1. M

    VBA to display records on a continuous form

    Hello all! I'm trying to display notes entered on a Subform within the body of an outlook e-mail through VBA. I'm able to get the first one displayed with the code below but not sure how to get all of them displayed as it is a continuous form and the number of entries could be different...
  2. F

    Dynamic Email with Pivot as body

    Hello, Im trying to make a VBA macro there will send a dynamic range based on the recipient. The recipient mail should be text, and there is no need for filtering. The data is presented like the picture below. Recipient AHJ needs an email with the following table: Recipient LFE: The...
  3. S

    Excel Template sending e-mails

    Morning I have been tasked with "fixing" and excel template created by someone else who no longer works for the company. We fill in the template, press a "clicky" then it saves and send the completed template to the client. The issue is that the company images that appeared in the E-mail are...
  4. S

    Macro to produce e-mails based on values in cell

    Hi all, I have a table that is being filled out with risk orders that I have to e-mail to a customer so they can review it. There can be loads of them, so populating all can take a long time. It has to be dependant on the region (F Column) and the Sold to (E Column), so if there are two orders...
  5. A

    Data Validation for E-mail Input

    Hello, I have a few columns (not adjacent to each other) where I expect users to enter valid e-mail addresses. What I would like to validate is that the entry contains all the valid characters possible, namely digits 0-9, latin letters a-z (not case sensitive) and special characters...
  6. Airwave

    VBA and Hidden Columns

    I am trying to get the below to work in columns that are hidden from view in Excel. It does work, but only if the columns are not hidden. Is there a way around this? With Sendrng .Parent.Select Set Rng = ActiveCell .Select ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True With .Parent.MailEnvelope For Each...
  7. willow1985

    Automatic email when macro is run

    Hello, I have the below code but I am looking to add something to it. Once the Macro has run but before the message box stating update complete, what I would like it to do is: go to Sheet "CAPA Log", copy rows A1:P1, paste in an e-mail, then copy the last row with data (A:P) and paste that...
  8. L

    MailEnvelope and borders

    Hi I'm using Example 2 of the following link to e-mail a range within a sheet: https://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s1/outlook/bmail3.htm However, when doing this, the borders are not maintained within the body of the e-mail. Using a single thickness border in the sheet doesn't show up in the...
  9. P

    vlookup / hyperlink to e-mail

    Hello, Please could any help on a vlookup issue? i have the following lookup =HYPERLINK(IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),"")=0,"",IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),""))) I have a invoice and when i populate the suppliers details i would like to have a hyperlink to their...
  10. D

    e-mail loop macro

    so I have the filename in column A, and e-mail address in column B and C column A a_Cass,Mass_Chen,Victor_ column B cass.mass@x.com column C chen.victor@x.com ..... is it possible to make an e-mail macro that will loop through each filename listed in column A and create an e-mail for...
  11. L

    Automatically e-mail a client when first part of project is done in Excel?

    Is this possible with Excel? Automatically e-mail a client when a value is typed in a certain cell. And as you see on the picture, there must be 3 or more e-mail templates. [1]: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NGo1aQHffubZ-ptiQ8QGUh3Zi1OP2ctL/view?usp=sharing Please share some...
  12. T

    Copy and Paste in New File to Send in E-Mail Macro

    I wanted to create a macro that the user can enter into a message box the day of the month. The macro would continue to run that would copy the corresponding week from a series of columns and paste in a new excel file that would be attached to an e-mail and mailed. Can this be done??? Thank...
  13. S

    Since O365 -> macro pdf to e-mail is failing

    Hi, Recently I have Office 365 and also SharePoint with the new "Team Sites" environment (previously called workgroups). Anyhow, I have a macro which convert the excel sheet into pdf and puts this pdf in an email ready to send. This is the coding : sub sendPDF() Dim OutlookApp As Object...
  14. F

    VBA: Attach individual PDFs from folder to Outlook message with dynamic naming conventions

    I have many PDF and Excel invoice files which are saved to a folder via FTP. I would like to write a Macro which grabs these files individually and attaches them to their own Outlook e-mail. I want the subject line to read "[Group Name] [prior month] Fee Invoice" - Ex.) Deli Service April Fee...
  15. B

    E-mail Rich Text Format

    Dear All , I use IBM lotus mail software. I create a macro which get some data from excel and sent to related people. However I couldn't send data with "richtext" format. Therefore mail content is really messy. How can I send e-mail with "richtext format" . Please help me. You can find my...
  16. D

    vba in outlook

    sorry, I know this is an excel forum, but I was wondering if anybody knows if it's possible to create a link/button macro within the body of an e-mail of outlook. i want to send to a bunch of separate reports to various people, and I want to make it easy for them to approve the report after...
  17. I

    UserForm Export to PDF and Send E-mail

    Hello! I have created a UserForm in Excel for conversations that our Supervisors will be having with front-line employees. The goal of this workbook is for the Supervisor to have conversations with 5 employees on a daily basis to enhance employee engagement. With that being said, I have created...
  18. D

    e-mail macro

    hi i have set a distribution list on a sheet... garg, dwight maloney, tony when i run the macro my PC...its fine...but when my colleague runs it, it doesn't pick up the names correctly even if he manually clicks "check names." any idea why?
  19. M

    Reformatting or consolidating multiple worksheets for summary

    Hi All I have a workbook where each tab represents a country. Within that, it shows the same functions and items per client. I need to summarise the data across all sheets to extract key pieces of information without having to reformat the sheets. I inherited the workbook so don't want to...
  20. C

    auto hyperlink on address in signature when creating e-mail via html language/excel vba

    Hi, I have a mail merge like script in excel vba where the macro will go through list of e-mail address, attaches and attachment and drafts an e-mail. When the e-mail is drafted, there is no hyperlink on the last line of the e-mail (which is an office address) but when it actually gets sent...

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