1. willow1985

    Trouble with Countifs formula. Is there significance to where you reference your data?

    Hello, I seem to be having trouble with countifs formulas and not understanding why I am getting zero. I want the formula to count how many matches with "On Time", "Early", and "Late" based on the data in U and W (see chart and data example below) If I make the data on the same sheet as the...
  2. B

    What is early binding and late binding

    Hi I am new to these concepts. Not requesting for exact answers. You may also help me with useful links for these two. I know Google will help, but trying to seek help from experts here. Also, I have another question here. Not sure if I can merge it here only. How does early binding or late...
  3. S

    Sum using right or left function

    I have a simple attendance tracking spreadsheet. Data validation is set up to select the "violation" from a list. The violation also has a point total attached to it. Example: Call off 1.0, Early out 0.5, NCNS 3.0, etc. How can I sum a range using the "Right" function? I'm only interested in...
  4. C

    Formula to first find and then sum

    I have a workbook with tabs 1 - 31 representing the days of the month. On each sheet we have employees name, ID, start time, date, and Comments. I currently have a Summary sheet that pulls over the ID and Comment, if any. What I now need is something to total, if a person (ID) has a comment...
  5. W

    Roster help

    I am creating a roster for work with some colleagues and trying to find a simple way to run a report. The roster already shows how many people on each shift via a counter. It is a large sheet dates from B9-B374 and names for staff T6 - DY6. What I need is a simple way where you could enter...
  6. W

    count if sum help in order of time leaving please

    hi can any one help please, really stuggling to get this numbering to work, i have a list of wagons days leaving and need to order them with numbers counting, wagon leaving sum needed to auto count according to time leaving like...
  7. L

    automation error

    'The object invoked has disconnected from its clients' this problem occurs after having used the VBA without a problem for more than a year. Microsoft appearantly used to have threads about this but they are gone. nothing has changed in the VBA or in the imported txt files. Anybody an idea of...
  8. D

    Help with If Statement = early/late or completed

    Hi, I'm having trouble working out how to combine a if statement to return if works have been completed early, late, incomplete or completed. so im working with the following info planned date early start date latest completion date First completed date this is what I have created so far -...
  9. T

    Spread cost over months

    Hi i have an excel which requires allocating a sum across the months in a contract period. And in case of early termination of contract, the unallocated sum is required to put into the month when the contract is terminated. how can i do the allocation using excel formula? hope someone can...
  10. Z

    Application.OnTime firers early sometimes?

    Hello Folks, I have ten timers that run at given points. 95 % of the time they work fine, but once an awhile they will fire early why is this? Here is my code. I'm I doing something wrong that allow for the once an awhile early firing? In Userform1 module Private Sub Benontimer() If...
  11. A

    Past Due Dates

    I’m working on a spreadsheet which has expected dates (A1) & actual dates (B1) I need a formula which shows me what arrived on time, what was late & by how many days, what was early by how many days, & what is over due and by how many days A1 = Expected date B1 = Actual date I have...

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