dynamic lookup

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    VBA for lookup when no. of rows changes?

    Hi, I've written this macro to add a lookup formula in column Z if there is a value in column A and it works fine for this month. The only problem is it will only cover as far as Z 681 as that's how many rows are in column A this month but next month it might be 600 or 847, I simply don't know...
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    dyanmic lookup function?

    Dear all, I am trying to find a formula that will return a value in the "Value" column in the small table to the right of the larger table. i.e next to cat 1 ref 129 should have a value of 182,500? Can anyone help? Thanks Chris <tbody> Cat 1 Cat 1 Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 2 Cat 2 Cat 3...
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    Dynamically adding values in several sheets with For..Next loop and Application.WorksheetFunction.HLookup

    Hi there, I have this certain code that I need to implement. Basically I have to add values in several sheets based on hlookup. However, the names of the lookup tables in each sheet are worksheet-scoped and similar for scalability, and I have no idea how to implement the hlookup function in vba...
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    Dynamic lookup value requires correct syntax

    Hi, I am trying to create a lookup that will get the parts with the highest chance of being used depending on the location. I figured out the formula in Excel, but I needed to convert into VBA. I used the recorder, but I need to add a variable to the formula, so the lookup value of my formula...
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    SUM results of various dropdown list outputs

    Hello Mr Excel, Based on six Segments (which I select individually in a drop down list) I am building result tables for each segment. Example: I select segment CONSUMER in the drop down and the result table returns a long table with revenue, cost, volume data for MASS. All this result data...
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    Dynamic Lookup Help

    I am creating a waste management document for construction projects to give to our clients. I have 4 boxes with headers: Landfill, Incinerated, Recycled, Reclaimed. Below those boxes, the client will have to total up the receipts and put the amount in either tons or cubic yards of waste for...
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    Use cell text as a cell comment of another cell

    Hi there, I have another question that I hope someone can help me with this time. (It appears that my first question was a real stumper! See http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=421823) My spreadsheet has a dynamic range dropbox validation in Sheet 1 Col T. What I would like to...
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    Custom VBA VLookup Formula

    I'm having a hard time getting a custom vlookup formula to work. I need to be able to change a part of the range in the vlookup dynamically based on a cell value. This is what I came up with but it gives me a value error. Can anyone help? Function VL(val As Variant, RNG As Range, col As...

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