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    Add Rows Dynamically with a button in a row of data

    Hi All, I would like to build a sheet that allows users to highlight a row, click a button, and insert a new row of data after that row ( and consequently shift the data below the added row down). The sub I currently have just adds the new data to the bottom of the existing data, but I want...
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    Dynamic INDEX MATCH row & column

    Hello, I'm trying to identify the last entry in a row using INDEX,MATCH. I'm able to pull the dynamic row, but as I'm unable to have the formula identify the last column in that same row, I am forced to overwrite the data instead of adding a new date's data in a new column. Can someone help me...
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    Macro - Summing a Range and use the Range as the File Name

    Hi Experts, I have pull together a set up codes, but the last bits is not working.... What the codes try to do: 1. Replace any blank cells in Column C with "OFFICE" (this part the macro is completed) 2. Find word "Group Totals" in the spreadsheet (this part the macro is completed) 3. In the...
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    Name a Dynamic Range in VBA with varying Rows and Columns

    Hello, I'm trying to create a range in vba where the row is equal to a match found in column B and the columns are CV, DF, DP, and DZ. I've managed to get the Row number by doing the following: Row = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A4")...

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