1. K

    Set date for 2 days later

    Hi All, I have a UserForm where the user must enter all the public holidays for the year. In South Africa we have a Public Holiday for the Easter Weekend. The Friday and the Monday is Public holidays. The lazy me, I mean that is why we use Makros, want to automatically add the date for the...
  2. Z

    Nested IF and NETWORKDAYS Query

    I've spent quite some time trying to figure this out, but can't - seeking assistance from those with far better skills than I. I am trying to calculate the number of days between two dates (A2 & B2) excluding: weekends, holidays (by state) as well as for a ticket received before or after 1PM...
  3. D

    Easter formula only sometimes working

    I have a formula to calculate Easter for multiple years but it doesn't seem to be working for each year. This is really strange as it is the same formula except a different cell reference for the year. G84: =YEAR(TODAY()) G87: =FLOOR("5/"&DAY(MINUTE(G84/38)/2+56)&"/"&G84,7)-34 G87 should have...
  4. W

    I need a custom networkdays VBA function

    Hello everyone. I'm from Italy and I need to calculate working days taking into account Saturdays and Sunday but also Italian festivities: Januay 1st - New Year January 6h - Epiphany April 25h - Liberation May 1st - Labour day Monday of Easter (variable day, of course) June 2nd - Republic Day...
  5. H

    Teaser - How do these formulas work to calculate Easter dates?

    =DOLLAR(("4/"&D16)/7+MOD(19*MOD(D16,19)-7,30)*14%,)*7-6 =FLOOR("5/"&DAY(MINUTE(D16/38)/2+56)&"/"&D16,7)-34 I copy/pasted these formulas from a worksheet where a year is typed into D16 and they return the date of Easter for that year. They both work or worked in Excel - I think I was using 2003...

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