowerPoint slides. So in the example below I have a slide for AAA and another...

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